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  1. My pussy gets wet thinking about it
  2. Play a daddy daughter rollplay..I come home from school and daddy says I hear you got in trouble today with your Smart mouth you know what happens now don't you..I say yes daddy he tells me to talk off my pants so I do and bent over his knees he starts to spank me real hard for awhile then pull down my Panties and starts again as I say no daddy please no then I say I hate you daddy then he gets the paddle and starts spanking me real hard and fast I start to kick my legs so he holds my legs down as he keeps on spanking me..then he rubs my bottom stands me up gets the switch bent me under his arm and starts to switch me fast as I try to get away then he bent me over the bed takes off his belt and starts to whooping me good for the longest time..the after he holds me
  3. Just want to have a men put me over his lap he pulls my Panties down and spanks me real good with his hand fast then gets the paddle and paddles me good as he holds my legs down then stands me up bent under his arm and starts to Switch me as I dance around then bent me over the bed takes off his belt starts to whoop me then after he hugs me rubs my bottom and kiss it then lays me down opens my lags and starts to lick and suck my pussy real good and long
  4. Never been spanked as adult but always thought about it ...thinking about it turns me onĀ 

    1. Geoffreaux


      Me too.

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