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  1. Definitely a great DD practice! I would love a session like that.
  2. I've gotten everything from giggles, to glares to lectures when I had to tell the salesperson that the panties were for me and that I was getting a spanking.
  3. One of my favorite ways to be spanked. Love to be warmed up with panties on, knowing that they will eventually come down and my bare bottom is really in trouble.
  4. I've had a couple of EE's that enjoyed an audience. Always at home, but very willing to get spanked in front of our guests. As a switch, I've often thought about receiving the same, having others watch while I get spanked would definitely up the humiliation factor. The context is all-important, would be OK at a spanking party or if your witnesses were also into the scene.
  5. Nice perspective. I'm primarily the ER, but occasionally need to be the EE. Not submissive, but need to be able to cede control and feel the burn on my own bottom.
  6. NE GA, definitely in need of a warm bottom.
  7. NE of ATL, in need of a good spanking.
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