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  1. Thanks for asking! The shorts (and boy’s underpants) come down, actually off.
  2. i respectfully agree. How far down for me is all the way down —- and off. And there is good humiliation in being told to strip, with the trigger words being “Pull down your pants.”
  3. Consistency is helpful to me in maintaining a sweet and submissive attitude. My daily maintenance spanking is administered at almost exactly the same time each weekday and does not vary in method, implements, duration, or intensity. The timing varies on weekends but otherwise the spanking is the same. i find that consistency reassuring, to know what to expect.
  4. my Dom Husband has me present myself in a schoolboy uniform of white polo shirt, skin-tight thigh-length khaki shorts, and calf-length black socks.
  5. Although i’m unclothed for the spanking, the color of my underpants is white lace panties with a pink bow.
  6. The trigger phrase my Dom Husband uses is “pull down your pants,” which means not only pants but underpants, socks, and shirt, as i am spanked nude. He will use the phrase not just immediately before spanking, but sometimes earlier, to foreshadow, as in “When we get home, you’re going to pull down your pants.”
  7. In my case, it is the preparation for spanking that is humiliating: undressing in front of my Dom Husband and having His commentary on my small equipment in front and butt in back. Then the spanking itself is purely the pain, the physical sensation, with my mind cleared of any thought of humiliation.
  8. Thank you! my daily maintenance spankings are used to help *keep* my attitude sweet and submissive, but not to *cause* it to be that way. i am naturally submissive, a good match to my Dom Husband. There is no coercion with the spankings. Other kinds of punishment are corrective rather than coercive.
  9. i agree! for me, spanking has an element of age regression. But i know from talking to others that spanking in their adult age can have no element of age play whatsoever.
  10. Probably cornertime, which for me is facing outward toward my Dom Husband nude in parade rest position, legs spread wide to expose how small hung i am and arms spread wide to expose lasered hairless underarms.
  11. Crying is neither desired nor permitted by my Dom Husband. Thankfully, i am allowed to moan during the portion of my spanking that is caning of the crack and hole.
  12. Dual tight thongs, the backstraps of which act as a harness for my plug. On top of those, Maidenform lace panties.
  13. 1 masochist. 3 giving up control. 4 existential guilt. 6 echos of childhood experience. Added: desire to remain sweet and submissive to my Dom Husband.
  14. Are your spankings measured by count (number of strokes) or time (duration of spanking), or neither? i’m spanked 30 minutes daily, by duration and not number of strokes. i have tried to count strokes by always end up absorbed by the experience and lose count.
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