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  1. Funishment or just pure play 80% of the time. Maybe 10 to 15% stress relief. Rarely any disciplinary, and then typically for a regular play partner who happens to feel a need.
  2. For restraints, I find thrift store scarves to be the best option. Typically super cheap, you can cut em if ya like and you're out a quarter, and they tend to leave less in the way of restraint marks than even soft rope does. Your mileage may vary of course, just my preference. Honestly though, cautious observation and care by your top will be key. Of course, reach backs will probably result in increased intensity (they do with me anyway) so that reinforcement may help you remember to work on self control. Might be advisable to try some softer implements (leather/silicone) while unrestrained,
  3. It can be at times. But I can usually find somebody to talk to, from this site or one of the others I browse. I keep so busy that I don't really have time to dwell on it now. 80ish or more hours a week at work, and when I have a rare day off I tend to go hiking or work on projects I've been putting off. In fact, I may go hiking shortly once I finish off my coffee, it's looking like a beautiful day for it. But at times, usually late nights when everyone I know is sleeping and I'm trying to catch up on work, sure it can get lonely. Thing is, I assume if I was NOT a spanko, if I was a regular guy
  4. In terms of "best possible means of getting my point across" I'd say the most effective is a heavy teak bathbrush. 30 bucks at bed bath and beyond! https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/haven-teakwood-2-in-1-back-brush-massager/1060436276?keyword=wooden+brush&skuId=60436276 Thought it was actually a bit pricier than that but I assume we can trust their website. It is very... forthright. In terms of my actual favorite, definitely a spoon. That way I can spend a nice long time delivering a lesson, as opposed to a few minutes with a bath brush. Time and place for everything of
  5. I'm on a bit of a classic comedy song kick today. Got my Ray Stevens playlist going lol. Brings back memories of my youth since the parents loved him and we always though he was super funny. At this very moment it's the barber song, next up is mississippi squirrel revival.
  6. In my experience (mostly roleplay scenarios) it's best done either after or between impact play, as opposed to during. Keeping it in your mouth during leads to a much higher incidence of either inhaling or swallowing soap suds, and neither is something you want. Inhaling would be bad for obvious reasons, and tough to avoid if you don't remove the soap prior to application of spanks to backside. Swallowing will often make you sick to your stomach. In addition to avoiding swallowing, and the subsequent possible vomiting, please don't use a new brand you've never tried before. Had a case man
  7. Sorry to hear about that Dunelmman. I haven't run into it much on this site, though some other sites it's pretty common, and one in particular I used to frequent I may actually have been the only non bot/scammer/fake acct on the entire site, since I got a fairly constant stream of PMs that followed 4 basic identical templates with clearly fake photos attached and oddly spaced fill in the blank messages. It's definitely frustrating, and all I can suggest is to focus on folks post history here and seek out folks you want to chat with based on that. I will say it gets irritating when you ge
  8. I'm not a hoh or mentor etc, but as a top I do have set standards to which I hold myself. Primarily, my responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being, physical and emotional, of my partner. That encompasses a lot of things, but it mostly boils down to self control and knowing my partner. I will obviously enjoy myself, and I fervently hope my partner will as well, but I can't really "lose myself" in the moment, because I've had partners before who consider it a point of pride to not use a safeword, and however enjoyable a session may be, under no circumstances is causing actual harm to
  9. Welcome! I am, alas, not a disciplinarian, but I'm a very experienced top so if you want to chat I'm available. I'm sure you'll find plenty of helpful folks around here, Indiana has a decent spanko population:). Have fun, be safe, and happy spanking!
  10. Hey there, welcome to the site:)
  11. I think sometimes folks may anticipate an almost Tinder/Bumbl/whateverotherapp sort of situation with regards to ads here. But firstly; this isn't a hook-up site, and secondly the audience while not miniscule is tiny in comparison to those of the aforementioned places. Plus, how many here are actually single and/or looking, and local, and interested in what's being offered (given the immense variety of spanko types) etc. If I were desperate for companionship and reliant entirely on a forum that may have half a dozen people in my area who ~might~ be a good match, I would probably need to expand
  12. So it looks like you can buy some of them at least from Etsy. 18 to 30 bucks an issue, guessing they go quick because the first couple I clicked on were sold out. They do appear to have a couple for sale though. Decisions decisions...
  13. I absolutely love this story. I may have to search eBay for old copies of Janus lol. That takes me back.
  14. Hi all! I'm actually in northern Indiana but i travel quite a bit and I'm in Chicagoland fairly often. Been a spanko for more than 20 years, and I'm around and about the site fairly often. Feel free to ask me anything.
  15. For myself: 2 definitely 4 sounds like a folksy excuse to push an EE farther than they want to go to be frank. 1, 3, and 5. I've heard all 3, and I truly hate these answers. Because even if it's something requested by an EE, those 3 answers are exactly what would be said by abusers who've found a steady supply of willing victims. There's no such thing as a psychic top. However good one may be at reading reactions you don't really know, for a fact, when you've pushed an EE too far. I'll always err on the side of my partners safety, and I have no time for ERs who wouldn't due to
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