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  1. I met some pole dancers who used to dance clubs 20 years ago and probably fall under the banner of sex worker, at a handstand workshop. They were sterling ladies and as tough as nails.in their fifties and sixties. Don't judge folk till you've met them!
  2. I had a friend who told a story about a guy who had recently moved abroad with the army in an senior type of role. On his first day he was interrupted in a meeting by the work secretary as his wife was on the phone saying there was a lizard in the kitchen. The major chairing the meeting upon hearing what it was about said, tell her not to worry there are plenty of lizards here. Ten minutes later she phones again and says it's moving into the living room. The major chuckles indulgently and says, we are literally crawling with lizards here, they live behind the walls tell her not to worry. Another ten minutes go by and the secretary interrupts them again r.e the man's wife on the phone, the man is throughly embarrassed at this point. What has she said ? Asks the major also running out of patience. 'Well' says the secretary ' she says so sorry to bother you but the lizard has chased the cat and started to eat the living room table. ' Turns out it was a monitor lizard
  3. That is fantastic and your portrayal of your teen years captures the whole painful awkward dangerous experience of being a teenager. Brilliant.
  4. And I'm sure she is absolutely what a lot of folk are looking for. But seems a bit hard core for soft me πŸ˜‰
  5. I saw one of her YouTube videos of a guy doing tricep push ups with her sat on his shoulders. Looks as if she electrocutes his nipples at the end, he definitely screams 😬
  6. Have you used her services? πŸ™‚.I can understand the frustration when people don't stick to their training regimes and the desire to spank them but what she does is a Lot more by the looks of it. Much more BDSM.
  7. Ok, she is terrifying not nessacerily in a good way! Just no, just, just No.
  8. And now I have to ask have you ever wanted to spank an adult student? (Obviously never carried out because of many reasons)
  9. What is a martial arts focus spanking? The mind boggles? Do you dress up? I'm curious.
  10. Agree dungeons and dragons is quiet distracting in church, definitely more interesting than the Bible so not something you'd want in direct competition in the same building.
  11. Agree with ruby red, how would you feel if your wife kept asking you to do a sex act which repulses you? (Because if she won't even try it's fairly sure to be a massive turn off just thinking about it) She said you guys had chores to do, Chores! she's that damn desperate not to be forced into this. If it is a real need maybe visit a prof spanker as then you can show your wife there is no sex involved and then come home and have a romantic evening with your wife....
  12. It is, but maybe not with by as super expensive 😜
  13. Thanks 😊 Sure I will πŸ™‚
  14. This is all great advice. I have always been super careful (once a few years back I was chatting to a guy on the net who suggested we meet for a session in a warehouse he owned as a discrete location, he then hastily added he wasn't a psycho! I bit my tongue from responding Oh good because I meet non psychos in abandoned warehouses all the timeπŸ˜†. Yeah that ended there.) But I didn't know about the safecall network.
  15. Blast can't edit, eyes, I have less need of, just so as not to give a psychokiller vibe here
  16. I'd need both so that's all good. πŸ˜‰
  17. That would be the idea, tendering testers
  18. If I ever have a working model I will indeed make it open for demos and tests prior to its unquestionabe ultimate success and my spanking machine empire as.with all my other inventions πŸ˜„. I may have to put the role of willing tester out to tender though.
  19. Northwest, Preston way, not the darkest depths of the north. Good luck for the rain dance, I appreciate the effort 😊
  20. Hmmm, neither really, I just do like making things and I thought, spanking machine, that's a interesting challenge.... I have several partmade things round the house based on that reasoning though πŸ˜‰
  21. Well they did warn me when I moved up north this may happen. 😬 Good pubs though. Ummm How county specific is a rain dance, because if it gets worse here I'm coming looking for you 😁.
  22. I hate you and you may not reply to my further posts 😜. It has rained here daily, though thankfully not continuouslyfor ten days.😭
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