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  1. The phrase i always heard growing up and now today for adult spanking is “pull down your pants,” which means pants and underpants both down to ankles.
  2. i thank Zhal for kindly capturing my feelings in better words than i could write. i feel cared for when spanked, grateful for the time and concentration of my Husband, who never spanks carelessly. i also feel stressless afterwards, cleansed of the transgressions and bad attitude of the past.
  3. Bare. i’m diapered, and spanking through the padding of a diaper wouldn’t have much impact 🙂
  4. Agreed, more swats with a lighter implement. my Husband uses a wooden spoon and makes up in repetitions for its relatively light heft.
  5. i’m in an ABDL onesie, unsnapped at the crotch and pulled to my midriff, nude below the waist (diaper off).
  6. hungsmall

    M/M DD

    Hello! i’ve been lurking and chatting for a while. Gay male sub in M/M DD relationship. Interested to chat / exchange messages with all, gay or not gay, especially male subs. Thanks to all, particularly those who chatted or messaged me. Much appreciated!
  7. Thank you, i can see the distinction you make. i'm in a M/M relationship with DD. i am accountable for certain specific household chores, personal hygiene, and services, transgressions of which are payed for. i call that the punishment aspect of my spankings. But i am also accountable for disposition, to maintain a sweet personality and submissive demeanor. Failures here are more general and lead to what i call the maintenance aspect of my spankings. Thank you, that is how my daily spankings feel: like preventive medical treatment.
  8. i’m not figged, plugged, or penetrated during the spanking but put into diaper position (from OTK) toward the end so my Husband can spank the crack and hole with the wooden spoon.
  9. We had high hopes for capsaicin, that it might provide a nice multi-hour post-spanking heat. But on my skin, even the high-strength 0.1% formulation faded after a couple of hours. i guess my little butt is just not very sensitive to it. Definitely worthy of respect and extreme caution for effect on anus and genitals, though. Hours of real pain.
  10. Tears, as much from humiliation as pain. i have cloth in mouth to chew on during spanking and to muffle, but what i am trying to say is please, please, please, over and over again.
  11. Much agree, thanks. i’m consensually diapered 24/7 except for the daily spanking. Diapers contribute significantly to regression and submissiveness.
  12. Thanks, good question! ER is in kitchen chair, i’m across both knees head to His left (He’s right-handed), wrists loosely bound together to keep me from reaching behind, arms resting on an ottoman to carry upper body weight, wearing a onesie unsnapped at the crotch and pulled up to my midriff, diaper on the ottoman in front of my face.
  13. Even when i have a rare day with no infractions to give specific reasons, i get a maintenance spanking, which might seem like for no reason but the reason is to keep my attitude adjusted.
  14. Wooden spoon, just the right size and weight to give my Husband excellent control. A plus that wooden spoon was also used on me when growing up.
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