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  1. Thank you so much for your recommendation about the tawse. Many years ago my girlfriend let me try her tawse and I liked the results. Why I haven't followed thru I don't know,I have mostly paddles. You are so right after last Saturdays I had a incident about him watching TV ( march madness basketball) and delaying his chores . Yes he deserves purchasing a strap and needs it. I will bring the subject up while I am giving him his weekly spanking today. MS L.
  2. Well I am quite fond of my chair and you prefer the end of a bed. That being said we both agree that the over the knee position is the best way to administer a spanking. Whether it be to my husband for me or for the deserving men that you discipline. MS L.
  3. Most of the spankings I give my husband are across my knee and the chair is a constant reminder of our marriage and who is in charge. Shaming is very important. Your wife could give you both over the knee and over the sofa. It's interesting I have never actually purchased a leather strap, but that is subject to change. MS L
  4. For naughty spankees intentionally wanting a spanking. I have increased the severity of my maintenance spankings for my husband each Sunday. No more bratting. Fewer spankings is the result, however last Saturday he was a brat, but did not intentionally provoke a disciplinary session. Hope you have decreased bratting,it is unacceptable behavior. MS L.
  5. It would be nice if you got your chair fixed. I prefer a chair and it gives me good leverage, when myself and husband have our little discussion. MS L.
  6. Well when we were dating I found his publications on spanking and petticoat punishment. So yes I discarded his male briefs when we were dating and I have expected him to wear women's panties ever since. MS L.
  7. I have a special chair that I use specifically for administering a spanking. It symbolic of our wife controlled marriage and a constant reminder to my husband that he is spanked. It's a wooden armless chair and sits right next to the TV in the living room. So it is a constant reminder to my husband. When I give a punishment spanking I say the following "Go get Mommy chair! You have earned a spanking." Bring the ( Whatever paddle) place the paddle on the chair. "Strip down to your panties and stand in the corner. Nose to the wall." Calling my husband out of the corner I will scold as he stands in front of me. Turning him over my knee his legs don't touch the floor and gives him room to kick his legs. Also gives me a inviting target to administer a good spanking. Every Saturday night I tell my husband what instrument I am going to use and have it placed on the chair waiting for me on Sunday morning. For his weekly maintenance spanking. Also he sits on this chair after he is spanked for his line writing on Sunday's. Does anyone else have a specific chair for spanking? MS L.
  8. It's very encouraging that your wife is sharing your interest in spanking. I also decided that I would be willing to share with my boyfriend now husband his interest in spanking when we were dating. I had one advantage that your wife doesn't and I knew another woman who was a part-time dom ,who showed me how to give a proper spanking. It would be nice if your wife had someone to show her. That being said I am sure she will get better and you will get what you need. Good luck! MS L.
  9. No you absolutely did not come across intrusive. I have procrasnated lately about how we got started and our motel experiences, it was a good question. I need to write a little more often . MS L.
  10. Well I was living in a rented condo and my future husband was living in these motels. I agreed to move in with him and I quit my job and he told me that I would never have to work. So we decided that living in these motels would be a part-time situation and we could save some money before we got married.But it lasted longer than a anticipated. I have plenty of spanking stories over a 7 month period. I should write about them. We have been married over 20 years but the motel memories are something me or my husband will not forget. MS L.
  11. It's good to hear that your wife holds you responsible for your actions and I do the same with my husband. The wooden school paddle I used on my husband is quite louder than a hairbrush and the results was a husband not enjoying his spanking,which was evident to the near by rooms. I little embarrassment along with a spanking is good for my husband ,when he deserves discipline. MS L.
  12. Well before we were married I moved in with my future husband ln these motel rooms. So I followed a long not entirely happy with the situation. It was his idea to live in these motel rooms, so I was determined to get my point across, through reddening his behind about living in these motels. It didn't bother me that other people knew and yes he was very embarrassed, but he shouldn't have put himself in a position to earn his spankings from me . MS L.
  13. At the motel that we were paying by the week I am sure that management had a good idea that spanking was going on. Because people staying there complained about the noise. When we were living at another motel , security came and I answered the door holding a paddle. So there was no doubt that the security guard knew who was giving and who was receiving. We then requested a corner room because we did live there for awhile before we were married. My husband to be received many a spanking from me , I was not happy about living there. MS L.
  14. Shortly before we were married l lived with my boyfriend now husband in a few motels and hotels. Also a year after we were married we lived in motels. Back then I use wait with my wooden school in hand for him quite frequently. When he came home from work I welcome him with a hard spanking ,him bending over with his head trapped between my thighs. The sound of the paddle was quite loud when I was spanking him. Well we lived in this one motel and paid by the week. My husband went to pay for the week and they would not accept our money and had to leave. We also had other instances where security came to the door and told us to keep it down. Yes I still spank my husband when we stay in hotels with my hand and paddle/ hairbrush with success but I leave the big paddles home. MS L.
  15. I prefer using a paddle - hairbrush of oak. It's 10 inches long and 3/4 " thick and delivers a very nice sting , with very little effort. It's quite handy it fits in my purse and it's quite convenient when I need to use over the knee correction. MS L.
  16. Yes a excellent post! Most definitely a more convincing maintenance spanking weekly would be useful. This has worked in our marriage. My husband does get punishment spankings and they have decreased since I turned up the severity of the maintenance correction. You are so right about purposely behaving, this is unacceptable and not permitted in a true relationship when one is in charge. MS. L
  17. Yes you made a very good point. Additional punishments are also useful. When I take my husband tv privileges away and he can't watch sports that is real punishment adding to sitting on a sore bottom . Punishment spankings are not suppose to be enjoyable if given properly . MS L.
  18. A very good Post! It's quite clear you understand the meaning of a Flr relationships. I have good loving husband but he understands provoking a spanking becomes a total mistake and he is sorry after our over the knee discussion. That being said he fully understands the meaning of flr and acknowledges who is in control. Flr is not a joke ! MS L.
  19. Oh my you are absolutely right. I am afraid one disobedienthuby would be sorry husband if he was under my roof. By the amount of spankings he is receiving it's quite obvious that she needs to turn the heat up on his bare behind. Just the fact that he wants to be spanked continuously tells me that harsher punishments needs to be administered. My husband would never consider acting this way,he knows better. Disobedienthuby is not living a Flr lifestyle, his behavior is not permitted in this lifestyle. Hopefully his wife will take him to the woodshed ,where I take my husband on occasion. MS L.
  20. I would say absolutely not. I feel the internet has increased the awareness of spanking between couples. I read a article awhile back in cosmopolitan and spanking is quite common between married couples. Also there is a increase in Flr relationships and wife controlled marriages such as ours. You never heard of this many years ago. I would say that the interest in spanking will increase not decrease. MS L.
  21. These are good questions! First there has to be a agreement between a couple that a maintenance spanking is necessary. A consensual agreement. In a domestic discipline marriage such as ours my husband wanted a wife who would discipline him. My husband then boyfriend had a urge constantly to be spanked,so he would act like a brat. A weekly maintenance spanking filled his need to be disciplined and in turn I made it a point to give him what he wanted. We compromised I also would be HoH in our marriage. It's my believe that a good number of male spankees on this forum could benefit from a weekly maintenance spanking that they would not enjoy. Even though my husband and myself agreed on a consensual maintenance spanking. I decide when,where,and how severe his spankings are. In a domestic discipline marriage this is common. MS L.
  22. Well it doesn't happen that often maybe 3-4 times a year. But yes I do wear the pants in our marriage . I proceed to turn the TV off and warm his panties and bare behind over my knee. MS L.
  23. Well the following are recommendations I would make in starting a domestic discipline relationship. 1) Establish rules from the beginning. Make sure your wife knows what you expect from her and discuss what consequences are for not following specific rules. Also additional rules should be added when needed. 2) I am a firm believer in a weekly maintenance spanking.Same day and time each week. A good firm spanking each week will establish who is in charge and encourage your wife to improve in certain areas of your marriage. This has worked quite nicely in our marriage. 3) Should a spanking be given on the spot? Absolutely when a rule is broken I don't hesitate in correcting immediately. 4.) Most important me fair and consistent when administering a punishment whether it be a spanking and or another correction. I have a black notebook listing dates of punishments over the years. Good luck hopefully these ideas will give you something to think about. It has worked in our marriage. MS. L.
  24. Other punishments other than spanking includes corner time, writing lines, extensive chores, grounding, early bedtime, loss of tv privileges. Yes these are childish punishments, but the fact that I still need to give my husband spankings additional correction is sometimes needed. MS L.
  25. The only time I give a predetermined amount of swats is when I am using one of my large paddles for punishment. ( Pine or lexan). This will be 20-30 deliberate swats over 30 to 45 minutes span. My husband must count and thank me after each one . I have a very good idea after all these years what is efficient and know how to get my point across. MS L.
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