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  1. I have a day on my own today and would love to be spanked. Could anyone help out? You can text me on 07500 556375
  2. As I live in a female led relationship, my wife always gives me notice that I am to be punished. This notice provided is always outside of the end of the month spanking. She will announce in the morning that I am to spend the day naked and under chastity conditions so I don't relieve myelf. She will then also advise me what time she will find me and because I own the farm its not a problem for her making sure I spend a productive day being naked. My wife likes the control she has over me and the fact that even now, after all these years, I still find it humiliating spending the day ready especially when sometimes her sister will "pop over". She and her sister have always been close and share everything including updates on my conduct.
  3. Being the last day of the month, my wife always spanks me at some point and today is going to be no different. I came downstairs at 6.45 and as I came into the kitchen I saw my chastity cage by the kettle and then my wife told me to put it on and to prepare for a spanking by spending the day naked and to wait for her to come home from work. So, she has gone to work with the key and as I write this, I am sitting at the breakfast bar naked feeling a little bit cold having just gone out to the garden for a cigarette. Being the 30th day I am to receive 30 bruising swipes of the wooden paddle she left on the breakfast bar.
  4. Gary has told me that the order he placed for new underwear is ready for collection today and that I am to wear a pair and then meet him this afternoon. Trepidation mixed with excitement. What to do, what to do? I guess I have to follow orders.
  5. After the initial punishment with the shorts down but over my pants i was given corner time standing in only my pants, vest and shirt. Needless to say, after corner time the pants came off and my bottom was left extremely warm and red
  6. I suspect you could be right because I do hate them but if Sir requires them, who am I to argue
  7. I have been told by my Headmaster that fromm now on he requires me to wear this type of yfront underwear. What do folks out there think of these? SD_03_T14_7022D_Z0_X_EC_0.webp
  8. Needless to say, the shorts did not remain around my waist for long as the Headmaster pull them down for a better effect. He also told me afterwards that he prefers is boys to wear mesh yfronts and not the classic cotton briegs.
  9. Today allows a meeting to be planned with my Headmaster to review my conduct. First time in 40 years I have worn a school uniform.
  10. I am the house husband. For example today I have cleaned everywhere, changed the bedding and washed everything. I really like my wife being in charge and doing what I am told. It works well. As for otk spanking, no. She always like to discipline me as a formal punishment. Wednesday was over the breakfast bar most mostly she puts me over a spanking bench that I built a long time ago.
  11. I shall talk to my wife who is the boss and ask her what she thinks about me trying some panties. She has never discussed with me about wearing panties as she likes me in classic Jockey's. I shall raise the question when she gets back from shopping.
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