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  1. A maintenance spanking is given each Sunday. I must await my wife and be standing in the corner in my panties at 11:00 am. She will call me out of the corner and I stand and listen to her lecture me on what she expects of me as a husband for the up and coming week. After the lecture she will proceed turning me over her knee and hand spanking me on my panties. Then she let's me up and I stand before her , while she removes my panties and then back over her knee for a bare bottom hand spanking with ( herstingingpalm). Then this is followed by a good dose of her lexan paddle. During the spanking I am lectured and my actual spanking might last 20 minutes. Before we were married my wife set a list of rules that must be followed. A breaking of one of the rules will result in a punishment spanking. This usually results in her using one of her heavier implements ( large pine or lexan paddle). Punishment spankings are very severe and the correction goes well beyond the point that I wish it would stop. But the rules we consensually agreed on many years ago and I know the consequences for disappointing my wife. What I failed to mention is that the lexan paddle she uses for the maintenance spanking is small .
  2. Hopefully my next spanking will be Sunday when my wife gives me my maintenance spanking. Because if it is before Sunday then that means that I have done something she disapproves of and that means a punishment correction. I don't enjoy these for obvious reasons.
  3. My wife has 4 girlfriends who know that I get spankings on a regular basis. Over the years they also have witnessed me getting spanked. My wife's best friend use to be a part- time Dom and has given me quite a few spankings herself. None of my friends know of my interest in spanking or know that my wife spanks me.
  4. My last spanking was Sunday over my wife knee.I was spanked for about 20 minutes total. She gave me a hand spanking and a good dose of her lexan paddle which stings terribly. This is a common occurrence on Sunday, my wife reinforces her authority and HoH with a maintenance spanking across her knee.
  5. Well until recently most spankings did not end up with me crying . But since she has added her small lexan paddle on Sundays maintenance spankings after her hand spanking , things have changed. She tells me " you purposely wanted a spanking over two months ago and I will change it when I feel you have learned your lesson." She also added Wednesday's paddlings and changed from morning to night corrections. Most spankings from my wife now do end up with me in tears ,a combination of scolding and the sting of the paddles.
  6. I knew that I was a spankee early on. When a female teacher turned me across her knee in elementary school to getting paddled by the female principal in junior high school my interest grew. In college I went to see a pro dom and she tied me up and gave me a whipping on my bare bottom with a small whip. I didn't tell her that I was not into b and d so I went over to see her again without a appointment. I went to Sears bought a paddle the size of a jokari paddle ,but thicker. Well this little lady who was a Dom,I don't how much experience she had and she was probably 5'1 told me to give her the paddle and strip. She turned me over her knee and it didn't take long and I had a accident while being spanked. Well she said " you are enjoying this too much I am going to show you what a real spanking felt like."I must have been over her knee for only 5 minutes and I was begging her to stop. She did stop and asked me " if I want more ". Which I said no. I also read the ledagram and was given a spanking from ladies who gave domestic spankings not leather mistresses. Well I hid my magazines and leda vhs tapes and thought I would never actually meet a girlfriend or wife that would be interested in the spankings I needed. Well I was wrong because my girlfriend then and now wife for 20 years found out about my spanking material before we were married. We compromised she is the boss and I obey and I am spanked on a regular basis. She also allows me to keep my reading material and videos on spanking and I told her about SN and is also a member, Ms L.. But yes I knew early on I was bottom.
  7. My wife and myself were staying in a timeshare that friends of our let us use for a week. We were in the bedroom with the tv on and my wife was giving me a spanking with a paddle over her knee with the door closed. We heard a sound and went into the living room and their was a young lady who worked in housekeeping cleaning up. It appeared like she must have been there awhile and had to have heard my wife spanking me. She didn't speak English and we greeted her. I am sure she knocked and said housekeeping but because the tv and the sound of the paddling we didn't hear her.
  8. Yes I do get my panties warmed by my wife before she finishes spanking me on my bare bottom. When we were dating my wife found out about my interest in spanking and petticoat Punishment . So I do wear panties always and she does produce some real heat in my seat.
  9. My wife was disappointed in me coming home late from work and not calling her. She had me admit that I wanted a spanking . So she has obliged she warms my panties with her pine and lexan paddles each Wednesday before I go to work ,the last 5 weeks. The heat radiates in your bottom and is a constant reminder of my Punishment. Has anyone ever been spanked before you went to work and what were the circumstances that caused your correction?
  10. My wife makes all decisions on vacation plans and that is quite all right with me. That spanking I received left my behind tender for quite a few days.
  11. I would not even consider throwing my wife sunglasses out the window .I don't even want to imagine what she would do to me.
  12. My wife for years has carried a little wooden paddle in her purse and when we go out of town always brought her long wooden school paddle. One particular thanksgiving we stayed in a small gambling town. I had been their and my wife had not. So my wife makes all the decisions except this time she left the hotel room and where we were going to eat up to me. When we arrived in this town and check-in our Thanksgiving holiday got off to a bad start. I didn't make reservations for a room facing the water. My wife was not happy about that. Then we had thanksgiving dinner at this hotel and it was rolled imtation turkey. My wife was so angry that when the waitress came to give us dessert , with the waitress standing their," You are going to get a spanking when we get back to the room." I was so embarrassed and the waitress had a grin on her face. Well we went back to the room , my wife told me to stack the pillows toward the end of the bed to lay over. I stripped down to my panties and waited for my spanking. She ripped the panties of me and windmilled hard slaps with her hand on my bare bottom for a few minutes and it really sting. Then took out her long school paddle and showed me what she thought of my planned thanksgiving vacation. I was literally in tears from that spanking,then I had to stand in the corner for probably a hour. After this vacation I have never suggested anything. I don't questions any of our vacation plans.
  13. My spanking relationship is with my wife. She does all the spanking and I am on the receiving end . My wife gives me a maintenance spanking once a week. Punishment spankings are given when I have disappointed my wife or broke a rule which was agreed upon by us consensually. I am currently getting a Punishment spanking also once a week for inconsiderate behavior from my wife. In the past when I am pleasing my wife she will role play or give me a playful spanking. Our marriage has been successful thanks to my wife discipline and her sharing my interest in spanking and love for each other.
  14. Before we were married we were asked to leave when we were living in a motel and a apartment complex. My girlfriend now wife use to give me spankings so hard with the school paddle that the neighbors would go to security and complain.
  15. Well the first mistake I made was I was not specific. You do want a spanking right ? Do you want a over the knee spanking? Do you want to be scolded? Be specific is your spanker male or female that makes a difference if you decide to role play. Also your behind is going to take a good stinging,so be prepared for that. Enjoy yourself! It's good you are fulfilling your fantasy. If you enjoy the after glow of the spanking maybe you will meet someone down the road who will share your spanking needs like me who has a wife who spanks .
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