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  1. Are you sure you will learn anything from only 5 smacks? If you are, great.
  2. Thanks Jalena, very well said. As i fall into the 50-70 group, i will continue to look.
  3. Welcome Mr FirmHand. I hope you have fun. I’ve seen several people from Virginia
  4. Yes, spankees do need to be spanked. And thank you to the spankers for doing such a good job helping us! unfortunately i didn’t bring it up to very vanilla hubby before marriage. And since he is sometimes more submissive than i am, won’t be either.
  5. Oh man, that would be soooo embarrassing to have a really sore bottom at work and your co-workers noticed!😮
  6. Actually i could see doing that selfsp12. I’ll bet it’s very motivating to not slack off!
  7. Good luck mr VAspanker. I’m sure there are naughty people in your area.😊
  8. Aww, do sorry to hear that Kentuckyguy☹️
  9. I need some spanking therapy too up in Michigan!
  10. Being bent over and having your panties pulled down to receive a spanking can be humiliating. And yes, they hurt or they’re not a very effective spanking! They help me with behavior problems because the thought of getting another painful spanking makes me think twice about doing it. Im in a northern suburb of Detroit, near Walled Lake😊
  11. I guess I’m the oddball as i would never use the words enjoy and spanking in the same sentence. I don’t enjoy spankings, i need them sometimes. For me, spankings are (unless they’re used for sex) painful and humiliating and always be on a bare bottom. They help me curb bad behaviors and help with stress relief.
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