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  1. Yes when I give my husband a spanking it is straight to the corner with rubbing not permitted. I caught him rubbing his bottom after a spanking when we were dating . I gave him a second round over my knee and I know he had a hard time sitting at work the rest of the week . Almost 20 years later my husband has never even attempted to rub away the sting until I tell him he can leave the corner. That goes for maintenance or punishment spankings. I am glad your wife believes the same as me. Ms L
  2. Your post did bring light to the subject of good swat meaning of my post. Not a full spanking obviously but a single swat letting my husband know that he is going to get the real thing when we get home. This could be brought on by looking at another woman or complaining about going shopping or whining about missing a sporting event on TV. Yes discretion must be used and their has been no altercations in our marriage over this topic. When I do give a swat it is to correct him not for a kink high on my part. Yes other people's rights should be considered but no one has complained to me or called local authorities. Your post was excellent and you brought up some good points. Ms L.
  3. Your answer shows how much thought is put into administrating a punishment of a good disciplinarian. We need the punishment to be fair and consistent and teach our spankee a lesson. The punishment must fit the offense. My punishment book that I keep helps me to remember my husband offenses and I need this to review at my age. We don't have a easy job and Yes I can relate to sensations in my hand from spanking. However is nothing compared to the sting my husband feels. Every disciplinarian should impress his or her point with a good hand spanking. Just from your answer it sounds like you are a good disciplinarian by the way you organize your thoughts. Ms L
  4. Well obviously their are many more M/F husband spanking relationships. However with other women such as myself who are HoH it seems very conceivable that spanking (F/m) is more prevalent than we think. Especially if the male has shown interest in being spanked.When I found out my husband than boyfriend interest in spanking ,I was more than willing to share his interest . We agreed we would have a wife controlled marriage. I do understand why some other women are turned off by spanking their husbands because they don't want to be a mommy to their husbands. I don't mind being a wife/ mommy to my husband and we have been happy for 20 years. Ms L
  5. Discretion should be used at all times, topic should have read swat. But yes sometimes partners don't act their age in public .
  6. In our two decades of marriage I have had to swat my husband in public on occasion. Either with my hand or my purse paddle I carry. I am sure that I am not the only one who has had to discipline swat a childish partner. Have you as a spanker had to correct your partner or as a spankee experienced this discipline in public ? Ms L
  7. Good hearing from you Gary. Yes I strongly approve of Steven wife removing his underwear before correction. My husband also has his panties removed by me ,but only first before they are properly warmed . Humiliation for misbehaving husbands should always be part of the spanking punishment. In most cases husbands have asked us to discipline them years ago one way or another and their must be a reminder, that we wives are in charge and discipline with a firm hand . Good posts Gary and Steven. Ms L
  8. It good to hear that another husband is being held accountable for his immature actions. Your wife punishes you but I am sure she is just trying to make you a better husband. I hope she doesn't use the big paddle when you are staying in a hotel or motel. My husband and I have been asked too leave on two occasions when I was giving my husband a spanking with a school paddle in a hotel and motel and warned on other occasions. The sound of the paddle smacking my husband behind caused other people to complain about the noise. When I met my boyfriend now husband I moved in with him in a motel and insisted he get a end room for obvious reasons. Has your wife considered maintenance weekly spankings? This idea has worked well for us even though he still needs a punishment reminder at times. Ms L
  9. After I tell him he has earned spanking I expect him to go to bedroom and stand in the corner. Also he better be stripped down to his t-shirt and panties. Yes panties I trained my husband with the help of my girlfriend who told me that it shows who wears the pants in the marriage. Also my husband had a quite bit of reading material on petticoat punishment and he was very embarrassed about the subject As HoH I am juror and judge in what type of spanking is administered. My punishment I give my husband is based on the frequency and seriousness of the offense he has committed and is current behavior. I look at my punishment book to look up the history of his offense, being that my memory isn't what it use to be I am able to make a fair punishment. I give him a half hour in the corner and that gives me time to decide the severity and length of the punishment. I am thinking about how his panties and bare bottom is going to be quite warm from my hand spanking across my knee. My thinking before a spanking is what implement or implements am I going to use. The punishment starts with me sitting down in my straight back chair in the bedroom and calling him to stand In front of me or going to grab him by the ear before his lecture. I also want yes or no mommy answer when I ask him something.. When my husband does not act his age and he is being punished this is the routine that is followed. Ms L
  10. Before it is agreed between couples that a spanking is going to be administered. What goes through your head as a Spanker? What are you thinking as a Spankee before a spanking ? My husband is sent to the corner to think about his punishment. Ms L.
  11. Yes Chawsee I had a little help from a close girlfriend who taught me how to administer a good spanking. It still takes gaining your confidence and practice and I have had plenty of opportunity to get better in our marriage through the years. I am finding that a few of the male spankees who have contacted me on the messanger are concerned that their wives who are starting to spank them are afraid to hurt them. Hopefully other wives will gain confidence such as myself and will find the right equation to give their husbands what they want and need and probably in most cases deserve. As usual your posts are great. Ms L.
  12. I start as a vanilla girlfriend and over 20 years have gained confidence and actually enjoy administering a good bottom warming when my husband does not act his age. Is their any other couples where one vanilla partner has gained confidence over time and now enjoys their role? Are you a spanker or spankee in the relationship? Ms L
  13. I don't think a spankee should be able to choose what implement is used for a spanking. My husband has no say in the severity , length, or implement used in a maintenance or punishment spanking. When he has behaved himself we will role play and I permit him to choose his implement and I give a playful spanking , which is entertaining for both of us. Ms L
  14. The overall goal of administering a spanking is not to achieve tears but to make my husband a better husband and have him act his age. I do spank until he is at his limit and the stinging and burning is unbearable. Some men never quite grow up and need a wife to also be a mommy and I must teach him a lesson across my knee. Tears are not necessary but he is quite vocal and pounding his fists on the ground proves to me that I am teaching him a lesson. Ms L
  15. The best way to alleviate stress for a individual or for a couple is to adopt the idea of a weekly maintenance spanking. Myself and my husband are able to communicate quite well with this form of discipline. I am able to give him a well deserved spanking and this reduces the tension and build up of everyday life. This also keeps our relationship fresh because I remind him who is in charge and their is no prolonged period where he and don't have a little talk. Also add the punishment spankings I give during the week on some occasions if his behavior warrants one. I highly recommend this form of discipline for stress or for any other form of behavior modification. Ms L.
  16. Welcome to The Spanking Needs forum . Hopefully your wife will know about you being on the forum and you can discuss ideas from members with her. We have been married for 20 years and I believe and practice a marriage which is Flr ,where I am HoH and disciplinarian to my husband. When we were dating I found my boyfriend now husband collection of reading material on spanking and petticoat punishment. I immediately turned him across my knee and gave him a introduction to what our marriage was going to be like. With the help of my girlfriend I was able to train my husband and we have had a happy marriage. I believe in some marriages one person needs to be in control and one person needs to be able to take orders. One member SpankorBspanked made a good point don't t rush your WIfe. In my case I knew how important spanking was to my husband and I wanted to be In charge of a marriage.So we were able to make the transition to wife/ mommy , and husband being a naughty adult who has not grown up and still needs spankings. Wish you luck with your wife and a hope she is strict with you, more marriages need the husband being held accountable to his wife, something that works quite nicely in our marriage. Ms L.
  17. Yes it was a good day for us . Giving a spanking that we both enjoy sure beats having to give him a punishment spanking. It was very much a playful spanking 1) because it was Valentine's day.and 2) because he had just received his weekly maintenance spanking on Sunday . I am sure you will be giving a spanking soon that will make up for any lost time . Hope you had a good Valentine's day regardless. Ms L . Always enjoy your posts .
  18. Did anyone at the forum administer or receive a Valentine's spanking ? Was it playful or punishment? My husband took me out to dinner and we had a good day. I did administer a playful spanking consisting of 50 deliberate swats with my hand on his bare bottom across my knee. Hope everybody had a good Valentine's day. Ms L
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