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  1. You're welcome, I added the black duct tape to the handle of the lexan paddle to make it easier to grip, btw.
  2. I have a variety of paddles of different sizes and shapes, the Lexan paddle is probably the one I use the most. Lightweight, gives a nice loud sound and it really gets the job done. Mine has holes which makes it easier to swing and you don't have to use too much force to be effective. It could cause bruising if over done but no worse than a hairbrush or bathbrush.
  3. When I'm spanking I often count to myself but I don't make the one I'm spanking count. I sometimes decide before I start spanking how many swats it will be, often I go with 50 but if there is any disobedience during the spanking more strokes are added.
  4. She knew she had been a brat, it was time.
  5. I like your "SHOCK AND AWE" concept and there's a place for that but usually a warm up with some light taps or a gentler implement is appreciatied to get things going..
  6. jerryj88@yahoo.com Very nice.. I like it!
  7. I also use the "fetch the implement" that Thoramay mentioned above as in: "Go get my Lexan paddle and bring it in here." Sometimes its, "This is going to be loud and the neighbors will probably hear and know you're being spanked."
  8. When we first started our spanking journey my wife would be spanked six or seven times a month, either by me or someone else. Now that we're older it's down to once or twice a month. Most of the time it's maintenance, about one spanking in six is for punishment.
  9. I'm sure what made CL work so well back in the day was that our posting there reached a lot of people in our specific area. We got a dozen responses from locals the first day, of course only one or two were worth while.
  10. It was back in 2009 when we used Craig'sList to find a spanker. Even though we clearly stated we were not looking for sex we still got a lot of replies from men who were obviously looking for more than spanking. We did meet two spankers, one woman and one man who were legit and they both knew others who were into spanking so that got the ball rolling. We also had some success with Fetlife..
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