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  1. Absolutely everything! No seriously, setting aside the physical aspects, the sight sound and feel, my spankee squirming in a delectably adorable manner, the ever so cute bratting that just makes my day, leaving out all of that; it's the connection with my partner. The intimacy and the trust. Because I've dated people I didn't particularly trust before, I've slept with people I didn't really trust, but I have never, would never, could never spank someone I didn't have total trust in, nor would I expect a spankee to go over my lap unless she had complete faith in me. It's such a special connecti
  2. That's a coincidence. The song before last on my random list was Zombie as well, but the Bad Wolves version. Cranberries is on the list somewhere too but it's a pretty big list on random so I haven't heard it today.
  3. I have my random playlist queued up right now and Winterborn by Cruxshadows just came on. I have no idea how to type an umlaut on the phone lol.
  4. Top, women only, though I have switched a few times. Only under very specific circumstances, and for a few very specific partners over the years.
  5. Excellent poll. I'm a spanker with neither anger issues nor problems with authority. That said, I've been the authority professionally for a lot of years now, and became so in part because I found the incompetence of some of my nominal superiors to be tiresome and wasteful, so I may have had authority issues as a younger man, though not anger. I will ballpark that around 2/3rds of my spankees have either anger issues or problems with authority, typically work related. Most of the stress relief spankings I give are at least tangentially related to one or the other or both of those issues.
  6. I would definitely play spanking poker. Could probably market it, I mean world series of poker is on tv all the time and there's no spanking at all there. As far as I know.
  7. I agree with @KentuckyGuyand @rubyredd. Spanko is my personal sexuality, though I don't publicly declare it, but sex is rarely part of a session for me. While I spank female partners only, simply due to personal comfort and preference, i would say maybe 5% of my spankees and I have had sex over the years. 3 of those have been long time partners. It's not that I'm averse to a physical relationship outside of spanking with a partner, just that it isn't really necessary, at least for me, and that while I'm certainly no prude, I generally don't sleep around casually. Not in 15 years or so anyway.
  8. Ah, love this topic. I'm an avid board gamer and have a few regular gaming groups. One of our favorites is betrayal at house on the hill. Starts off like a mature Scooby gang mystery until the trigger happens, then one player becomes the villain and tries to take out his or her former teammates. We also tried a game a couple weeks ago based on the old choose your own adventure novels. We're all late 30s to mid 40s, so stuff that has a nostalgic touch is great for us. Someone bought a game similar to our betrayal fave, but based on The Shining, which we'll probably try next week. One of our pla
  9. I honestly never have. For that matter, I've never even taken the grips off my clubs, not that I have time for much golfing lately. Interesting idea though, may need to look into that. Also, I initially misunderstood what you meant and assumed you were referring to gripping an implement as you would a golf club, which would have been a definite no.
  10. That's great news!! Congratulations! Keep us posted on how it goes, and probably best to get your celebrating done before it starts. I think 5 months should give you enough time ;-D Again, congrats, I'm sure you'll do well.
  11. This^ Nothing at all wrong with trying things out. I've found that everyone handles different implements in a different way, with a huge variation of reactions, some of which were quite unexpected. Some people find the belt to be daunting, others can handle a lengthy belting with a laugh but an old wood hairbrush will leave them gasping. Some love the stingy toys, some the thuddy ones, but it isn't always about sting or thud or length or weight either. Some people have emotional reactions to certain implements as well, based on past experiences whether from childhood or adult encounters.
  12. There's really no wrong answer here;) any style of otk is better than no otk! I will say, I've only ever spanked wheelbarrow when my Ee and I are in a physical relationship outside of spanking. Not that I'm averse to the position but it's never been suggested by a spankee with whom I wasn't sexually active, and in my experience it's amazing as foreplay but the angle isn't the best if I want to give a really good spanking, not as good as 1, 2 or 4 in my experience anyway. Whichever way one chooses, otk is the best;)!
  13. Ahahaha, I'm definitely gonna have to try this place out! Too funny
  14. I certainly sleep better after giving a good spanking. 30 minutes on the elliptical and I'm puffing, but 2 or 3 hours of cardio across my lap just makes me happy and ensures a good night's sleep. Remember to hydrate!
  15. And as a follow up: if my spankee finds "winning the battle of wills" a phrase of which I'm not a huge fan, to be unsatisfying as you referenced, I'm more than happy to do everything possible to ensure will victory for my side. However, if my spankee were to ~need~ to win the battle of wills, for whatever reason, then more power to her, I'll throw the game if it seems best. I'm sure it shows lack of moral fiber or something, but in a spanker/spankee context I can't bring myself to pretend that my ego needs to triumph more than my partner needs to have her needs met, and anyone I'd be willing t
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