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  1. I was only spanked by women for years before my first time with a man. I did it more out of desperation but it ended up being a very positive experience and a game changer for me. I still love it from women, but there's a vibe with a man that i found very appealing. I like my spankings straight with no sex anyway so male or female im fine with it if we're otherwise compatible.
  2. Hi Im mass too! I top two ladies, bottom to one man. Say hi if you ever want to chat!
  3. Like you I'm back after a long, stress filled absence. Im happy to say I found a guy and just had my third session with him last week.
  4. I started getting spanked by a man years back when i couldn't find a woman who didn't charge. Im glad i did. Im speaknng in genetalities here but i found man spankings to have a vibe different from women. Not worse or better. Even with women i like my spankings non-sexual so i see nothing wrong with getting spanked by another man.
  5. This is a real long shot, but i have a male online friend in Brazil looking for a firm father's hand and it seems there's no resources where he is. Nothing under spankthis and google didn't have much that i could see without doing a deep dive. I cant believe there's no spankos in all of Brazil. I mean, have you SEEN some of those Brazillian behinds??!
  6. Thank you. It's not so much just guilt as just a sense of balance being off. Its basically a role play based on real events. These were stupid, childish things. I understand others have had spankings like that from my Sir and they always felt great afterward (and sore). So its more of a catharsis im seeking. Therapy in a way.
  7. Has anyone here had experiences being spanked for childhood antics you still felt guilty about? Something you know in your heart you shouldn't have done and never was properly punished for? Now that I found a spanker, a Dad, I'm in a position to have those things dealt with. He told me he's spanked others for real life childhood issues and they always felt better after. I look forward to that but not all of the rocky road ahead before reaching it.
  8. After years away I'm getting spanked again but not often enough. I top to 2 female bottoms so my naughty little kid side is underappreciated. I mostly just want to be told to go to bed when I'm up late and given a scolding or a lecture. I'm back to roleplay after years so I'm pretty much a newbie. I can also tell you about my spankings when i get them. General spanking talk also appreciated.
  9. There's something about getting my jeans pulled down that isn't the same as getting my pants pulled down. I suppose i associate denim with being a kid or a rebel. Plus I love women in jeans like some like leather.
  10. Hi. I am on here as BoyHowdy but have been unable to sign in so I started BoyHowdy01 and am just letting you know (and yet there are those who say I can't follow directions).
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