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  1. I am 70 and married and want to stay that way. I am bi though. I had a life long interest in spanking. Like many others of my age this arose from my schooldays.For me, it was the sound of the cane and boys gripping their bottoms afterwards. I never got it myself. The deputy head, had a thing about cp for sure. He used to attend PE with a plimsol under his gown and encouraged effort with a wallop to any short covered bum. He liked one boy particularly and , unbelievably, kept him otk for the whole lesson....patting and spanking him In front of us all. However one memory was Robert being conso
  2. Hello I am 70 years living in Essex but London is very close (30mins). I am married and want to stay that way but would love to meet others for some spanking fun. Discretion is of course guaranteed. I am good fun. I play music, sail, dive and talk a lot. A coffee and chat only will be fine. Cute and modest!
  3. Sorry ...I am currently in the UK awaiting return to the yacht
  4. Hi I am a UK sailor currently based in the Caribbean. I have a plan to sail into the ICW, it will not happen for a while with the pandemic. My plan would be to entire at Miami or Fort Pierce. I would love a spanking session. I am getting on so I may well appeal to the older generation. I ask for only discretion and courtesy.
  5. Hello, I am very happy for us to meet up and see if a spanking relationship is likely. I am a nice chap I think!
  6. I am an old chap now but well preserved. I sail and dive amongst many other interests. I had a life long interest in spanking. Like many others of my age my interest arose from schooldays. I have spanked both sexes and crossdressers! Surprisingly,I have not experienced much myself. I would like to chat with, or meet , likeminded folk. I am discreet, polite, and courteous.
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