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  1. On 1/4/2021 at 9:05 AM, Firmhandguy said:

    Hi, I have a lifelong fascination with discipline and correction. I love the formality and ritual of the Head teachers office and a girl (adult) in school uniform with a punishment slip in her trembling hand, knocking on my door after school has ended for the administration of the strap, paddle or cane over my desk after a warm up spanking. I love the heart in the mouth anticipation and scolding before the girl bends over. Happy to discuss other scenarios too. 

    An evocative scenario - girl distressed by the formality of the situation - embarrassed by the spanking - suffering from the physical chastisement.

    Add a thousand written lines and the girl will be truly sorry.

  2. Just joined....

    UK Male oop North - 60's

    My interests are mainly around institutional Corporal Punishment, school / reformatory / judicial. I also like thoughts about the punishment of celebrities.

    I have visited a number of Mistresses over the years, though I would prefer to inflict CP.

    Happy to chat to fellow Disciplinarians

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