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  1. Some scientist predicted in the distant future humans would be devoid of shape, spindly; not unlike the artistic renderings of alien beings. I would say Col Deering has great form in the 25th century.
  2. With her rank she could give or receive, Col. Wilma Deering **Erin Grey** from Buck Rogers which begs the question Are there Spankings in Space?
  3. Awesome and overlooked Mrs Howell who was quite striking (pardon the pun) throughout her career, Natalie that is.
  4. All top notch choices Dan Patrick and Bailey of WKRP always appealed to me, even moreso than the lovely Loni Andersen.
  5. Appropriate for the Reflection Circle: Are you often shown your reddened bottom in the mirror afterwards? I think of it as a further bonding and a natural 'reveal' at the closing ceremonies of a spanking experience.
  6. Trying out new positions can be as adventurous in spanking as it is in sex play, but for many, we can no longer contort ourselves like we used to. What are some tried and true positions whereby humility can be achieved without having to overly twist and turn to get into a suitable pose? Over the lap of a spanker on the couch comes to mind but would also like to think of more creative positioning.
  7. Definitely uncharted waters here, but has anyone sought out a professional (female) to provide spanking services? I have in the past always eschewed the notion of actually paying someone, thinking the experience would likely be totally impersonal, lacking the connection one needs to make to have a fulfilling spanking experience. But the reality pervades, female spanking aficionados willing to turn the tables are, at least for me, like finding a diamond in the rough, rare. I would like to know the pros and cons of such an arrangement. I've come around to accept it more with the belief someone providing professional services would likely hone in on crafting a session unique to each client based on needs, wants, and style and level of spanking. One negative, if you're seeking regular sessions you are likely looking at a costly venture. (hmmm. Senior discount? ) I would presume if no sex is involved directly, the legality of such a relationship would not even be in question, not so unlike hiring a massage therapist....perhaps? The final consideration is that maybe ONCE I have run across an internet ad which looked like someone on the up and up in this line of service. So there may not be a real market and providers may be far and in between. While I still hold doubts about this being a viable way to further explore and gain positive experience on the receiving end, it's probably an option at least worthy of learning about.
  8. I believe it to 'be any different' because pegging is more of a power exchange dynamic than solely a sex act between a man and a woman. But thanks for the feedback.
  9. Thanks, very thoughtful candidate list! Stewart definitely possesses that commanding British accent. I think of Catwoman (Julie Newmar) as I would likely swoon in front of her holding her whip or just as easily spank her for her delectably wicked ways.
  10. Linda Evans, The Big Valley. With an abundance of leather, chaps, riding crops and such Western accessories on hand, Spanking and The Old West just seem to fit like hand in glove. Linda could assume either role , EE or ER, on the ranch.
  11. Seems I recall Granny threatening to take Jethro out to the woodshed, a woodshed in Beverly Hills no less, a few times on the show. Also in a Beverly Hillbillies state of mind, I could envision Miss Jane admonishing and administering a spanking Ellie May's behind, perhaps letting her critters loose in Mr Drysdale's office.
  12. Hi. Curious if your spanker tips his or her hand in advance by letting you see the implement(s) which will be used in your impending spanking or rather, is it even more enticing and anticipatory when you are not shown and there is a mystery to that element of the proceedings to come?
  13. Anyone to this day still get spanked Pajama bottoms down style?
  14. This method could work depending on refraction time. For some men refraction time would extend throughout the subsequent spanking whereas others may become aroused again during the spanking. For most, masturbating before their spanker would indeed be a very humiliating act, so personal that it could be incorporated by the dom/spanker as part of the punishment; 'we get this out of way as I watch you, then we move on to the spanking'. That could eventually condition him not to bring an erection to the table, knowledge he will be humiliated pre spanking.
  15. HI; this CLUB;GROUP seems to be fairly inactive. I assume most regional clubs are similarly quiet on here. Has anyone found a viable way on this site to interact with other North Carolinians, such as in CHAT, FORUM, etc? I reside in Alamance County, curious to know other locales of members. There seems to be a contingent to the western part of the state including Charlotte. And I have messaged 2 members down in the eastern part of NC so that sort of cross representation is positive. Similar to me, a few centrally located thus far. As for meeting I am open to all ,women, couples and men; I switch and so far have limited, yet positive experiences. My scope of travel is along the I40 Corridor; Raleigh to Winston-Salem.
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