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  1. Welcome to the forum . You will find some really nice people here with different backgrounds and experiences, when it comes to spanking. Nice to hear that you have asked your wife to hold you accountable for your actions. I also have rules for my husband and correct him when necessary. Some husbands just need to be spanked on a regular basis it's that simple. MS L.
  2. Well what I didn't include in that incident was a hand spanking before the paddling and I am sure heard the young women did hear the correction from the pool. I am glad you found it amusing my boyfriend now husband did not. MS L.
  3. Yes Underpants. Browse go down to Debate section. Go down to inappropriately looking at Women/ girls topic. Scroll down To May 4 ,2021 and I wrote about a incident about staring down a few young women by my now husband and his speedos. MS L.
  4. Those type of sexiest remarks are not permitted in our marriage. My husband has been on the receiving end ,when I feel his remarks toward other women,my girlfriend or myself are inappropriate. There is nothing more humbling for my husband then when he is spanked for bad behavior or statements that are sexiest in my girlfriends presence,(who know about our lifestyle). Good to see that your wife will not tolerate your statements about other women. A spanking and tampons, which had to be very humiliating for you,is very deserving. MS L.
  5. Yes there has been incidents over the years ,more when we were dating and earlier years of our marriage concerning speedos. Look under the debate section March 4 ,2021 in which I posted a memorable experience Underpants! MS L.
  6. I found your vacation post very interesting in deed. Your wife way of handling the situation was very commendable. In some ways your wife believes the same as me and how l handle my husband. First the fact that you made a inappropriate comment entering the room to your wife needed to be corrected. My husband sometimes makes comments outside the house and I don't approve of it. Punishment should not be delayed and she took immediate action. As far as your wife going to the front desk for a chair ,tells me she did not want to wait to give you your well deserved spanking. Your wife obviously is educating you to be a better husband, because she loves you. A good spanking entering the motel will give you something to think about for the rest of the vacation. Also I know that once I administer a spanking that the slate is clean. I am sure your wife probably feels the same. I know the fact is she did let the front desk lady in and she did make you wear a feminine bathing suit had to be humiliating, however you hopefully will learn from your inappropriate comment ( but that's typical of some immature husband's who need a firm hand.) I have never made my husband wear a bathing suit for women, however it's my idea for my husband to wear speedos. Which I do to keep in line when we are sitting by the pool . If he has received a spanking from me, it's quite obvious who is a spanked husband. Very nice post. MS L.
  7. Yes my husband knows that I am a member and he introduced me to this site, when he saw it . He was a member first and back over a year and half ago his information was lost, when some files were lost. He has not rejoined, however he might in the future. Spanking needs has given me insight on other people's views and has helped me with my personal marriage that I control. As far as you are concerned I personally feel you should be upfront with your wife about being a member. Maybe she should join , that would be nice. As far as hiding the fact that you are a member would result in a punishment spanking not a playful one if you were my husband. I would immediately tell your wife! MS L
  8. Sounds like you are having a great time. Your wife is making up for lost time, since she has just started spanking this year. Two spankings MY you have been naughty. I wonder whether anybody heard your little sessions on the cruise. Spanking between wife and husband produces a nice bonding whether it be playful or discipline. Hope your remaining vacation is fun ! MS L.
  9. Most recently my husband and I went on vacation and he definitely earned a spanking from me . I will elaborate why I had to give him a good bottom warming after a few responses in detail. Since our review session this is the first correction in two months. However he still receives a weekly maintenance from me. Members would like to share some of your experiences about your past vacation adventures ? Giving or receiving? MS L.
  10. Welcome to the forum. It's nice to have a experienced female spanker join the forum. I am sure you are quite good in delivering a good hard spanking. I think you will find the forum members are quite interesting. MS L.
  11. Are you disrespectful just this once ? My husband respect me and I remind him who is in charge every Sunday when I administer a maintenance spanking. I believe your husband should consider giving you a weekly talking to, maybe you could bring this subject up and tell him you feel it would make you a more respectful spouse. Just a thought! MS L.
  12. Being disrespectful to your husband should earn you a lengthy spanking. I am a firm believer in giving hand spankings ,but you might want to purchase a good small paddle for additional over the knee correction. I don't think your husband would object and you need to be taught a lesson for being disrespectful. MS L.
  13. Yes you are right! The allowance of 10 percent is not a lot of money. But I handle the finances and before we were married I decided that it would best for us as a couple. My husband was throwing all of his money away . I have decided to give if him more incentive recently with more commissions. MS L.
  14. Going on a little vacation soon with my husband and I will be taking my trusty 10 inch 3/4 thick maple otk hairbrush/ paddle. It's a nice combination with my hand if he earns a spanking. Also turning the TV up along with the air conditioner will keep the sound down in the hotel . Wouldn't dare bring one of my larger paddles with the bad experiences we have had in the past. MS . L.
  15. Thank you for the compliment but I did answer your post about the subject of panties and additional punishment. It was three hours ago. MS L.
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