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  1. Interesting. It would work for me, but interesting. So are saying your last relationship, she should have just beat your rear-end?
  2. Your not alone. There are times even a Domme considers being being spanked when She screws up.
  3. Hope Atlanta isn't too bad.

    Photo: grandmaWW81215 GhostHugSD | :::... WW81215.Ghost Hug SNAGables  ...::: album | SunnyD57 | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.

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    2. MsChrissy
    3. SJE


      Both of you

    4. MsChrissy


      SJE, why thank You. Nice to meet you.

  4. Now in Atlanta

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    2. sassylittle


      @MsChrissyΒ They aren't getting laid enough. Dr's need nurses to wear them out in ways my innocent little mind doesn't comprehendπŸ€ͺ

    3. MsChrissy


      From this old broad's understanding, men in general need to have someone wear them out, and I do Not mean getting laid.


    4. NeedDiscipline1
  5. So a man need his bare rear-end spanked. A man has stress like us gals. That does not make a man a wimp, submissive or anything other than a man that needs stress removed. Whether it be getting spanked by a female or even getting spanked by another man. If it is another man that is apply does not make the man gay either. I have spanked both men and women. That does not make me a lesbian, bi or bi-curious. What does being assisted have to do anything to with anything other than that. Luckily my hubbi is submissive though.
  6. Just don't let it touch the genitals or rectum. I accidentally put it on to thick on my boi the first time and it ended up being far more painful than I intended and in areas I never intended. Trust me, do thinly apply, do not shower or use water, cold milk.
  7. Thinly applied Capsaicin cream is very effective on the extrnal skin. You will need a cold rag that has absorbed ice cold milk milk to remove the cream when finished.
  8. There may some who understand? It is mot something that is sexual for me. Maybe because I am an old witch. It is not a sexual thing for me. Though it is wonderful emotionally satisfying when I spank my husband. Spanking may be a start point for sexual excitement for the younger kids. Spanking for me with my husband is thrilling to me because it is a love and trust dynamics that is satisfying. There is nothing more satisfying than being trusted enough to enforce behavior. Their is nothing more gratifying that seeing my man being obedient and accepting my authority is heaven. For me this is more
  9. The hospital are allowing me a compassionate visit. Only I'm allowed to go but that's so nice of them seeming as lots can't because of covid. I like it when Dr's break the rulesπŸ˜ƒ

  10. Kiddo thought Grand-ma might like a picture of her Grand daughter. I was a good little girl and cleaned my halo first🀣

    sweet girl cartoon photo: Cute Angel CuteAngel.gif Sweet Angel GIF

  11. As a Christian Mommy Domme that has a Consensual non-consent arrangements with my boi, I can't see how I could damage crack a rip, when beating his rear-end.
  12. bakery-style-chocolate-chip-cookies-1200

    1. sassylittle


      Thanks Grand-maπŸ˜ƒΒ Huggggsss

      Image result for hugs grandma cartoon gif

  13. bakery-style-chocolate-chip-cookies-1200

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    2. Ms.Mary


      grammar? And in. She is precious.

    3. michgal.k



    4. michgal.k


      Especially this one. My mija is very loved and corrected but still very m8schevious


      Yes I am. And I've been told I'm a handful too. I'm sure M will take any/all the help she can get!


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