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  1. On 10/18/2022 at 2:59 AM, Spankingmyhuby said:

    When I administer a spanking to my husband I do hand spank and use a implement. Which do you prefer being a spanker ? Spankees which do you prefer hand spanked or a implement used to spank you ? Myself and my husband definitely have a preference. What is your preference?

    MS L.

    Nice 👍🏼 topic, MS L. My wife takes a hairbrush to me every time she spanks me. She may use her hand to “get me glowing” but my bare bottom inevitably gets a good tanning with help from her little wicked wooden wonder. 😈

  2. 9 hours ago, Mystery Man said:



    The site was down for approximately 2 weeks due to a hardware failure. We've worked diligently to replace the affected system while ensuring that no data was lost. I'm pleased to say that we were successful. Thank you all for your patience, and most importantly, welcome back! :)


    Glad it is up and running again. Congratulations! 🍾 


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  3. My wife loves to take my pants down and spank me OTK. Then she doubles down on my humiliation. She spreads my cheeks once the spanking is over and she has set down the hairbrush. After a dab of lube, she inserts her middle finger up my ass as far as it will go. Up to my prostate. All the while, I remain turned over my wife’s knee. (🔴l🔴) 


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  4. My wife likes to scold me while taking my pants and underwear down to humiliate me before turning me over her knee. How far down they go is a rather inexact science with us but everything is exposed, every time. My drawers typically are at my knees. Occasionally I am told to strip for a spanking. In that case, instant sub space ensues. 

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  5. 7 hours ago, Spankingmyhuby said:

    Good hearing from you Gary. Yes I strongly approve of Steven wife removing his underwear before correction. My husband also has his panties removed by me ,but only first before they are properly warmed . Humiliation for misbehaving husbands should always be part of the spanking punishment. In most cases husbands have asked us to discipline them years ago one way or another and their must be a reminder, that we wives are in charge and discipline with a firm hand .          Good posts Gary and Steven.    Ms L 

    You honor me, Ms L and I sincerely thank you. Your husband must realize how blessed he is to have you for his wife and to spend so much quality time over your knee. ♥️

  6. On 3/2/2022 at 6:10 PM, StevenSampson said:

    When I’m waiting to be called into the living room and have my pants and underwear slowly taken down and then be put over my wife’s knee or made to lie down on the sofa or mattress my thoughts are “oh no… this is going to hurt so bad…”

    Your wife sounds like a genuinely strict lady and you are truly blessed to receive the benefits of her discipline. My compliments to you both! I especially love the part where she slowly takes your pants and underwear down before putting you over her knee. Your lady clearly believes in making the punishment as humiliating for you as possible. Got to say that I like her style, bro! 😎 

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  7. On 1/26/2022 at 7:53 PM, OhRedhead said:

    I am quite modest, but a spanking over panties would not have the same import. There is something critical to me about the embarrassment of panties coming down, even if I know what will be seen. It's a love/hate kinda thing.

    My Wife takes my pants down except for when she occasionally orders me to do it for her. She could care less about my modesty, that is for sure! Her sole objective is to turn me over her knee and spank my bare bottom the color of cherries with a hairbrush as she sits sternly in a straight-backed chair. 🪑 (🔴l🔴) 😈

  8. On 11/17/2021 at 1:28 AM, Spankingmyhuby said:

    After 20 years of marriage and giving my husband maintenance spankings which started when we were dating,I am a strong believer in their benefits for domestic discipline. First for the spankee who wants to be spanked,it gives them something to look forward to and for the spanker giving a spanking should be hard enough so they behave the rest of the week. I always administer a long hand spanking and paddle my husband with a small lexan paddle over my knee. By no means should a maintenance spanking ever be has severe as a true punishment spanking.Most recently I have increased the severity of his maintenance spanking and have seen a husband who definitely does not want one for the rest of the week. I definitely believe that yes a hand spanking foxy and a small paddle will reinforce who is charge in your marriage. Heavier implements I feel should be used for punishment only. Good topic foxy!                 Ms L.

    If I wasn’t already married to a lady who shares your philosophy, I would definitely be a strong believer after reading your comments, Ms. L. Beautifully said! 😍

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  9. 18 hours ago, countspankulot said:

    Unfortunately, I don't have good news to report. After being adamant about spanking me on Tuesdays for letting go of an easy money making opportunity, the first Tuesday came and went without a spanking. She told me that it's not happening today, but "it IS going to happen."

    That was a week and a half ago, and all the strict talk has disappeared as well. I guess she down shifted on her perspective.

    You may be surprised before long. Wives don’t forget, ever. I am optimistic for you! 

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  10. On 1/23/2022 at 10:27 AM, countspankulot said:

    I did try this. We both talked about memorable spankings she gave me in the past and how it made us both feel. While they were great conversation, not much seemed to change. But lately, my wife has started to become much stricter and plans on giving me a punishment spanking in a couple of days (and every Tuesday) due to commitment I let go that is costing us money.

    We'll see how it goes and whether she keeps up with this promise, but it really does seem like her attitude and commitment to spanking has changed. I think part of it has to do with her being less stressed over a family situation.

    Thanks again for the suggestion and the support from everyone. I'll keep you updated.


    I am very happy to learn of this positive shift in your wife’s perspective, Tom. Excellent! Yes, please keep us apprised. 🙌🏼

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