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  1. Adventurous Ivy grad looking for love… ideally with someone who also enjoys spanking as much as I do. I love travel (have backpacked in many countries), a good adventure and fine wine. After living in the Bay Area for over 3 years who wouldn’t? Looking for someone fun and inspiring… A partner in crime… a relationship where we might enjoy discussing new business ideas over cocktails, kayaking, a nice hike. Perhaps you also enjoy skiing, live music, biking, and the outdoors in general... and you can relate to my secret love of otk discipline too ; ).
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  3. Yes, I’ve been on his site too! Totally agree he has amazing content.
  4. A couple of people have messaged me for the links I referenced... wanted to share just in case: https://www.xvideos.com/video9383428/classic_spanking_movie_-_cane_on_nail https://xhamster.com/videos/a-young-girl-gets-a-hard-birching-by-a-old-man-3891020 there used to be a better angle of the 2nd available...
  5. I don’t know if this is an appropriate question on here... but I’d love recommendations of videos of quality spanking (yes, porn). It takes so long to find a real gem... I recently discovered Cane on Nail by RGE studios and just keep going to that along with my old favorite of a Birching for Beauty. Preferences: (1) domestic preferred vs dirty slut/whore calling/shaming etc, (2) on the longer side with a buildup to tears - when she is really broken and still continued to be spanked, (3) M/f strongly preferred but if it’s good enough a woman spanking is ok, (4) bonus if he punishes her for moving, includes other domestic things (mouth-souping), (5) big bonus if it seems like a loving relationship (6) free. As you can see I have some particular tastes so lots of sifting through videos to find the right one... I appreciate the recommendations! Clearly not as good as a real spanking but still fun to watch...
  6. I can get aroused from normal things like kissing and touching... to an extent. I am a million times more aroused when spanked. To climax, I always have to think about spanking or be spanked, which I think has made it really stand out in my mind as a “fetish”. I wonder if vanilla people can get as aroused from normal sex as I/other spankos do from spanking because it’s A LOT. Sometimes I forget what the difference is after a long spanking famine and then I’m reminded by an insane out of this world sexual experience when it does happen.
  7. If there is a gradual buildup to a severe spanking, I end up getting in kind of a meditative state where everything disappears except the here and now. All worries and anxiety about responsibilities and failure to achieve are gone and all that remains is the spanking, my partner and of course, a deep state of submission and arousal. I crave the spanking that takes me there and makes me sob, of course the pinnacle of any spanking. Sometimes these end up being super severe - it’s hard to understand how I even enjoyed it afterwards. I love the vulnerability, trust and intimacy that comes with it. I don’t know if this is true for anyone else here but for me, the spanking is a bit more important than the sex... is that odd?
  8. I’m wondering how/if others have met long-term serious partners who also have a spanking fetish. Spanking is important but definitely one of many desired factors for a longterm partner. I’m not into hookups and feel that spanking is kind of close to sex so I only want to do it with someone I’m dating exclusively. I’ve been in two long term relationships with guys from regular dating apps. One found me because I mentioned casually that I identify with an article about a journalist revealing her fetish. The other had a secret spanking profile that I “liked” from my normal profile who then reached out to me. How do others meet dating partners? The spanking dating websites seem more geared towards hookups.
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