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  1. I feel the spanking request form is a very positive idea. Good communication between the spanker and spankee in writing is very important. Before I was married my boyfriend now husband sat down and we discussed the rules in our wife led marriage.I keep a black notebook that list the rules and the date and punishment I administered. Like you said when in writing their is no disagreement between us it is there in black and white. A fair punishment is given and I keep a record of how many times a rule has been broken. I believe you have a very good idea with a request form and you should implement your idea. MS. L.
  2. Yes very much over the knee spanking is a very maternal and intimate for myself and my husband. I feel the warmth and sting from my bare hand to his bare bottom just feels right for both of us. Just as you described with your partner underpants. MS L.
  3. Over the knee is the most used by myself. I prefer this position for comfort and the physiology of reducing my husband to a child like punishment across mommy knee . I also at times will cross my legs and it raises his bottom for a nice angle for a spanking. I use the bent over position when I am giving a paddling ,but most are otk. MS L
  4. Yes we also don't read anything sexual and have no interest in dominatrix style discipline. We look at spanking material that is more like our lifestyle (Wife lead marriage/ domestic discipline). MS L
  5. Yes NorCalMan I feel the same as your wife. My husband knows better than hide reading porn. He would get a lengthy spanking and I would take away his privilege to watch sports on TV. We do read spanking material together and enjoy that. He told me about spanking needs and spanking is a part of our lives that we share. I take that your wife does approve of spanking forums? MS L.
  6. Nice Topic. Where I don't feel f/m spanking is more acceptable,I do feel women such as myself have become HOH has increased. Most all men initiate getting spanked and few women carry out the duty . Most women don't want to be wife / mommy to their husbands.But I do know personally a good friend and a friend of hers that do spank their husbands. Also my husband would never considered telling his friends that I am HoH and definitely not admit that I spank him. The male ego is very strong, however when he has experienced a spanking in front of my girlfriends through the years it's very humbling for him. I am sure there is more spanking material f/m today because there is so many males that want and need a spanking, not because it is more socially acceptable. So ladies have your husband buy you a paddle and take control of your marriage, you might like it l do. Ms L
  7. I would assume your knowledge and experience of administering a spanking helped the spankees achieve their goals.Also you are correct when you say spankings can be for fun and I have given a few of those also. Ms L
  8. Very nice story underpants. Your wife has a hook on the bedroom wall with a paddle good for her .What is it about you husbands who procrastinate? Ms L
  9. Well you are quite a bit more curious than my husband. First I have a set of rules for my husband who must obey . Pornography is one of them. I don't need to explain to my husband why he can't watch pornography. You made the statement that pornography keeps from misbehaving in other ways,that in it self is admitting quilt.My husband does not question my rules or is curious. If he did the only person that would be curious is me , curious as to how red his bottom would be when I am done spanking. MS L
  10. Your wife and myself feel the same about pornography. Reading or looking at porn is something we won't tolerate. I monitor what my husband looks at even concerning spanking material. When were dating I made it clear not to hide reading material pornography ect. Doing so will result in a spanking.The piece of scrap wood was I am sure a painful lesson that you learned from your wife. Ms L
  11. With your current partner,As a spanker why did you have to discipline your spankee ? Why did you as a spankee receive a first spanking ? I will answer after hopefully some responses. Maybe I need to write about this under writings. First spanking was quite memorable for me and my husband. MS L.
  12. I am so glad that you are feeling better and hope your health improves every day. Enjoy your site very much and glad you are back. This site is unique and special. Ms L
  13. Yes the paddle is made of maple wood and delivers a good sting.
  14. I have a hairbrush/ paddle that fits in my purse nicely. It's about 10 " inches long and about a inch thick. Very convenient for trips out of town ,when we stay in hotels. MS L
  15. When I found out many years ago about my husband interest in spanking and petticoat punishment ( panties). I was shocked when we were dating and found his collection on these subjects.Well I put him in training and he was in panties before we were married. Yes my boyfriend now husband got more than he bargained,when I found out about his interest. Shopping for panties is quite entertaining for us . I am glad you enjoyed my April discipline session with my husband. MS L
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