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  1. Playful Affectionate Hairbrush Spankings (erotic) - this describes what I like to do as an adult, either as the Top or the Bottom.

    As a child my little hiney was no stranger to my mom's hairbrush when she decided that a spanking would do me some good.  (Actually her plan worked).

    However, back then I hated the hairbrush.  I remember being in my room after a spanking, still crying, and wishing that the hairbrush had never been invented!


    1. Spankingmyhuby


      Very nice pictures. I am sure you deserved every spanking from your mom, the same goes for my husband.

      The hairbrush is a symbol of female authority. I carry a 10 inch paddle/ hairbrush in my purse 👜 and my husband is very much aware of it. The paddle/ hairbrush is quite useful for hotel discussions.

      I am sure the male spankees can relate to your post of when their first correction started.

      MS. L.

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  2. I find spanking talks to center too much on the bottoms and not the tops. How spankings are needed to change a behaviour or relieve stress or establish submission. Of course, lots of consensual adult spankings are done when both parties are enthusiastically enjoying the activities. But even with pretend and role play, I prefer scenarios to focus on the top's needs or desires.

    1. Spankingmyhuby


      I feel you have made a very valid point. As much as I think this forum is great. Being a woman and spanker to my husband I have been criticized in the past for being a sadist or a b---h. But their definitely is a double standard with some members. Why can't I enjoy delivering a good spanking just because I am a woman. I think most women are hesitant about talking about spanking as a top. I don't have that problem.

      I don't think some men want to or don't believe that we are HoH and in some cases such as mine do give spankings.

      I am sure male spankers have also noticed that the forum the majority opinions are from the spankee point of view.

      I am glad you brought up this point. That being said this is a great forum and most members I enjoy conversing with .

      Ms L. 

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  3. Wishing my friend cowboy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I KNOW YOUR SEAT WILL BE WELL WARMED.   Enjoy my friend.

    1. Spankingmyhuby


      Happy birthday Cowboy. Hoping your day will include a nice over her knee celebration.       Ms L.

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  4. Hypothetical Spanking Question:

    Let's say, hypothetically, an EE went for a run or bike ride or walk. She comes up to a road crossing with a flashing light. The car in one lane stops, but the driver in the other lane did not stop at the trail crossing - despite seeing her patiently waiting. So... the EE flipped off the driver and called him a name. 

    Is that a spankable offense? Why or why not? If so, what would be appropriate in terms of discipline?


    1. Spankingmyhuby


      Yes ruby red this is a spankable offense. What you did is the same as swearing. My husband knows what the punishment for swearing is and so would you find out. You would receive corner time , your mouth washed out with soap and a lengthy spanking across my knee if I was your disciplinarian. If you did it again you would be sitting on a pillow for a week.            Ms L

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