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  1. Simple dice games have worked before for small group. For example high roller gets to spank the low roller. Say, if he/she rolled a high number of 11, entitling to spank low roller with 11 swats.
  2. Thank you for such an insightful response and sharing those experiences, including the 'calibrating' : sounds like a blast.
  3. Welcome to the Carolinas! Sounds like you will be close to Charlotte NC which should have a fairly active spanko populous. If you head up I85 a couple of hours you will be in my neck of the woods, the Piedmont area, central NC. Anyhow if you would like to message or chat that would be great.
  4. Hi Keith; just curious if you golf when you make trips to Pinehurst. thanks
  5. I would like to experience that. Part of the appeal is the couple, assumedly man and wife, would each have differing spanking style and tempo. And knowing one partner is watching as the other delivers the spanking.
  6. The last one I purchased for spanking purposes was found at a party novelty store called Party City. It was Easter time and the "paddle" had a cartoon bunny on it. LOL It was fairly light but my spanking partner told me it delivered a good sting to her bottom.
  7. For those like myself who commonly identify as a Switch: Have you balanced out a spanking session by taking turns, essentially spanking your fellow switch and then in the same time frame they spank you? That has worked for me, while others may perhaps rather focus on one partner during the entire session solely play the role of spankee, feeling a greater need at that juncture to receive than give. i definitely see the merit and cause for that scenario as well. The "whose turn is it to get spanked?" switching quandary reminds me of a spanking couple who told me they kept a cane on th
  8. Curious about preference for music playing in the background during spanking. For both givers and receivers, do you prefer music and if so what genre of music helps in setting the tone even as it plays softly in the background during a spanking? I do not listen to much classical music, but for me I would favor it since it sort of seems appropriate to the activity and not obtrusive or distracting. 🎵🎼
  9. hi jk, i have contemplated that on here myself. I think at the very least it is beneficial to have someone in your corner who wants you to succeed and willing to work with you and hold you accountable when you are lazy or not pushing yourself.
  10. Oh i just saw this and ties in ironically to my prior post, thanks for sharing!
  11. I recall Hughes was pretty spunky and cheeky in those days, so I could envision that happening to her. I am sure she was no Tonya Harding. Speaking of cheeky and sports, college gymnasts outfits accentuate the bottom and usually part of their bare bottoms show. I sometimes contemplate if spanking goes on behind the scenes; similarly in Volleyball where female players constantly give congratulatory pats on the bum to teammates.
  12. The Cranberries with the sensational Dolores O'Riordan who is sorely missed. 😔
  13. Hello, still getting my feet wet here. Wondering if there is a way to find fellow members in your own state? It appears you might be able to use the Search feature in the upper right hand corner, but looks a little tricky and didn't work for me. Thanks, Spank On! Josef
  14. Thanks I enjoyed your comments! I have seen the classic Godfather Game for sale online but to find the GG with all game pieces intact would be quite a grab. I had forgotten the subtitle on the box, THE GAME FOR ALL THE FAMILIES. LOL. Do you see it, inscribed on the Tommy Gun? Regarding movie/game crossovers I think The Good Fellas Game has a ring to it. Parker Brothers in 1975 had a game THE MAGNIFICENT RACE loosely based on the FILM THE GREAT RACE of 10 years prior. I recall this board game and I liked it, but seeing it today i can appreciate the artistry and colors of the
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