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  1. jelena53

    9 (3).jpg

    I love to see another woman over a lap. I love it.
  2. Two women bending over the foot of the bed. I would loved to be spanked with a friend like this.
  3. I can't hardly wait. I have LOVED your graphic novel. As a wife, I always got several birthday spanking from my husband that day. Each one ending with ONE TO GROW ON- extra hard spank.
  4. I hope all three of them give her a good paddling, each one counting her age, plus one to grow on. Then on her birthday the girl in the purple and light blue will get the same-- a new tradition started with them.
  5. My husband had me buy this paddle several time at any souvenir shop selling them. He like to use it and then sell it a yard sale. Ways interesting who would by them. This paddle and several like it, we would sell for a dollar more than we bought them. They were always hot seller and all gone by 7 AM at our yard sale.
  6. Stoicism is not me! I have about as much stoicism of a 4 year old little girl. I have tried hard not to cry, I have promised myself I wouldn't cry. But it never happened-- I am a big cry baby. I have a very low pain tolerance. My ex husband said, I had the most tender bottom of any one he had ever spanked. And like shygurl said, "He doesn't do warm ups so there is no build up. I'm good for the first swat or two and then my toughness is gone!" After just a couple of hard spanks my screaming and wiggling begins. But soon I am kicking, squirming, squealing, he always pu
  7. That happened to me in 1992 in a Hawaii. We were honeymooning in Hawaii and my husband said, we would never see anyone on the beach ever again. He had been spanking me while dating for 18 months both erotic and punishment spanking. I was spanked on my wedding night and most days of the honeymoon. We actually stayed at the Cocco palms Motel the setting of the movie "Blue Hawaii" with Elvis. Most spanking weren't too bad and my bottom made a fast recover. But one afternoon he said, "I am going give you a good spanking then we going out for a walk on the beach wearing this new suite"
  8. jelena53

    Barely pink

    Admire you--spnkmbottompnk--your lips?
  9. Hug you, spnkmybottompnk. Blushing.
  10. I would love it more if her bottom was even pinker or redder.
  11. For me, I would just reverse one and two. 1. Watching a spanking in real life ( a woman being effectively spanked by her man) 2. Getting a spanking in real life. 3. Video ( of other women getting a good spanking) 4. still image (of other women getting a very red bottom) 5. Literature- do love to read about good spanking 6. Audio
  12. jelena53


    I love to see her about to be paddled like that.
  13. This photo looks like a headmaster's delight.
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