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  1. jstorey36

    School CP
    For many in the UK who are are Corporal Punishment enthusiasts the school scenario is often synonymous with that  interest. Perhaps that interest grew from evocative memories......

    The classroom....

    A memorable Headmistress........

    The Strict School Teacher ready to instil discipline ......

    The uniforms..........

    The Rules.....

    The Discipline......

    And what tales those School Punishment Books could tell...

  2. jstorey36

    Corporal Punishment
    Corporal Punishment.... an evocative phrase conjuring up images from a spanked bottom, through school punishments to brutal judicial floggings.
    I am not sure what started my fascination with Corporal Punishment. Perhaps it was accounts in books such as Jayne Eyre and the harsh environment of Lowood School. I do not think I ever finished that book, I never got beyond Jayne Eyre being Birched.

    Jayne Eyre - Lowood School
    I think the first ever proper spanking I saw was in a film called 'Roots of Heaven' where a lady received a 'good hiding'

    Roots of Heaven
    I have a deep interest in the school setting, maybe it was seeing the St Trinian's films, and the tantalising glimpse of the cane, though sadly never used, that aroused those interests.

    The first time I realised I was not alone in my interest of spanking and Corporal Punishment was when I came across an American magazine called 'Sting'

    An then I discovered 'Janus'.  An UK magazine which often had a school theme. There were pictures and stories of schoolgirls being punished, as well as a letters section with some true life accounts. A new level of interest arose, and how I used to wait in those  pre-internet days for a month between issues.

    The fascination has been a lifelong interest
  3. jstorey36
    For many CP enthusiasts in the UK, punishments at school formed the start of the interest. Spanking was one method used, but the cane (particulary in England) and the tawse (particulary in Scotland), were other methods commonly in use.  As ones knowledge developed, it was realised that the paddle was used in US Schools
    A seminal work on the Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls is now online:
    The Corporal Punishment of Schoolgirls : Margaret Stone : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


  4. jstorey36

    Corporal Punishment
    The Birch is formed from binding together twigs or rods to form an implement for Corporal Punishment.
    Originally a prime implement of punishment in English schools, it was prevalent from the Middle Ages till Victorian times when it was replaced by the Cane.

    The Birch remained an implement for judicial punishment in the UK till 1948, being retained in the Isle of Man till 1976.

    There are two distinct types of Birch, a brush birch and the Manx birch. The 'Birch' does not necessarily need to be constructed from the birch Tree, other types of tree can be used. The concept being similar to the switch in the United States.
    A brush birch consists of a collection of twigs with the severity being determined by the size and weight of the birch. This was type typically used in schools.


    The Manx birch severity is more determined by the length and number of rods used. Manx refers to the Isle of Man, this type of birch being used for judicial punishment on the island. It has been likened to receiving 3 or 4 cane strokes all at once depending upon the number of wands used.


  5. jstorey36

    Corporal Punishment
    I discovered 'Janus' UK magazine which was a revelation. A magazine published in the UK which indicated that there were many others interested in Corporal Punishment, and  often  had a school theme. There were pictures and stories of schoolgirls being punished, as well as a letters section with some true life accounts. A new level of interest arose, and how I used to wait in those  pre-internet days for a month between issues.
    Janus was first published in 1971 under the title of 'Mentor'. It became 'Janus Mentor' in issue 5, then Janus. It must have been 1976 I first came across 'Janus' in a local newsagent.

    A visit to London gave the opportunity to visit the Janus shop, then located in Green Court, Soho.

    Janus Green Court
    The shop moved to 40 Old Compton Street, and whenever I was in London I would visit the shop. The magazines were available locally, however it was then the only place to purchase videos for the newest gadget, the video player. There were booths where you could view the videos, 

    At the end of 1980 the format changed and the previous Volume and Issue Number was replaced by continuous numbering

    The advent of the internet meant one did not need to wait a month to read about Corporal Punishment and see thousands of pictures could now be viewed. Similarly thousands of videos could be viewed on online. The final edition of Janus was published in 2007.
    Old Compton Street once the centre of the CP world was replaced by computers that could be accessed anywhere. The Janus Shop closed April 2011.
    Janus had made an essential contribution to those with an interest in Corporal Punishment for 40 years. The internet now provides so much. Though it is always good to see some of the old classic Janus pictures, the availability of thousands of images is so welcome. The internet also brought about  communities such as this one where like minded people can discuss the fascination of Corporal Punishment. 
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