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  1. Thank you so much, my friend. I must never forget how very fortunate I am.
  2. “The jeans and undies come down right from the start.“ My wife would call those words to live by! I’ve been ordered by M’Lady to strip for a spanking when she wants to make a special point of humiliating me. Otherwise, she typically takes my pants and underwear down while scolding me and then turns me over her knee for a healthy dose of the hairbrush. That is her preferred method unless she chooses to make me take my pants down for her. Either way, the rule is always the same: when I misbehave, my pants will come down. Gary
  3. I must admit, that is quite often the case.
  4. Redden one cheek at a time. That’s how to do it! (🔴l🔴)
  5. As any strict lady can tell you, one of the best ways to tame a bad boy is to tan him good! 😈
  6. Welcome to the group! Lots of people and topics to enjoy here. Glad you found us!
  7. The first time, my future wife gave me a traditional OTK hand spanking. We quickly graduated to the hairbrush and that remains her implement of choice all these years later. When it pleases her (or is deemed necessary), a paddle with holes drilled in it is utilized to memorable effect. I have gotten a good tanning with my own belt on occasion as well. Gary
  8. Your authority is supreme, Ms. L, and a formidable power for any husband to face. This is the new wave of Domestic Discipline in action and my wife and I have fully participated for many years. Your approach represents a fundamental shift in marital dynamics, it seems to me. Good for you! As I am known to say, claim your power, ladies! The revolution begins with a beautiful empowerment of each awakened woman and the terms of surrender are soon established over her knee. As for accidents, maybe I’m just fortunate enough to not have them despite the fact that my penis is trapped snugly
  9. My wife texts me at work sometimes, early in the workday, listing my offenses and concluding with, “Don’t make any plans when you get home. You are going to be turned over my knee.” Of course, I am distracted all day afterward. Wicked Woman!
  10. Spanking to music is great! Do you have a personal playlist or else a favorite genre that typically accompanies a spanking?
  11. You two are well on your way! 😈
  12. I wish you great success, Summer. It is a thrill, isn’t it? 🥰
  13. I for one look forward very much to reading all about it! Behavior modification is a great blessing to both partners in a Wife-Led Marriage. I like to think that I am a better man for all the quality time I have spent over my wife’s knee. Her oft-repeated rule is, “If you are going to act up, I’m going to take your pants down.” Gary
  14. That was the glorious day your husband’s life was changed for the better. What a blessing! 😍
  15. A confident no-nonsense lady knows that the best way to handle her man is by being consistently strict with him. For many if not most of us guys have a devilishly naughty boy that lives and lurks within. We are endlessly capable of all manner of mischief. What we need therefore (and often crave) is old-fashioned discipline. Doesn’t it seem natural then that wives should bring a suitable attitude into the contract of matrimony? Empowered women make wonderful wives in any case, it’s true. In my own marriage, however, the unsurpassed virtue of domestic discipline as vigorously applied to my bare
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