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  1. Hello Female tops. would love to chat with a Female top. Looking to learn more about what makes a potential bottom appealing to you. what about spanking gets you excited. really just want to get to know you and learn about your thought process. thanks.
  2. Welcome from Rhode Island. always looking to connect with people interested in spanking
  3. I carry a handcuff key on my key ring I usually put my keys on the table or desk at work as sometimes when I am out at a bar I have had a few comments that have lead to fun discussions.
  4. Hey Chris here. Mid 30’s from Rhode Island. I am a spanko as well. Always open to connecting with new people. I’m a switch if that matters.
  5. Hey from Rhode Island. would love to connect with local people with shared interests.
  6. I am a mid 30s male switch out of Rhode Island. Would love to chat and see what comes of it.
  7. I live on the Mass border in Rhode Island. would love a spanko meet up
  8. Hey SN, I am brand new to the site. 36 male switch from Rhode Island. Here looking for new friends and play partners. Looking forward to meeting and talking with people with the same interests as me. As a lifelong spanko this has always been my secret it feels great to find a place full of likeminded people.
  9. Hey, 36 male from Rhode Island here. I am definitely in need of spanking and accountability. Where in Mass are you located.
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