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  1. I had a paid employee of my church tell me that I would look good bent over her kitchen table with a butt plug up my ass. I was very flattered but said my wife would never agree to that.
  2. Sounds good to me. The power dynamic is established from the beginning. Excellent! 😉
  3. My wife has shaped my way of viewing the larger world of men and women and how our own relationship would work ever since the night she told me I could expect to be turned over her knee anytime I got too far out of line with her. It was said to me as simply and unemotionally as could be, only minutes after she had spanked me for the first time. She had told me to take my pants down and get over her knee as she sat in a straight-backed ? and before long, I was checking in with her almost daily to see if she was pleased with my attempted improvements. I absolutely wanted this lady to myself forever. My future wife was characteristically very direct. “You haven’t been spanked enough yet. You are being a good boy because you were just spanked the other night. Let’s see how long the lesson takes to really sink in.” The “lessons” have been learned and relearned for the past 25+ years. My wife has not spanked the naughty boy completely out of me yet but my formerly proud male ego has been cut down to size, that’s for sure. Many pants-down discussions, conducted by M’Lady with increased virtuosity over the years and mostly over her knee, have made it so.
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