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  1. Another curious thought, how do switches spank and then receive a spanking? How can your headspace keep up?
  2. Oh yes, it’s soothing when your spanker rubs some of the sting away😊
  3. Omg, give yourself a good spanking, then apply some cap cream! I complained to my disciplinarian it’s like sitting IN a campfire!
  4. I’m curious, spankees, are you allowed to rub your bottom after a good spanking? And spankers, do you allow your spankees to rub the sting in their backsides?
  5. So if it’s fine to be an older spankee, any of you Seniors getting spanked?
  6. Gosh how can you not clench, squirm and teeter totter when your bottom is being lit on fire?!!
  7. I didn’t get it, Disciplinarian had to cancel for health issues. Still waiting😩
  8. Welcome! I wish you luck!
  9. Me too (on the wishing i could find a real disciplinarian). ☹️
  10. Oh yes, sign of respect, unless spanker is a Daddy/Dom, then it’s Daddy.
  11. I love my dollar store back scratcher. It leaves quite the sting! And if i need more, topping off with capsaicin cream is an instant fire!
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