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  1. Thanks, I actually need that reply. Seriously thank you
  2. Hugz

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    2. Oldbrat


      @sassylittle Not you.    👼

    3. sassylittle


      Take note, brat. Me=

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  3. The new faith based profile photograph isn't appropriate on an adult site.


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    2. Child of Light

      Child of Light

      Maybe take your suggestions to PM?

    3. Oldbrat


      @Child of Lightthis should stop any conflict, present or future.

    4. MsChrissy


      @Oldbrat Less controversial. Thank you

  4. You would hope so. If it is a sincere request. But those type of relationships are more rare than F/m spanking relationships.
  5. Favorite drinks are Screwdriver, whiskey sour. However, need spanked when give serous concentration on it to keep my sobriety. March 22 I get 32 year medallion.
  6. Any DD Relationship is between them. A DD Relationship is stronger. There is no secrets on each others needs, wants or desires. Purer communication. Honest communication. Which builds trust. Without that trust is there truly love? If you can attach your faith into, wonderful. I have written about DD and Faith, both male and female led. They main thing is communication and trust.
  7. "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." -Aristotle

  8. I am not offend as Disciplinarian or one being Disciplined.
  9. You not the only one. I think there should be a separate category for simple spankees who are not a submissive. I am not a submissive nor slave. I don't consider the need to be spanked as a submissive act. By contrast for myself, it is a need for sobriety and PTSD. At least for me it is therapeutic. I see Spanking Therapy the same as P.T., O.T., and counseling.
  10. @sassylittle makes sense
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