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  1. Are there any active spanko groups or meetups in the Nashville, TN region? Any users in the area willing to meet in person?
  2. Thanks... I will do that. It was just a "quickie" to introduce myself...
  3. Looking for conversations and real life meetings!
  4. Thanks! Maybe i'll write some more, then.
  5. So here it comes. You know you've earned it. He warned you and you didn't listen. You're gonna get a spanking from him. "Will that be so bad", you wonder. You quickly shake off that thought... "of course it will be! It's gonna hurt like crazy!" He's never spanked you before and he's never even seen you remotely undressed. You just share an apartment out of convenience and the thought of anything else has never even crossed your mind... but you wonder... has it ever crossed his? No matter. This is a spanking and will be the closest either of you have ever been to one another. When he calls y
  6. Hello! I am a long-time Spanko, but just recently joined here in order to get to know some new friends. Feel free to reach out just to say 'hi'. Don't be surprised if I do the same!

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