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  1. I believe as women we get more personal messages then men. Ms L
  2. Well my husband has had to endure spankings in front of my girlfriends through the years . My best girlfriend who use to be part-time Dom and trained my husband spanks him quite often. Also I have 3 other of my ladies friends who have witnesses his discipline through the years. It is very humbling to the male ego. My question to you is do any of her friends know that you are spanked and would they want to see you getting a spanking? If Yes I hope she gives you what you want. Ms L
  3. Yes my husband deserves the spankings I give him. Also this last Sunday his bottom was more than tomato red when I got done with him. He did not come home on time from work ,he did not call me. He obviously wanted a spanking from me and did not tell me. After 18 years of marriage he needs to communicate with me better. I plan on writing about it under writings this week. Thank you for the props.
  4. Yes you boys are always trying to get away with something and your spanking are more severe once we find out. I really am glad she spanks you across her knee,that the position I give my husband his spankings most of the time. When I am using my new 18" pine paddle or large Lexan then he is bending over the sofa. Does your wife believe in weekly maintenance spankings ? I make all the rules and have ran the Household in our marriage for close to 20 Years. Ms L.
  5. Well the best thing is to level with your girlfriend.Maybe she will give you a spanking and enjoy giving you one. If spanking is that important to you then you should let her know your thoughts. If not you could end up like a lot of men on this forum that want to be spanked and can't find anyone to discipline them. My husband doesn't have that problem because I found out when we were dating, and I compromised being HOH and he gets his well deserved spankings from me. Ms L
  6. Yes their are quite a few men who act like boys and need a firm wife hand and paddle to strengthen them out. My husband knows his boyish behaviour will result in a discussion across his wife knee. Ms L
  7. Yes you are right about that. However in his little speedos I was quite aware of any protruding in front which could precipitate another discussion . Spare the rod spoil the husband ladies. Ms L
  8. We were living in a motel before and a little after we were married. We were going to the pool and I make him wear his speedos as usual. The pool was not very crowded,but their were these two young ladies who were in their early 20's ,old enough to be his daughters. My husband was laying on his stomach on a chair looking at these girls and ignoring me. Well I got so mad and slapped him hard on his speedo suit and bottom. I then grabbed him by the ear and asked the ladies to watch our chairs and our towels etc. They obviously knew he was glaring at them. Making a long story short I took him bac
  9. Well glaring and looking at women/girls is quite inappropriate behavior. It is rude and disrespectful toward women . I instill this in my husband when we were dating. He learned the hard way that it is a spankable offense.
  10. You have a good blog. I would also assume that some are women who read your blog. Your lady know how to give a good hard spanking with a nice combination of implements. Ms L
  11. That's a nice complement but my writing skills are not the best. I am going to be writing about our little mommy/son discipline arrangement change that we discussed yesterday . It will be under writings .(spanking my husband). Thanks you cowboy. Ms L
  12. Question: For women who spank are you the boss or if married head of household. For male spankees is your girlfriend the boss or if married is your wife head of household? As a woman who spanks her husband , I find it hard for a relationship to be equal when I am spanking him. I make the rules. I don't feel are marriage is a FLR one. I feel more like a mommy and my husband as a son who still needs spankings . Ms L
  13. Thank you I do have many experiences regarding the controlling and discipline of my husband I can write about. I am pleased that their are other women in this forum who give their boys discipline. I hope ever male and female spankee SN Members meet a long term partner to give them the discipline they need. Ms L.
  14. I think that would be a good subject that I could write about under writings . I plan on writing on topics of spanking and control of my husband in the future. I am not the greatest writer in the world but before I got my own membership to SN I wrote about a spanking I gave him Spanking My Husband under writings you might find enjoyable. I found out about my girlfriend being a dominant in about a month because we worked close together. To describe her training would take a lengthy written post. But I will do that. I plan on writing about our little discussion and disciplinary session we had
  15. Your wife is not totally HOH is she? I control our marriage and we consensually agreed on that before we were married. My husband would admit that he was looking for more of a mommy than a wife and l have been able to wear both hats. I wonder how many wives or girlfriends who spank their boys are also HOH. It feels very natural being both in our marriage. Ms L
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