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  1. OTK for the hairbrush and bent over for the paddle or belt.
  2. When it happens (which has not been that often) I have to sit bare-bottomed on a pillow at the dinner table to prolong my humiliation. All that was missing was a dinner party! A guy can dream, I suppose. 😈
  3. Glad it is up and running again. Congratulations! 🍾
  4. My wife loves to take my pants down and spank me OTK. Then she doubles down on my humiliation. She spreads my cheeks once the spanking is over and she has set down the hairbrush. After a dab of lube, she inserts her middle finger up my ass as far as it will go. Up to my prostate. All the while, I remain turned over my wife’s knee. (🔴l🔴)
  5. A chair 🪑 and a hairbrush in the hand of a strict wife as I am turned over her knee, my pants having been taken down as she scolded me to initiate the sacred rite of my humiliation. This is the essence of my sexuality and the basis of my male identity. It is who I am.
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