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  1. That does sound like a difficult problem. I wish I had some helpful advice to offer. I too have had difficulty trying to find anything that seems safe, and logical. I do wish you luck. I think the best advice would be to trust your instincts.
  2. My name is Jeff. My nickname was Jeffro. Like Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hillbillies. Because I was relatively large and could eat a lot. When the internet came around, I tried to use it as a screen name but it was already taken. I tried 5 or 6 iterations of the spelling until I came upon “Geoffreaux “. I also liked it because I felt it reflected my French heritage.
  3. Good for you. Health is a ongoing mission. I wish you the best of luck. 😁
  4. That was my main concern from the beginning. I’ve experienced this dynamic before on Facebook. Many men, next to zero women. That is not something I would be interested in. 😁
  5. Do you have to cut and paste to quote? I tried to hit quote button, didn’t seem to work. Sorry.
  6. I have always been a bit apprehensive. I’m trying to be a little more of an extrovert. I have already survived several blackmail attempts. When I first discovered this community, I thought it was such a great idea. There seems to be many wonderful people here. My other experiences have been less than positive. Like other areas in life, a few self-important idiots, can ruin what could be a beautiful thing. ☹️😢
  7. Wow! I just came across this thread. Makes me even more skeptical about talking to anybody. ☹️😢
  8. FORGOT again to add a word SORRY 😁
  9. Belt reddens undressed spanked hiney.
  10. We seemingly have very similar goals. Sadly, I have no advice to offer, as I have had zero luck making any progress towards the realization my my own interests. I do wish you the best of luck. My only caveat would to be very careful, and stay safe! 😁
  11. I’ve broached this subject several times with so called dommes. Even though I have always explicitly stated that I am not interested in anything financial, some still try to demand a tribute, or other such nonsense. My answer has always been, that my submission IS my gift. Some people do not accept a polite “NO”, for an answer. Like someone posted previously, just because I believe my self to be submissive, does not make me stupid, nor does it make me a pussy. I do not wish to waste anybody’s time. I just wish that others would show me the same consideration. I am not one to judge anyone’s particular kink. No one can help what they’re into. What ever floats your boat. I know what I want, and if our wants/needs are not compatible, that is ok too.
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