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  1. I too experience the same thing on many sites. I came to the conclusion that I am looking for a unicorn, and just hope to chat with someone friendly.
  2. There seems to be more real people here. I too have experienced multiple phony profiles. I think that I have had some real conversations on this site. Still, I have yet to find anyone that seems interested. That leads me to the inevitable conclusion, that it must be me. Disappointing as this may be, I have to be OK with that. There is a lot of competition for available ladies, and I am sure that they are frustrated as well by the many suitors that are peacocking for their attention.
  3. It has always been sexual for me. That does not mean that It always leads to coitus, but for me, it is still sexual.
  4. I also came to the conclusion that the human interaction and the emotional connection is a big part of what I desire, so I have never really explored it further. There is nothing wrong with making yourself happy, and self fulfilling your own needs. But in the end, I have found that in doesn’t cure being lonely.
  5. I bought one several years ago. I have never found it to be very useful. I haven’t really spent much time with it though, to be fair. I have the same machine, and the same issue. I didn’t have a heavy enough table for it so it just wobbled around. Maybe someday I will play with it again. 🤔
  6. I bought one several years ago. I have never found it to be very useful. I haven’t really spent much time with it though, to be fair.
  7. Ruby has awesome questions. I have tried on fetlife as well. It seems really cliquey. Thank you guys for the suggestions. 😁
  8. I have never gotten to the point that I believed that anyone who seemed slightly interested was even real. They start asking for money/gift cards, bank information, and send me pictures that they have cut and pasted from porn sites. Maybe I have just been unlucky. I knew that there would be some of this, but %99.99999? Good Luck, and be very careful. 😁
  9. That does sound like a difficult problem. I wish I had some helpful advice to offer. I too have had difficulty trying to find anything that seems safe, and logical. I do wish you luck. I think the best advice would be to trust your instincts.
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