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  1. There are people everywhere, in every walk of life, who choose to wear blinkers and feel they have a mission to mould everybody they meet to fit with their mindset. There are also people who go out there, meet people as they find them, then respond as seems most fitting. In many instances, that means nothing comes of the encounter but, once in a while, the chemistry is there, no matter what stance the other person adopted initially. When that happens, two people have a new friend and both learn from the experience. They are all real people and, in this context, when spanking they are real ERs and when being spanked they are real EEs. Basically, we just need to live our lives as we feel is best and accord everyone else the opportunity to do the same.
  2. The acid test is whether or not the fact that we chat here is something that we can declare openly to our loved ones. I would love to be able to do just that, but I know that it is impossible, even though she knows of my love of spanking. I regard places like SN as a compromise for people in my situation, but I also still feel a bit uneasy about not being able to share this. Were I to withdraw totally from all spanking-related themes, I think I would find that very painful. It is a dilemma and I suppose I have resolved it somewhat selfishly. Guilty as charged!
  3. It is a very strange form of loneliness, one that I would describe as 'isolation', in that we are cut off from a Community of like minded people by social circumstances and attitudes. I have no reason whatsoever to be lonely, being married very happily to a girl who is my dreams come true, but still I feel that deep, intense longing to be mentally close to a special friend, not for the purpose of infidelity but, as others have said, to feel that sense of identification with others who feel as I do about something that takes up a lot of brain time. The bond between spankos can be very tight indeed - and mutually beneficial, even if the two people concerned never meet in real life. In many ways, this is one reason why I feel indebted to SpankingNeeds and to the one other site to which I susbcribe. I am able, to a degree, to draw close to other spankos.
  4. I think you sound perfectly normal, ukspanko. To care about young people without any ulterior motive is more than normal, it is the decent thing to do, as people helped us when we were younger. In some ways, maybe more so for those of us who have not contaminated the gene pool, looking out for the best interests of our younger colleagues simply shows that we have that 'parenting' instinct, even though it has never been put into practice in real life. I work with a lot of girls in their late teens and twenties and am very fond of some of them. Watching a young person gaining confidence and beginning to flourish is just a delight. If, in helping them, we are creating better prospects for them in their future lives, what is there about which we should feel ashamed. You are right to display sincere caring behaviour towards them. :)
  5. Beautiful derrière
  6. A good slippering or a session under a gym shoe (plimsoll) was very common in my early life. This I know from experience. As to the severity, there was no mistaking the results of such spankings for quite a while afterwards.
  7. Interestingly, the Housemaster often said 'I'm going to beat you' when announcing the sentence as we attended at lunchtime to report various misdemeanours. Most would end up with lines on paper, but some ended up with lines across the miscreant's behind. The entire process was highly ritualised, but this was not a liturgical process, simply custom and practice that had been around for generations and had acquired ritual status. As the recipient of that 'I am going yo beat you' information on many an occasion, I can assure readers that it was definitely a beating that was given later that day, evidence of which was around for several days, even weeks. Not an enjoyable experience at all.
  8. One of the high spots in my spanking life was when I was asked by a newbie to give her the first spanking of her life. She took it well and then asked me to 'take her there'. I knew exactly what she meant and her body language made for a most powerful erotic event for both of us, but not 'all the way' if you follow my meaning!
  9. I do love to give a spanking, very much so, but the thing that really floats my boat is that a spankee wants to be across my knee and to take a good firm spanking. That is definitely a prime mover for me and always will be. Nice to hear Lilcutie's very open expression of her needs. Thank you.
  10. This is a strange world where fantasy and reality overlap, sometimes in beguiling ways. Many of us, particularly men, I think, have a worrying tendency to see what we want to see rather than what is actually there in front of us. As with all things in the virtual world, it pays to have one's guard in place, but also to be prepared for real surprises! This I know from happy experience. Decide what we want from our time here and then live by those aims, preferably with all brain cells actively engaged! It's a great place with a potential to be very beneficial from time to time. So nice to hear of the positive things that came from an online encounter.
  11. Maybe, since you seem to know one another well, just follow your instincts. It may just happen one day that you will find that your mind has changed, but that needs to happen of its own accord. You are so right that you are in control. The fact that you actually talk with each other about these things bodes well. The minor details will ultimately take care of themselves as your relationship progresses. Best wishes to you both Nick
  12. Maybe just take a short while aside to let your mind and feelings settle down, SassyMissy, then dip your toe back in the water again. It may feel a lot more comfortable next time you do that I suppose the most important thing to remember is that SassyMissy is the person who has the final say as to what happens in her life. If anyone tries to dislodge her from that right, maybe they need to be given a wide berth. You never know who is round the next corner. Let optimism reign. Very best wishes Nick
  13. I have heard from quite a few people that their spanking partners were quite different from how they had imagined they would be. It appears that the great imponderable and unpredictable - inter-personal chemistry - often pulls surprises on us!
  14. I have often felt that guilt is like a corrosive disease of the mind and I know that for SOME people, a spanking marks closure of an issue, something that can eliminate that guilt. Ultimately, my guess is that, since you clearly accept this and all that it involves, go for it - but carefully! However, I do feel that it needs to be thought through thoroughly, lest guilt be compounded by a complication arising from the spanking - resentment, bitterness, a sense of unfairness. Spanking for play doesn't really take a great deal of thought, just a bit of care and common sense, but spanking for this purpose is a different kettle of fish altogether. I really hope that this works for you.
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