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  1. You must not have had a Punishment spanking in a while. I guarantee you would not want a spanking from my wife. They are no fun.
  2. Yes spanking his a childish punishment and for most of us it does bring back child memories . When my wife gives me a a spanking I must always call her mommy. My wife and says that a physically grown man that needs to be spanked by his wife , should be address their wife as mommy and should be treated like a juvenile in the Marriage.
  3. Are those long paddles? How many swats are you able to withstand? My wife cherry paddle is good for over the knee.
  4. Her little 5 hole cherry wooden paddle is bad enough . I just cringe when I think about those paddlings in the past with that long wooden paddle.
  5. Yes Ma'am now you're scolding me! She always goes paddle shopping with me. With this lockdown she has be been hesitant to go many places.
  6. When my wife had her long school paddle my bottom could be black and blue for 10 days or more . She broke it about 6 weeks ago.
  7. Your ideal partner sounds like someone that would spank you daily.You obviously have a high tolerance for being able to take a good sting on your bottom. I have a hard time taking my wife/ mommy spankings,I am in real distress before it is over.
  8. Yes that is amount I receive from my wife/mommy. Maintenance spanking by her hand 4-5 and 2-3 punishment spankings a month. It equals about 8 on average per month sometimes more sometimes less.
  9. My wife/ mommy is HoH and gives me a my spankings whether they be Maintenance or Punishment. Does your wife ever initiative the spanking? You said it could be daily, what does she spank you with?
  10. As a spankees how many SPANKINGS do you receive on a average on a month. As a spanker how many do you give on a average in a month. How many are Maintenance and how many are Punishment spankings.For those not in a relationship how many did you receive or give in the past?
  11. My husband knows better than being disrespectful to me , he is already in hot water. I am glad that the spankings you receive were deserving in your eyes. Animosity between the spanker and spankee is not a good situation.
  12. I would like to make a sincere apologie for the way I have acted lately to you my wife Ms L. As I write this I am sitting on my lace high waisted panties and a very sore bottom. First I must admit what I have done wrong before I can beg for your forgiveness. I know you handle all the finances and you give me a weekly allowance , that you expect me to live on.But I caught up with this basketball and March madness and thought I could make some money 💰 betting on it. I have put gambling before our marriage and dear please forgive me.
  13. I agree whole heartily with you ms chawsee on wanting to be spanked by a blood relative. When my wife is giving me a spanking I call her mommy and she likes that. But it is different than being a adult and wanting to be spanked by a relative.
  14. Thank you Gary for your warm welcome. I am glad your wife gives you spankings. We need to keep you boys in line and make sure you are continuing to be good husbands.
  15. Yes I will message you later in the week.
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