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  1. Hmm. Complicated question. I like a hard punishment-style spanking, that pushes my limits. The enjoyment comes mostly from the anticipation and thinking about it afterwards.
  2. Hi all, I enjoy a hard spanking, and would like to receive one that leaves me with a noticeably sore bottom for at least a day or two. A typical session for me is that first I'm given a hand spanking, then a lighter implement like a hairbrush, finishing with the strap and/or cane. I find that the sensations are satisfyingly intense during the session, and I'm also left with visible marks for at least a few days. But as soon as the session is over I just feel a little numbness/warmness, and nothing at all after an hour or so. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Are there particular implements that are more likely to have a lasting affect? Should I try skipping the warm up, and going straight to the more intense implements? (in order to increase the physical impact/bruising/etc). Would appreciate any advice! Thanks.
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