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  1. I remember seeing a similar depiction in a Nursery Rhymes book in England at around the same age and it’s having an attraction for me.
  2. I agree. I found it much harder to stifle a yell when being “ stung” by the domestic cane.
  3. I stayed with him from age 9 to 14. He treated me the same as his sons and the caning was not over clothing.
  4. I was caned touching my toes by a friend of my parents, but he used a lighter cane than used at school so I could retain my balance. At school we bent over a desk or chair for support.
  5. Age 17, belted by dad for carelessly scratching his car, can’t say I blame him
  6. Some years ago there was a UK tv programme about secretaries in which they discussed their experiences in the workplace, mostly 40 or so years ago. There were tales of being sent in the boss’ Rolls Royce to collect presents for his wife and so on. However, one recalled as a junior secretary in her teens, being spanked for some error. Although done in an office, other staff could see what was happening. Nothing was said or done about it, it seems her spanking was just accepted by others as normal and deserved
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