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  1. This is slightly off topic; But once told a marriage counselor that my husband spanked me (for punishment). I was hoping to get some sympathy for her. She wasn't shocked by the statement, she just shrugged her shoulders and asked if I had agreed to it. She was absolutely neutral on domestic discipline. But I sort of had the idea she was on my husband's side- that I deserved the spanking. Domestic discipline really had nothing to do with why we were see her. I was wanting a different man for a husband, and I never considered DD a bad part of the marriage- I knew deep down in my heart deserve the spanking I got.
  2. Thank you CassieRN for asking this question. I have been curious too, what other do. For my ex husband- my only spanker. After a year or two into marriage, I had to pull down and OFF my own panties while standing in front of him while he was scolding me- for a punishment spanking. At first, in our relationship, I would try to hold them up as he was pulling them down but soon I learned that only made my spanking worse. And he started this policy- I either get my panties off or my spanking would be double or triple - and I didn't want that. So I did it. He wanted my panties kicked off and the floor before I put myself over his knee.
  3. Another classic spanking- love to see classic spanking. I hope he spanks lower - more on her sit spots.
  4. I love to see her over his knee-- very traditional. I hope she is over his knee for good while- getting her bottom blistered.
  5. Spanakopita, I would assume at the gym you also like the machine that works the inner and outer thigh muscles- legs going spread and closed. But you have look even faster because she could see you looking at her crotch area?
  6. So did it happen? How bad was it. What type of switch? Did you have to cut it? Tell us all.
  7. And you like to see ladies like this at your gym working out on a machine like this. And day dreaming about her spanking???
  8. I love to see him in a jacket and tie-- Nice. Looks like her spanking is just getting started- she still looks very calm at this time.
  9. I love to see her being spanked over his one raised knee. I hated to get spanked like that- dangling over one thigh.
  10. I love to see a classic spanking over a Man's lap. I love that she has been stripped for her spanking.
  11. Thank you for your drawing. I love to see her sit spots being spanked.
  12. Thank you, they were often that color. I do hope you have a good woman you can spank hard and often over your knee, bare bottom.
  13. A classic, I do love to see another women's panties going down for a spanking.
  14. A classic- I do love to see another woman's panties going down for a spanking.
  15. Yes, hand spank those sit spots. Spank right there.
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