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  1. What a wonderful post. Congratulations on giving your husband the obvious discipline that he needs. As a wife who has been spanking my husband for 20 years,I love that fact that you are holding him responsible for his actions.l would like to make some suggestions. 1) write down a set of rules that you expect him to follow in your marriage. 2)sit down with him and discuss each rule and make it clear that he will be spanked for breaking a rule. 3). Maintenance spankings are something you might consider. My husband gets a weekly spanking from me. It shows who is in charge. 4) Go out and purchase some spanking implements. I hand spank my husband and also have implements for serious offenses. 5) Why should you do all the housework or any for that matter ? Saturdays my husband must do the housework and done right and without complaining. Well these are a few suggestions and it is good to hear that you are holding him accountable for his actions. My marriage has been a happy one and I am happy to hear yours is going so well now. Ms L
  2. Depending on the length of the paddling your bottom could be black and blue. My husband's sometimes will be bruised up to 10 days with a severe paddling. Also the fact that you have a paddle with holes could cause you to have some blistering. I have found that lexan paddles do not leave the bruises that wooden one's do. Ms L
  3. Welcome to SN forum Naughtysparky. Good to hear from another husband who is spanked when he needs one. I am in total agreement with your wife and a no nonsense spanking is what you boys need . In our case I am head of household and my husband is reminded of that fact across my knee. Welcome and I am sure you will enjoy the nice people views on this forum. Ms L.
  4. No I don't think men are comfortable asking their wife or girlfriend. My husband when were dating hid is spanking material and I accidentally found it He might not have ever asked me . That is good that you are direct. I believe that some of our members are not asking or are uncomfortable asking. Ms L
  5. You are so right but I don't believe my husband is the only one who has misbehaved to get a spanking. How many members here won't bring up spankings to their partners and are spanked occasionally? I believe it is even more prevalent with men asking for a spanking. Ms.L.
  6. That was a nice heart warming story and bottom warming for you. Men are just ashamed to ask their wives and girlfriends for spankings. Your writing a note worked , that is all that counts. I believe there are probably quite of you members here who have not popped the question. Some of these men might be surprised if they were to be upfront with there wives or girlfriends. Reality is much better than fantasy. My husband didn't have to write me or ask me,finding his reading material started everything for us. Good post. Ms L.
  7. After bringing up this topic it is quite apparent that the need to be spanked often is something that spankee members want and need. My question is are the spankings being received severe enough? If the craving to be spanked shortly after a spanking then unfortunately this is a question that must be addressed . My husband a few months ago purposely misbehaved so I would spank him. Well I was giving him lengthy hand spankings on Sunday's ( maintenance). So now on Sunday I have added the small Lexan paddle over my knee. In addition on each Wednesday he gets a paddling with my long pine paddle and or long Lexan paddle. I have changed from morning to night for this punishment. I feel since I have added these changes a more severe maintenance spanking on Sunday and the paddling on Wednesday that my husband craving has changed. The paddling I give him is a punishment spanking , because misbehaving on purpose is something I don't appreciate. You would think after almost 20 years of marriage that he would have just asked me for a spanking,so now we are on this schedule and my husband by all means does not want anymore discipline then what he is getting. Since joining this forum I have learned from others members and it also has helped me to understand my husband better even after all these years of marriage. Ms L.
  8. Question for spankees: Most spankees crave spankings. After you have a received a good spanking is it a short time or quite awhile after that that you want another one? Does that initial spanking satisfy your craving or does that want you to have more again shortly? I will answer that about my husband after I get some good responses. Thank you. Ms L.
  9. Well David that is the way it should be when you have misbehaved , their is no analysis on what implement is used. My husband has no say on what implement I use or the severity of a punishment spanking. We have in writing rules that was consensual agreement upon before our marriage. Breaking a rule means he gets a spanking from me. If he does disagree with the severity or the implements used the discussion is after I have given him a spanking.Your wife most definitely is strict and runs her household as she sees fit and I do the same. Good for your wife and I am sure you love and respect her. Ms L.
  10. Well I can see why you remembered your first spanking. The fact that she gave you a good spanking across her knee and kept the window open was firm discipline. I like the fact that she didn't care whether the neighbors heard or not. You stated that you were misbehaving and she was pleased with spanking you. That was a memorable experience for both of you. I bet you don't suggest what implement she should use on you in the future. My husband doesn't dare suggest what implement I should use on him. Very good post . Ms L.
  11. Nice detailed post rubyredd. It appears that yourself and others have really embraced the straps from London tanners. Ms L
  12. Good post. There is nothing more satisfying then giving a man a good bare bottom hand spanking over the knee. Each Sunday my husband feels the sting of my hand and the results is a nice tomato color on his bottom and a humble man. I am glad there other women such as yourself that feel the same way. Ms L
  13. That is really great that your wife has shared your interest in spanking through the years. More wives should give their husbands some time over their knees . I don't have any second thoughts about giving my husband the discipline he wants and needs. I am sure you have a happy marriage Steven. Ms L
  14. Yes bogey you are right a playful spanking a person should be permitted to be aroused. When I punish my husband I have made my self clear about that , but a playful spanking is different. In my past posts I have not made that clear and I am glad you brought that up. I don't know if you give punishment spankings as a couple ,or all yours are for play. It makes a big difference. Thanks for bringing that up. Ms L
  15. That was a very unique place to purchase a very first spanking implement. I am sure you did pay her back in full. After I gave my initial hand spanking to my boyfriend now husband,we went out to eat at a fast food restaurant.After we stopped in to a gift shop and I saw a small wooden paddle and we went back to the motel . He was living in a motel and I gave him his first spanking with that paddle over my knee. Good post Spanknutt,we both purchased implements in a usual place to administer a initial spanking. Ms L.
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