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  1. Avoid Ending Your Relationships, Consider A Cathartic Spanking! *A Spanking is not harsh, Death to a relationship is harsh* Thomas Jefferson: “The art of life is the avoiding of pain.” This is just my opinion. It is going to be long, It will most like have Scriptures and it may jump around a little. I miss not having my editor, laughs. The pain of a spanking is temporary. It leads to repentance and restoration. The pain of ending the couple's relationship is perpetual. Matt. 19:6 - NIV “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." This is my o
  2. This is the place to make that fantasy a reality. There are men that would stand in line. (-;
  3. It's time to attempt to sleep.

  4. Got power back for now- still no water! Dunno how long the power will stay on for but making the most of it for now. Obviously still can't visit the hospital and those poor Drs and nurses have been stuck there longer than when Harvey happened and no sign of them being able to leave. Just grateful that my pets can warm up- couldn't find a hotel that had electric with vacancies. Got my first covid shot thou lol.

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    2. sassylittle


      Thanks. Literally got 2 hours of electric and they' ve cut it off again. Rolling blackouts should mean rolling, not the same people losing power over and over. I hope that they get locked up for killing people. They had a couple of weeks notice and should have prepared or at least given people notice so they could get out of state. I' ll help these losers write their resignation letters- all of them should be fired and locked up. People are literally dying here because of their incompetence. There is no excuse. Anyway need to save power on phone for emergencies. Hugggssss

    3. Oldbrat


      Texas, should never gone to have a quarter of their electric produced by wind mills. It has all the oil and natural gas. The wind mills froze ups.  

    4. SJE


      This is wrong see if you guys can get solar

  5. Another night terror and bout of insomnia.


    1. MsChrissy


      Can't help myself.  There is a temporary solution. -ggls- 

      I know, I know, just forums and email, cuz.



    2. Oldbrat


      @MsChrissy you promised. And are aware that I was informed I am to old and incompatible.


    3. cowboy


      Great photo....I have been there often in my life.

  6. It is difficult for older men to find a Lady to administer corporal punishment to them.
  7. Happy Tuesday 


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