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  1. By no means are you too old for a spanking. When you act irresponsible or don't act your age you should be corrected like a juvenile . My husband is older than you and when he acts juvenile he goes right across my knee. Age is irrelevant. Ms L
  2. We have a January 1 traditional spanking each year. My husband buys me a new spanking implement and he goes across my knee for a little more than a playful exercise. This year he purchased a nice round spanking wooden paddle and we celebrated the new year.I wonder if any other couples start the new year this way? Ms L
  3. I will also add that David your wife seems to have a good handle on discipling you , but maintenance spanking does work in our marriage. Ms L.
  4. When my husband and I first started dating we sat down and had a long discussion. I agreed to share his interest in spanking under the circumstances that I would be in charge of our relationship. Well he totally agreed to this arrangement ,we discussed rules made by me and he consensual agreed to those rules. When where an how severe I administer a spanking is up to me and we have lived that way our entire successful marriage. Maintenance spankings allows me to remind my husband who is in charge and relieves his urges to want to be spanked for the week. Some members hear do not understand maintenance spanking and most of them just fantasize, but want to be spanked on their terms. A quarantee that my husband is much happier submitting to my spankings then before he met me. Maintenance spankings work for us and my husband gets the real thing each week and he does not have to sit around an fantasize. That's what makes this forum great that we have different takes on a subject that has influenced our lives . Ms L
  5. The main thing is that your relationship is working and maintenance spankings are being used in a positive manner. Also your husband as a disciplinarian must be given credit for your successful marriage. Even though you are left with a sore behind ,I am pretty sure his discipline he gives you is loving and fair. I am strict with my husband and criticized by some members of the forum for my discipline techniques, however we are both happy and have been married for a long time. Some marriages work quite well with one partner being in control.I know ours works that way and yours appears to be that way. Good post and continued success for you and your husband. Ms L
  6. Do you feel because you are spanked daily,that your behavior has improved and punishment spankings has decreased over time. I have seen that even though I give my husband a weekly maintenance which is now more severe , that punishment spankings are less frequent. However that is not always the case and my husband earned himself and real talking too over my knee recently. Ms L
  7. Where I am strong believer in a once a week maintenance maintenance spanking. I question the benefits of a daily maintenance spanking and multiple ones ones on the weekend. When administering a once a week maintenance spanking my husband gets reminded who is in charge. Where the severity of the spanking is not like a punishment correction,it is hard enough where he tries to behave himself for the rest of the week. Your maintenance spanking must not be that severe if you are receiving a daily one or you have a unbelievable tolerance for pain.My husband would not want or survive a daily maintenance spanking from me that's for sure. Ms L.
  8. Well being HoH and a wife who believes and spanks my husband,I would say you deserve your punishment. More men would definitely benefit from some quality time across our knees for being disrespectful. This is one area where my husband does not need training after all our years of marriage. I hope your roommate teaches you a lesson you will never forget. Ms L.
  9. Well yes everyone is different and maybe it is a man thing about not wanting to discuss his spanking and behavior . He is escorted straight to the corner after a spanking and yes it is childish but it is something I believe in. But after that we have our little talk.You brought up interesting concepts and that's what I like about this forum . I can always can learn from someone else even after 20 years of marriage. Good post !
  10. Yes I expect my husband to sit and talk about his spanking , but he is not chatty after punishment. This is really why I asked this question because I wish he would open more after discipline.I don't know if it's because he is embarrassed or what but I feel it's important to discuss the correction for both parties.
  11. When my husband is receiving a playful spanking then yes the next is to the bedroom for fun. But under no circumstances is sex on either of our minds after I have corrected him for something I have punished him for. Yes he is forgiven but that is where it ends .
  12. After administering a spanking do you as a spanker sit down and have a discussion with your spankee? As a spankee do you sit down and discuss your spanking with your spanker? Or is their no communication after discipline and it is a dropped subject. Ms L
  13. After 20 years of marriage and giving my husband maintenance spankings which started when we were dating,I am a strong believer in their benefits for domestic discipline. First for the spankee who wants to be spanked,it gives them something to look forward to and for the spanker giving a spanking should be hard enough so they behave the rest of the week. I always administer a long hand spanking and paddle my husband with a small lexan paddle over my knee. By no means should a maintenance spanking ever be has severe as a true punishment spanking.Most recently I have increased the severity of his maintenance spanking and have seen a husband who definitely does not want one for the rest of the week. I definitely believe that yes a hand spanking foxy and a small paddle will reinforce who is charge in your marriage. Heavier implements I feel should be used for punishment only. Good topic foxy! Ms L.
  14. My husband gets three types of spanking from me maintenance, punishment and role play/ funishment. Maintenance spankings a weekly discussion of what I expect from him and reminder who is HoH ( 50 percent). Punishment correction for not following rules that we established (30 percent). Role play/ funishment spanking for when he has been a good husband. ( 20 percent). I believe all three have been beneficial for our marriage. Ms L
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