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I am here to chat with like minded people.    I don't role play here and I am not looking for a spanking or a partner-- if you come on to me-- probably stop chatting with you.  My priority is  chatting with other spanked women or wives.    I will chat with men if you are or have spanked your wife or she has asked you for more effective spanking.   I am very curious and have many questions:  like: how did spanking get started in your relationship.   what people are spanked for.   how bad are  your spanking (worse than mine)   BUT  I would rather someone ask me questions-  I am submissive by nature. 

At one time, I thought I was the only wife in the world who got her bare bottom spanked hard,  like a little kid.  Then we got the internet and found I was not alone.   The more I hear  of other wives being spanked the more I feel normal.  I have wished all women would get what I got -- hard spanking, to making you cry.   I bawled like a baby-- big cry baby here.  

I do like to encourage husbands to spank and spank hard when they do.   And like to encourage women to accept the discipline  and to be spanked.    I have found many women are very frustrated that their husband or man in their life won't spank them  effectively.    I love to problem solve with them, to get their men to spank them effectively.

I always hated getting a punishment spanking but I learned that I actually needed them.   They helped me more than hurt me-- even though they were real bad, during a spanking.   Spanking actually brought us closer together emotionally and more loving.                         

I agree with the old words of Dr Dorothy Spencer, who said, this years ago:  "The idea of a modern spanking is to administer punishment when it is needed - then make up and forget the whole incident.  In this way, every disagreement is effectively closed before it has time to ferment into serious discord - to grow into hatred or an indifference which even a great crisis may not be able to heal.  The couple that has every difference out when it arises is not likely to build up an antagonism that an be settled only in the divorce courts.".

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