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  1. When I repeat the punishable offense (which happens only occasionally), the severity of the spanking itself is the same. My wife turns me over her knee and takes a hairbrush to my bare bottom to suit herself regardless. A repeat offense makes it more likely however that I will receive an additional punishment: one of her favorites is taking my temperature and continuing to scold me after the spanking while I am still thus positioned. It is visually appealing to her and a convenient way to double down on my humiliation. Her approach works pretty well on this naughty boy although it is inevitabl
  2. You honor me, Chawsee. I will happily oblige in future posts. Life is an adventure or nothing at all, right? I am a blessed man for sure. Have a beautiful day! 😘 Gary
  3. I read a post elsewhere from a man in England who sought counseling with his wife. At one point, the therapist suggested that the Mrs. take her husband home and give him a firm spanking. The wife declined, pointing out that he wants exactly that and so she denies him what he most desires. There is logic to support her view. Denial is a powerful punishment in a domestic discipline context. I have been denied access to my wife’s Holy of Holies many a time as a punishment for my poor attitude or other bad behavior. Seldom, however, does the denial go without being preceded by an old-fashione
  4. When her man acts like a bad boy, it’s time to tan him good.
  5. I was a frustrated spanko except for one relationship with a woman several years older than me who saw me for what I am and turned me over her knee to show her dominance. Other ladies I dated had told me that I needed a good spanking; ultimately it took a special couple of women to follow through.
  6. Not totally but close enough, I would say. We have no children so exploring our FLR is a continuous experiment. I am not a slave per se but my wife is naturally dominant and enjoys keeping me in line with spankings and other activities that ensure my submission to her authority. Gary
  7. I will read it with much interest, Ms L. Being tardy and negligent about calling home has gotten me turned over my wife’s knee numerous times over the years. Those are the occasions when I finally show up and find her holding her hairbrush. “Bring a chair 🪑 into the living room and take your pants down” sets the tone for these disciplinary sessions. I get what I deserve. Gary
  8. It was not difficult once we realized that we had a lot in common and that we had a future as long as we kept honoring the dynamics of our relationship. It felt perfectly natural. I am very grateful to have met my soul mate. Actually, I didn’t believe in the concept until I met her.
  9. Thank you for sharing these remarkable experiences, Ms. L. I’ll look forward to reading more from you. I always do. Gary
  10. I just have to ask, Ms. L. What were the circumstances of your favorite such (🔴l🔴) occasion? It appears that you have several from which to choose! Gary
  11. I know that I was not the first errant boyfriend to receive her “special attention” because she told me so. I could have guessed as much given her confidence and determination in spanking me for various transgressions while we were still just dating. Yes, I am very blessed, my friend.
  12. Hi, Ms. L Thank you for replying. Yes, my wife uses a short paddle with holes drilled in it when some extra💥and 🔥 are deemed necessary. It is an effective implement for disciplinary purposes, as you might expect! Gary
  13. My wife texts me at work sometimes, saying “Don’t make any plans for tonight, mister. I’m taking your pants down when you get home.” She does this early enough so that I can’t stop thinking about it all day.
  14. Excellent! You are a Zero Tolerance spanking wife, Ms. L. Your husband knows thereby that strict accountability is unavoidable, anytime or anywhere. I truly admire you. 😍 Gary
  15. When he acts up, his pants come down.
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