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  1. Hello in Cincy.  I am a spanker in TN who travels, spent some time in OH in college and I do get through Cincy at times.  I would be interested to provide you with discipline or punishment scolding and spanking if we find a chemistry.  What are you looking for?

  2. It depends entirely upon the chemistry between the two persons.  Tears don't come necessarily from physical pain but rather the emotional response to pain when processed by the brain.  You can make someone cry just by scolding, having never laid a hand on the person.  But  you can bruise their butt all day and never get a tear either.  This is why I don't engage in 'judicial discipline' because that is supposed to be without emotional connection.  Tears come from the heart and soul.  If I care enough about the person to spank, then I hope that care connects enough to generate tears, generally from punishment rather than in a discipline context.  Tears are desired but not required in most situations of punishment.  If I am not getting tears, it may mean that I am not communicating, not connecting, and that has the danger of being causing harm.

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  3. Just introducing myself.  Been on this site less than a year, I do chat as well.  I provide discipline, punishment and funishment for ladies, women and girls whereever I travel.  Experienced, hands-on, and I know how to scold as well young lady.  Not into anything in the way of hardcore BDSM, rope, breath play, scat, cutting or masks.  Be well, be safe, behave.

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