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  1. Where there is a will, there is a way and a where. You and your wonderful wife can do this! Have a great time. 😈
  2. When my wife and I take road trips and drive along rural roads, sometimes a handsome woodshed stands sternly like a sentinel behind a family farmhouse. When we spot one, she reminds me how much she wishes we lived out in the country where there is fresh air, lots of room and one of those beauties, freshly painted a bright red. M’Lady tells me how much she loves the idea of taking me to the woodshed where I would be required to take my pants down and bend over for an old-fashioned strapping on my bare bottom. Truth be told, I’ve long desired that experience myself. I know what some of you are thinking. Be careful what you ask for, right? (🔴l🔴)🔥😈
  3. My wife never fails to spread my cheeks after a hairbrush spanking over her knee. She takes my temperature rectally when she feels the desire to intensify my humiliation. I know when it’s going to happen because she places a jar of Vaseline and the thermometer on a lamp table beside the chair in which I am going to be spanked. 🪑
  4. I am much the same way. My main issue (though a lot less so now than back when we were first living together) is my tendency to ogle lovely female bottoms. Over the years, most of that particular inappropriate behavior has been spanked out of me. There was a time though when my wife carried a wooden hairbrush in her purse wherever we went. She kept her eye out for places like family rest rooms, etc. in public areas where she could discreetly turn me over her knee and take the wood to my bare bottom if my wandering gaze warranted it. No time like the present was her motto. I have painfully learned to respect her a lot more over the years. I’m still not immune to temptation however, I have to admit.
  5. I feel ya, bro. I’ve had my pants taken down for the same reason more than a few times in 26 years of marriage. (🔴l🔴)
  6. Context is important between my wife and I. She will threaten to tan my hide, redden my cheeks or spank my bare bottom. Then spontaneously, she will tell me how much she loves to see my butt spread apart. All those words and phrases get worked into the dialog eventually. And questions are great for getting one’s attention. “Do I need to take your pants down, young man?” Gets me every time; so humiliating yet thrilling at the same time. 😈🔥👍🏼
  7. Many years ago, a girlfriend had enough of my little fit of road rage on a vacation. When we checked into a motel for the night, she told me off good and then ordered me to take my pants and underwear down and bend over the bed. I did as she commanded and had my own belt used on me to very memorable effect. I was a good boy the rest of the trip.
  8. My wife has shaped my way of viewing the larger world of men and women and how our own relationship would work ever since the night she told me I could expect to be turned over her knee anytime I got too far out of line with her. It was said to me as simply and unemotionally as could be, only minutes after she had spanked me for the first time. She had told me to take my pants down and get over her knee as she sat in a straight-backed ? and before long, I was checking in with her almost daily to see if she was pleased with my attempted improvements. I absolutely wanted this lady to myself forever. My future wife was characteristically very direct. “You haven’t been spanked enough yet. You are being a good boy because you were just spanked the other night. Let’s see how long the lesson takes to really sink in.” The “lessons” have been learned and relearned for the past 25+ years. My wife has not spanked the naughty boy completely out of me yet but my formerly proud male ego has been cut down to size, that’s for sure. Many pants-down discussions, conducted by M’Lady with increased virtuosity over the years and mostly over her knee, have made it so.
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