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  1. Looking for a good punishment. Didn’t do so hot on my grades this year, almost failed. Open to men, women, or anyone else. Can’t host but willing to drive. Best way to contact me is thru email. marbledpike@gmail.com. guaranteed fast reply. fully vacced as well.
  2. Hi, I'm Pike! I'm 18 years old and ftm (he/him) :). I've never been spanked but would like to be after COVID. I deal with anxiety issues and a need for a strict schedule to help me stay focused and at my best mentally. Though I have issues not staying up and playing video games all the time haha. I have never been spanked before but am very curious about it. I'm always open for a chat since I'm working on my social skills and anxiety surrounding that. I really like alligators! And talking about other peoples' experiences. I can be contacted through pm, on reddit (fastest- marbledpik
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