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  1. Hi, I live in vegas...if you are ever going to be headed this way, let me know and we can discuss your needs...
  2. Hello, I live in Las Vegas and i think I can provide what you desire...a firm, red bottom, hand spanking. Just reply and we will go from there...
  3. hi Jenny, I used to live in Littleton, CO. I am a bit older 62...and wish I was there to give you a proper spanking. OTK is a great position for control and to deliver some sting. Perhaps I need to plan a visit back to CO. Care to chat? Joe
  4. Bend Over NOW


    Hi Jessica, I'd love to chat with you about spanking or anything else you are interested in. Just reply and we'll go from there... Joe
  5. nevada here....welcome to this site
  6. would like to chat...if interested..

  7. wow..a well spanked bottom...what did you use?
  8. welcome to this site...and would love to chat some time. Joe
  9. I would love to chat. Just send me a reply & we'll go from there. Joe
  10. I wish I was closer...I am in nevada...if you would like to chat anyway, just reply. Joe
  11. Sadly I am in Las vegas....wish I was in Ohio...
  12. I am in Las Vegas...ever visit here?
  13. Hi Argentine...Welcome to SN. I live in Nevada too...Las Vegas actually ...care to chat sometime? On here, yahoo messenger, or somewhere else.. I am 56...and a spanker. Joe
  14. Still need a proper spanking?

  15. send me a message if you want to chat...on here...yahoo...or Goggle hangouts...
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