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  1. Wow! That sounds like a fun evening! 😁
  2. Hello, and welcome. 😁
  3. The internet was cool when it was a bunch of computer nerds. Now with every 5 yr old monetizing their twerk channel, not so much.
  4. That does sound nice, but if other sites are any indication, it would devolve into a bunch of lonely, horny dudes, and flagrant professional sex workers. Great in theory, but probably not practical in reality.
  5. I have tried to make the point that the gift of submission is the gift. It has never been well received, as it’s usually in response to a demand for a tribute. 😁
  6. I think there are more men looking for a spanking than there are women willing to spank them. Supply and demand explains the huge number of professional dominatrixes. This is just my opinion/observation. I do not wish to start an argument. 😁
  7. Hello, and welcome.😁
  8. Sorry, saw QWERTY, couldn’t get typewriter/keyboard out of my mind.
  9. Queen wants everlasting real typewriter
  10. One mans porn, is an other mans art. Putting it in the pejorative doesn’t make it any less so. IMHO
  11. You seem polite, you at least acknowledged them. I have found no consistency.
  12. Well said, I wish you luck.
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