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  1. Most times, my wife takes my pants down and turns me over her knee. I am told to strip occasionally when the lady of the house decides that I need an additional degree of humiliation.
  2. It is impossible for me to explain why, but I so love for my wife to take my pants down, turn me over her knee and spank my ass cherry red with a hairbrush.
  3. My wife prefers to make sure the reasons for disciplining me are clearly understood before and especially after the spanking, while I am still over her knee. Corner time or other punishments may follow. It is entirely up to her. Sex after a disciplinary spanking would never happen.
  4. I wish that I knew. They should receive credit. Glad you enjoy it!
  5. Welcome to you both! I certainly hope you enjoy your new adventure. Please keep us posted! ? Gary
  6. Long ago, my wife told me her goal for our marriage, psychologically speaking, was to train me to think of myself as perpetually turned over her knee with my pants down. For both of us, it is a cherished state of mind. To be sure, her goal has been achieved. Naturally, I would love to have actual spankings happen more often. A lot more often, actually. Nevertheless, I am grateful whenever it happens. Gary
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