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  1. jelena53


    I love to see this caning. I love her positioning and love seeing her face too.
  2. jelena53


    I love to see that paddle lick. Nice.
  3. jelena53


    I love to see the girl going over the knee and her dress going up.
  4. Great writing again. I love that she got her mouth soaped like that and got the last 10 biting the bar of soap. I can't wait to see what happens in part 3. How many more parts (guess more than 3 (two more days for her))
  5. I love to see a classic spanking- and husband doing his job.
  6. LOVED THIS STORY (and I am from Alabama) I sort was hoping, Gregory was going to say, we expect to see you for supper in 30 min. Then Kim would have sit on her red swollen bottom. Squirming in her seat as could see this couple love of Christ and their love of her. This is only day one, I am sure her sore bottom will more sore each day but she will leave there a Christian. At least I hope so. I hope an young couple just starting their CDD life together; has a reservation for Saturday and Sunday night. This would be a bootcamp weekend for the young couple - mentored b
  7. Your experience sound very similar to me - I have been spanked in houses, travel trailers, ex office, car - more a van (legs hanging out side door), a interstate rest spot (I 57 in Illinois), city parks, hikes in the woods, and wood shed once. For any indoor spanking -- the chair is most important-- A straight back chair, armless chair-- Moved to the center of the room (only one reason a single armless chair is in the center of the room (bedroom, living room. basement or kitchen). My ex liked to use extra tall chair (which has become more popular kitchen chair). He liked me dangli
  8. I love to see a classic spanking-- Nice.
  9. jelena53

    Island time

    I wish you had a red bottom peeking out of that bikini as you turned around. Beach spanking are Great.
  10. I think it's only natural to look a mirror afterward and fairly often until the marking is gone.
  11. Exercise for the butt? But will it make it bigger or smaller? I would want smaller.
  12. Great idea, I was fortunate enough that my husband filled that role for me. My husband love to make his baby cry (me) with a hard spanking and I hated the pain of a punishment spanking (unlike many on this site). We had used several plans-- one was: one pound or more of wt loss a week or spanking not achieved (weekly weigh ins). If I gained a pound then the spanking doubled or 2 spanking. I was expected to workout 3 times a week or walk daily- if I failed- I got bad heat to my seat. I always lost weight, because I liked to be able to sit down--spanking were real motivation for me.
  13. While married and in a domestic discipline relationship, We had several formulas-- Double my age was minimum for most rule breakage. For being uncooperative with my spanking the spanking would double again (so 4 x my age). For money related offenses- I got one spank for each dollar cost to us- for example one spank for each bank charged to us for being overdrawn or one spank for each dollar per cost of speeding ticket. And if, I got a speeding ticket and didn't tell him then at least 2 spanking for the two violations of the rules (the ticket and lie of omission). If I broke the same rule
  14. More yet to come? With the use of that cane?
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