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  1. Beloit here.So hard to find those into spanking.Would love to find a female spankee,or a female switch as I have a female switch that would love to be spanked or to spank another woman.I (male) would be interested in also finding one older guy over 60 that needs hard regular discipline spankings and willing to travel to Beloit or I can meet within 60 miles of Beloit.
  2. Hello,we are a older mother/father figure spanking couple that live in Beloit area and hubby travels to Madison and surrounding areas weekly and can spank you often,or you can visit Beloit for spankings in our playroom.Experienced with hand spankings,paddles,belt,cane and other implements.If interested please message us and lets talk.
  3. Hello,we are a married spanking couple,both 64 mother/father figures.We are from Milwaukee and in town often visiting friends.Hubby is in Milwaukee weekly and would be happy to spank you regularly.From bare bottom OTK hand spankings to bent over couch paddling to belt to cane,red marks,welts,crying,you just tell us what you wish to experience and we can make that happen.Message us and lets talk.
  4. Hello,we are a 64 year young married couple with Bi wife that gives discipline and maintenance spankings.From OTK hand spankings to bent over couch paddling,belt,cane,whatever you need.We are in Beloit and have a playroom for spankings with a St Andrews cross and lots of different spanking implements.She can meet you weekends or evenings.We are only about 25 to 45 minutes from you depending on your location.Let her know what you need and start a conversation with her and lets get you spanked by a mother figure.
  5. If still looking,I am 64 year old male experienced spanker.From discipline to maintenance spankings,hand OTK to bent over with paddle,belt,cane,whatever you ask for.Very respectful of boundaries,use safe word,bare bottom only.I work in Dells area at least monthly and can visit to administer maintenance spankings.Wife can attend as well and spank too if you desire,but only about every few months.
  6. Hello,I am an experienced 64 year old male spanker.Have private home with play room for spankings.From hand to paddles to belt to cane,from maintenance regular weekly spankings to belt whippings,marks to welts,up to you.45 minutes south of Milwaukee off Hwy 43.Bare bottom only.
  7. South east Wisconsin mature experienced male gives discipline and maintenance spankings in private home playroom.From naughty girl spankings to red bottom to welts,hand,paddle,belt,cane,up to you.Available most days or evenings.Wife can attend and spank or just hubby.Soft spankings from wife to hard spankings from hubby.
  8. Hello,I am a very experienced male spanker that is well versed in male spankings and strapping,belt whippings,hand,wood or leather paddles,red bottom,bruised bottom,welts,whatever level you desire,bare bottom only,over lap,high back chair,on stack of pillows on bed ass raised,tied to St Andrews cross,hands tied overhead,on all 4's ? Only about 45 minutes north of Woodstock in Beloit,WI. Very private quiet home,open minded.
  9. Southern Wisconsin near IL Border south of Madison.Have second home,St Andrews cross,straight back chair,bed with pillows under your bottom for belt spanking,paddles,flogger.Very experienced with crying men and bruised bottom or welts.Bare bottom only,must take spanking given,crying expected,safe word used.Tell me what you want and I will fill that void ! I am 64,in good shape and very DOM.
  10. Southern Wisconsin just north of Rockford.Live in Beloit,WI which is about 15 miles north of Rockford.Have second home with play room and St Andrews cross,paddles,belt,ect..I am 64,very experienced in spanking discipline for men.From red bottom to welts.Bondage and stroking,little boy OTK spankings,scolding,whatever you need.
  11. Hi,we are an older mother/father image spankers.If ever interested in being spanked by us let us know.Located in southern Wisconsin but travel the state on business.
  12. Hello,we are a married couple that spanks all levels and types of spanking for men and women.From parental discipline to erotic to playful and hard punishment spankings on bare bottom,bu hand,wood paddle,leather,flogger,belt,caning and more.Would entertain wife spanking a lady then the lady spanking her.NO MEN spanking her,again NO MEN spanking her !We have been in spanking scene for over 30 years,have been to spanking convention and many parties and very experienced.We have a St Andrews cross and many toys and paddles. Birthday spanking,punishment,regular discipline sessions or do yo
  13. Southern Wisconsin older couple will spank as needed.Mother/father spanking,hand,paddles,belt,from naughty child to intense with wood paddle and belt.Near WI & IL border.
  14. Hello,Beloit area interested in disciplining you on regular basis at our home.If interested please reply oldcouple1975@yahoo.com and let us know if you need belt,paddle,how hard,how long ? Daytimes available.
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