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  1. Hello, I listen to a lot of everything, mostly things I can belt out while I'm working (another plus to working remotely). Here recently I've been going back to Sara Bareilles' albums.
  2. @tpl- Following? Are we talking like the shadow type following, or the run of the mill kind of detective type? Either way, come out into the sunshine and say hi! @Fltaz- Thanks so much! What I've had time to poke around and see I've enjoyed!
  3. Hello! I’m still poking around here and there, but thought I’d attempt a proper introduction, or something close enough to it. Crafty, nerdy, friendly, girlie girl who enjoys conversations, laughing, reading, writing, popcorn with butter, flavored teas that make me feel fancy and cozy socks! And that’s just the vanilla stuff! Crack open past that and you’ll hopefully find a playful, happy, settled “spankee” who genuinely aims to be helpful, good and kind. I’m a great listener to new ones in the lifestyle, as I once had all. The. Questions. See you around
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