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  1. Just the plain wooden spoon my Husband uses. He has gouged it so the spanking surface is rough. It’s just the right size and weight for His hand when spanking the butt, and the rounded end is the perfect shape for spanking the hole.
  2. As the EE, i do. The trigger words my Husband uses to signal the start of the spanking are the same as from childhood, “pull down your pants.” That means pants and underpants, and not just pulled down but removed.
  3. As a submissive, and with a butt built to take a spanking, i am naturally and gratefully an EE.
  4. Yes, with a wooden spoon, as a adjunct to butt spanking, afterward. i am impotent so never hard, no danger.
  5. We have just the one, the same wooden spoon for years. It took several trials to get just that right combination of size, weight, length, and shape. We’ve tried other impact implements experimentally, but nothing else matched my Husband’s desires for fit in His hand, controllability, and level of result. The spoon is also ideal for the anal spanking because the rounded shape of it perfectly matches the target area.
  6. For my Husband and myself, anal spanking is done with a wooden spoon and me in diaper position. It differs from a typical butt spanking (which, in my case, it accompanies) in that the target is the anus. i can echo the comment above about caution higher in the crack and toward the tailbone; my Husband stays safely away from that zone.
  7. In concert with @StrictGent and @rubyredd and @Bramblewine, i think the element of consent would be paramount in this case.
  8. i would like to echo @KentuckyGuy —- the physical intimacy of the contact in the OTK position, the visual intimacy of my naked form being seen by my Husband, and the caring as my butt and hole are worked to a point just shy of crying. There is also a relationship intimacy of a shared daily experience and ritual.
  9. Thank You for Your thought, that is exactly the distinction maintained by my Husband and i. We migrated from a mostly punishment regimen, which had a lot of rules and some record-keeping of transgressions, to a discipline model with an emphasis on code of conduct. i get a daily moderate discipline maintenance spanking that keeps me aligned and away from transgressions. Only a repeated transgression is punished, and then strongly.
  10. my maintenance spankings are with a wooden spoon, a little more than 20 minutes on the butt, then a few on the hole, of very moderate intensity, daily. As a previous writer said, these are almost the backbone of the relationship. They clear the air of any lingering issues and clear my mind.
  11. The phrase i always heard growing up and now today for adult spanking is “pull down your pants,” which means pants and underpants both down to ankles.
  12. i thank Zhal for kindly capturing my feelings in better words than i could write. i feel cared for when spanked, grateful for the time and concentration of my Husband, who never spanks carelessly. i also feel stressless afterwards, cleansed of the transgressions and bad attitude of the past.
  13. Bare. i’m diapered, and spanking through the padding of a diaper wouldn’t have much impact 🙂
  14. Agreed, more swats with a lighter implement. my Husband uses a wooden spoon and makes up in repetitions for its relatively light heft.
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