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  1. Nice that you ran into another women who is in female led marriage.There are more of us out there then you think. Yes using brutal disciplinary methods is not needed and a good over the knee correction with hairbrush is a good deterrent for punishing her man . Hope your partner is feeling better and I hope she gave your partner some ideas on handling you. Maybe your partner will decide to take more control in your relationship. Happy Holidays! MS L.
  2. Well I think it is great that your husband gives you the discipline you need and the fact that you admit you need discipline. You are also right there are some men who need a wife or girlfriend to spank them. It's my believe that grown men who need these spankings won't admit that they still need nurturing and a mommy. I don't think it's true with all male spankees but in many cases it is. Especially true with me and my husband. Most women would be turned off being a mommy and treating your husband like a teenager, however it works for us and I enjoy being a woman who has total control and has been consensually agreed on by my husband. Congratulations on your 15 year successful marriage Nicole. MS. L.
  3. Yes Nicole I have on many occasions given a swat to the seat of my husband pants . He knows he is going to get it but good, when I do that. I swat at home and in semi public venues if necessary, when he needs it. I am very much the stern mommy, which he calls me . When he is in for a spanking. Sounds like Nicole your husband is also very strict. I also grab my husband by the ear and march him to his destination for a bottom warming and discussion. MS L.
  4. Well it sounds like your relationship is going quite nicely. Yes being polite to her mother is a must. I expect the same in front of my girlfriends with my husband. With Christmas coming you should buy your wife a spanking chair and a new implement. My husband buys me a spanking related item every year for Christmas and makes the holidays warm and interesting. MS L.
  5. I know before you mentioned 2 maintenance spankings a week. Did you as a couple implement that plan ? One maintenance spanking a week is enough and my husband can attest to that for us,a punishment spankings have decreased . MS .L.
  6. Well I am sure the cane is a real deterrent and a punishment you want to end. I have never purchased or use a cane on my husband. I don't like to break the skin when correcting him. My close girlfriend canes her live in boyfriend and his bottom is in quite severe shape when she is done correcting him. My long pine and lexan paddle does quite nicely in getting my point across to my husband. MS. L.
  7. Yes punishment spankings should not be wanted by the spankee . A punishment is just that correction not a ice cream social. When I am spanking my husband for punishment the sting becomes unbearable and he definitely wants it to end quickly. A punishment spanking is a teaching experience for me and learning experience for my husband the hard way. MS. L.
  8. Well you made some very good points. First we have been married and I have spanked my husband for a long time. Yes our marriage is a wife led marriage and spankings are given maintenance and discipline. We have never used a safe word. I know what he should be able to take and he has agreed to let me decide what he needs. Topping from the bottom is not acceptable in our marriage. My husband does not have a choice how I will spank. It not like going to McDonald's and ordering a hamburger. After a spanking I want to know I gave him a good one and he doesn't want to disappoint me by trying to 🛑 the correction. I believe safe words could be useful when first starting a relationship or if you are not familiar with your partner. MS L.
  9. The absolute best thing to do is talk about your interest in spanking while dating ,as soon as possible. Definitely before you are married. The subject is embarrassing to most people to bring up, but it necessary especially if you have a strong interest in spanking. Your partner dating will at least give spanking a try if that person is interested in a long term relationship. In my husband case I found his spanking material, yes it was embarrassing for him. However it saved him from having to tell me and I took it from their. Absolutely be honest with your partner and don't hide your interest. It will be good for both parties. MS. L.
  10. I don't think we know all of the particular,our opinions are very subjective. He mentioned he wanted 2 maintenance spankings to some people that might be considered abusive. I don't want to continue this subject either. I will not give any advice or opinion on this subject. I enjoy your posts rubyredd and we can't agree on everything. We each have different live styles and it obviously works for us both. MS L.
  11. You are entirely right about if the spankee is ill. But that was not mentioned in this case. In a relationship where the spanker is HoH the spankee should not postpone a punishment. In our marriage my husband would not have stayed with me if it was abusive. Rules need to be established and followed with consent from both parties at the beginning. By changing rules the spanker authority is diminished and the spankee is dictating to the spanker. It works in our marriage and we are both happy. MS .L
  12. Yes you should have followed through with her giving you a spanking. I feel that you should follow her lead. Who is in control? When I started dating and agreed to be responsible for discipling my boyfriend now husband I told him this. "The first time you want to delay or refuse a spanking from me, I will never spank you again. My husband never has. I feel you should apologize and let her decide your correction in the future. MS L.
  13. When I am administering a spanking to my husband ,he knows to keep his hands away flat on the floor. Rubbing is not permitted until he has spent time in the corner after the correction. The few times he has reached back in the past he has received a additional spanking of 10 minutes after corner time for his first correction. It's definitely a deterrent after pleading and barely getting past his first spanking.He definitely doesn't want a return trip across my knee. MS. L.
  14. You are so right about hand to bare bottom spanking. Yes it is extremely embarrassing for the spankee. I feel very much in charge and it feels very natural to me when I am spanking my husband with my hand. From the scolding to the spanking I consider it a act of love and very personal. My intentions when giving a spanking is to reduce my husband to a child like state when he is naughty. I feel a hand spanking accomplishes that goal. Good post Blushingred. MS. L.
  15. Good question:danadares When were dating I found out my husband interest in spanking. He did not verbally tell me however he left a box of spanking/ petticoat punishment material where I could easily find it . We were going to be married soon and we had only been dating for 3 months.I have been procrastinating but I plan writing specifically how I handled this situation under writings. We did compromise me being a stay at home wife and HoH and I would share his interest in spanking.The spankings I administer are determined by me . As far as when, the length and severity of correction. Finding his little box changed our relationship totally. MS. L.
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