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  1. Ms. Bee

    Your family can’t hold your hand or even see
    you through doors of glass.
    I was so lucky to have met you,
    Watching and caring for you before you pass.

    you were the best of my shift every night,
    i had such hope that every thing was going to be all right.
    Your lungs were on fire, and you were struggling for air,
    Was I able to comfort and show i did care.

    Watching you suffer caused a pain within my heart,
    People just does see I am falling apart.
    When I get dressed for work, for me it’s not just a job,
    When I lose another patient, it’s in my car that I sob.

    i guess i will smile and pretend I am inhuman, don't giving any a clue,
    that with your and every death that I witness, a part of me dies too.
    You were like my Grandma, crying wanting to see your son,
    with all hope of ever seeing him again undone.

    Your body was hurting, and my heart it aches,
    As I seen the fear that was across your face.
    I know when I touched you, I touch you with gloves,
    But underneath there are hands touching you with love.

    i hope you knew you weren't fighting alone,
    After each shift I was taking you home.
    Now in heaven, your spirit is free.
    When your not comforting your son,
    remember the nurse that loved you, me.

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    2. Ms.Mary


      Chtissyy this is so beautiful! You have a loving, caring heart.❤❤❤🧡

    3. sweetpea


      Thank you for sharing this is beautiful. 

    4. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      ❤️  Beautifully written, touched my heart... 

  2. Doesn't seem you're having much luck Sis.
  3. MilkandCookies.jpg

    1. sassylittle
    2. sassylittle


      Is Grand-ma ready for Easter? I'm just about ready for Pesach. I will get the perishable stuff Thursday morning. Lots of cooking on Friday. I'm struggling to find kosher Balsamic vinegar. I want to do roast garlic mushrooms, in a balsamic sauce, as one of the side dishes. I can make balsamic with red wine vinegar and sugar so hoping if I still can't find any, that I can get some kosher red wine vinegar! Are you back home yet? Hope Grand-ma is well and big hugs from her grand baby😀

  4. Agree make a person earn your trust.
  5. Sounds like you are did a good job.
  6. ~proud smile~ That's my grandbaby girl. You tell them.
  7. The new faith based profile photograph isn't appropriate on an adult site.


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    2. Child of Light

      Child of Light

      Maybe take your suggestions to PM?

    3. Oldbrat


      @Child of Lightthis should stop any conflict, present or future.

    4. MsChrissy


      @Oldbrat Less controversial. Thank you

  8. Work is calling.

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    2. MsChrissy



      I bet he came back with some inappropriate comments. -ggls-

    3. sassylittle


      Nah, he was very polite.

    4. MsChrissy


      polite, he must be out of Top brain and back to spankee mindframe.

  9. Time to get ready for work.

    1. Ms.Mary


      Be safe Sis you are in my prayers.

    2. MsChrissy


      Thanks, you're in mine also.

  10. I was actually looking for one to gift to a lady I thought about visiting.
  11. Showing @sassylittlewhat she needs
  12. You would need what I am buying for my boy.
  13. Maybe you should invite David to try when he visits down south. -ggls-
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