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  1. I rather enjoy the "choice" head game. My ER will do this to me by presenting 2 equally painful options and will observe as my mind goes through the torment of playing out each option in my mind. The "choices" always play out harsh in my imagination which only increases my nervous anticipation and really gets me into a great sub space. I employ this same "choice" method on certain of my EE's when appropriate for them.
  2. Great job hun! Looks like you and @josieb33 had a fun time. I cannot wait to come over tomorrow and be over that spanking bench once again 😍... see you then Babe 😘
  3. Yeah except for old spudsy was pm'ing me on the chat board to ask for very detailed descriptions of my spankings and when he was denied he decided to retaliate because... well that's what abusers do when women don't give them what they want... good riddance spuds and to the other accounts you sign on as.
  4. Get the picture spudsy! No one wants to PM with you... stop retaliating when we deny you... you clearly have issues with women that are frankly disturbing for someone who solicits on a site to spank women. RED FLAGS!
  5. I am with MaryJo ! There is a certain someone on this thread who for the last 24 hours has spent a lot of time stirring up controversy on the threads here...
  6. OMG! I was just there on that bench in front of that mirror last weekend! It was amazing! Being tied down and feeling so "helpless" while I watched SpankingBanker punish me was sooo hot! And speaking of hot... I am still pleasantly sore 5 days later 🙃😍 buying one this month for my own spankings of other girls.
  7. Hi girls! Joined this site at my mentors recommendation. I am experienced providing discipline and spanking for females! Looking to get started again after taking a break. I also provide mentorship and guidance for you girls who are new to this. Looking forward to making spanking friends. Females only!
  8. One of my ee's had admitted to me that she wanted me to take her rectal temperature during her discipline sessions once I told her I am in the medical field... Is this a common wish for you? It had never occurred to me until she mentioned it.
  9. For me it depends on my mood and how visually excited I am when I spank my girls. I also consider either way a crucial part of setting the mood along with building up anticipation and scolding. Whether I remove her panties or she does herself I require a slow and steady removal with me eyes on her eyes or her private area to demonstrate dominance... my disciplinarian does the same with me.
  10. 🤗  Hello Sir!!!

    I finally joined the site after you recommendations!

    I'm sooo happy you have agreed to see me again after my "break" from spanking.  My ass STILL stings deliciously since our Saturday session.  I will text you a photo.  And that spanking bench 🤩  OH MY GOSHNESS!!!  I can't get that bench and your strap out of my mind!  Your spankings have been "sorely missing" from my life 😜... corny pun intended!

    Girls, if you are looking for a safe bona-fide expert disciplinarian this is the one!!!  Just don't dare take my time slot.

    1. SpankingBanker


      Well its about time you joined young lady... I've only been recommending for 4 years now lol.  

      I am very glad you reached back out to me and we could arrange a session so soon.  Also happy to hear you still have your stinging and marks as a "souvenir"😉.  Looking forward to our next session!

      Ladies, if you need a female disciplinarian and are anywhere near the Philadelphia area then you must contact MissNikki.

    2. MissNikki


      Thank you for your endorsement Sir!

      I am available to spank girls who are in search of a female disciplinarian.  I am ER to females and EE to the SpankingBanker only. 

      I'll text you later Sir with my availability once I find out this afternoon.  I can't wait to be on that bench again 🤩


  11. I love when anticipation builds by scolding, or a delayed time being forced to by my Sir, or forcing my spankees to get into certain positions or stand in a corner as I walk around them... my loud heels tapping my implements in my hand. I can feel my heart beat throughout my entire body as the anticipation builds and I notice the same when I spank.
  12. My disciplinarian is a master at scolding. I find its crucial to really set the mood for me. I have learned to scold when I spank all thanks to him. Now I don't feel like its an effective without scolding.
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