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  1. Long ago, my wife told me her goal for our marriage, psychologically speaking, was to train me to think of myself as perpetually turned over her knee with my pants down. For both of us, it is a cherished state of mind. To be sure, her goal has been achieved. Naturally, I would love to have actual spankings happen more often. A lot more often, actually. Nevertheless, I am grateful whenever it happens. Gary
  2. GaryMcKee


    My wife has the same attitude. She loves to humiliate me sexually so this fits right in, you might say. I’ve spent a lot of time over her knee with my pants down. My butt cheeks are right there, so why not? I’ll go for that every damn time. Gary
  3. I married a naturally dominant woman over 20 years ago and her authority remains firmly intact all these years later. I knew exactly what was up before we ever said “I do.” When we were still dating, my future wife had told me while looking me squarely in the eye that I could expect to be turned over her knee whenever she felt the need to do so. That has been House Rule #1 ever since. Nowadays, M’Lady will bring me up short with a provocative question: “Do I need to take your pants down, young man?” She is “er” and I am “ee” and we both know it. It’s amazing how much serious trouble has been avoided in our life together by way of her determination to discipline me when I need it.
  4. I’ve thought this over and I think the best approach is two-fold. First, talk to your wife about all the wonderful memories you have of being spanked by her. Go into detail. Recall as many spankings as you can. This will impress your wife. Tell her how much you love her for spanking you and how often your last thought at night is of being turned over her knee. Second, let your wife know that you trying hard to be a good boy for her. Ask, “Is that good enough? I want to please you and I definitely DON’T want to displease you.” In essence, you are a naughty boy who is trying to be good for her but unfortunately, you lack discipline. The dynamic between you will shift in the direction you desire. I wish you great success! 😍
  5. Wow, that means so much to me, Chawsee! I’m very grateful to you. ❤️
  6. Is there a mainstream movie with an erotic scene in which a woman spanks a man over her knee? I’d love to see that, especially a wife spanking her husband. Wow, that would be great!
  7. GaryMcKee

    Gary McKee

    F/m Spanking is my passion. My wife spanks me, but not nearly often enough.
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