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  1. Welcome to the community! Have yourself a great time. I’ve found the people here friendly and knowledgeable; no doubt you will too. 😃 Gary
  2. Yes, indeed. When my wife tells me to bring a chair into the living room, then takes her seat and scolds me as she takes my pants down, you can bet there will be wood every time.
  3. Happy Birthday, Chawsee! I wish you Many Happy Returns and love, joy and prosperity top the list. You are much appreciated! 🥳


    1. Chawsee


      Very kind of you, Gary. Thank you! 

  4. Great question and one that, if answered in the affirmative, ought to appeal to her direct, Type A, no-nonsense personality. Certainly worth a try.
  5. Welcome to the community, buddy! I am in much the same situation as yourself. We are likeminded gentlemen. I don’t get the regular maintenance spankings that you do, unfortunately. You lucky 🍀 guy! I’m working on that. Have a great time on here. Members for the most part are friendly and supportive. I’ll follow you so we can stay in touch. One bit of free advice: you don’t need to use ALL CAPS. We can hear you just fine! 😆 Have a great day. Hope to chat with you soon. Gary
  6. Thank you for the welcome, too cheeky. I’m very happy here, feeling at home with likeminded folks. I met my wife at a typical social gathering and we hit it off right away. Looking back on it, there is a sense of destiny to it. She had a rather bossy attitude that turned me on and she seemed full of confidence. That never fails to attract me! We continue to flourish in our marriage all these years later, and I am blessed to be a spanked husband. I was told while we were just dating that I could expect to be turned over her knee whenever I get too far out of line with her. And my wife
  7. Your account of life at home is inspiring, sir. I congratulate you and your wonderful wife for co-creating a great dynamic and sound basis for a happier home. I am a spanked husband and consider myself exceptionally blessed. My wife has trained me well for a quarter-century along much the same lines as you describe (she favors the hairbrush) and she still considers me a work in progress. Sometimes all it takes is a few words to the wise; sometimes there needs to be actual consequences. Generally, the result is one of marital harmony.
  8. When you are safe and free to roam about once again, gentlemen, may I suggest that that you keep your roving eye in check? Ogling a lovely female bottom is responsible for a large percentage of the spankings I get from my wife. When she catches me lingering within view of a beautiful ass, my own butt is in trouble. When we get home, it is a given that, one way or the other, my pants are coming down. So watch it with the wandering eye, all you husbands and boyfriends! Or else be very, very discreet.
  9. I just saw your profile and am very happy for the opportunity to follow you. Have a great weekend! 😍


  10. It is not a problem for me because my interest here is simply in forming friendships with likeminded others. I advocate for consensual adult spanking whenever and wherever I can so it is always a pleasure to share experiences and insights. I am a devoted spanked husband as well, so no meetings are sought. I’ll chat with nearly anyone though. I do understand about age appropriate limits. I’ve also seen some unfortunate stuff communicated in the past. For that, I trust the admin folks to handle it their way. No need to be rude, ever. Thanks and spanks, Gary
  11. Welcome to the community, Ma’am! You’ll meet lots of friendly people here. The likeminded kind who understand us because they ARE us. Enjoy!


  12. As for myself, sure. Over the years, I’ve spent my share of time in the corner once my wife has concluded an old-fashioned bare-bottom spanking over her knee with a hairbrush. I stand for a reflective half-hour in the room where the spanking was administered, pants at my ankles. It adds to my humiliation and gives her the exquisite satisfaction of seeing her crimson handiwork on display. (🔴l🔴) Gary
  13. In Florida where I live, adult consensual spanking is a matter of personal preference. In fact, I’ve talked to local younger wives who confided their frustration over not being able to get a good spanking over their husband’s knee. The same applies to ladies I’ve known around the country. I don’t understand it given my predilection for the practice; in my case on the receiving end over my wife’s knee. Men under 45 typically are less inclined to give or receive spankings. A hundred guys may disagree with me but my conversations over the past 20 years or so with males and females alike have show
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