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  1. This question is directed toward women. Would you wear a spanking T-shirt out in public? Have you? Would you wear a spanking T-shirt at home -to non-verbally say you have violated a rule? Have you? There are many spanking T-shirt on the internet to buy? which one mighty you buy? https://www.cafepress.com/+,1447469917?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=pla-google&utm_campaign=653144299-d-c&utm_content=38552448412-adid-96354638530&utm_term=aud-457532749353:pla-922462616341-pid-1447469917&gclid=CjwKCAjwndCKBhAkEiwAgSDKQc6U0YOvPujDApXVOYfUqG_Q9lBdHfEyXfSSVN48TP0iE-87oXCePxoCT-gQAvD_BwE https://chummytees.com/products/its-my-birthday-spank-me-t-shirt-hoodie-tank-top?variant=27000977606&dfw_tracker=106978-27000978118&gclid=CjwKCAjwndCKBhAkEiwAgSDKQZK34Gz0OejPBhhBYDZkJwV_ETNMk9AMa7dDwUaOoZhyItIigvUCthoCTKwQAvD_BwE https://www.zazzle.com/i_need_a_good_spanking_png_t_shirt-235367876171152641 or many many others?
  2. An old expression-- like: "watch your step/tongue or I'll wear you out" Unlike you Nicole, i had the opposite of cast iron butt. My ex always said, I had the most tender bottom of anyone he had ever spanked. So when, I was over his knee for a punishment spanking, it didn't take long before I was fighting it, kicking, squirming, twisting, screaming and cry. Doing all could to get off his lap and avoid the fire developing on my backside. I couldn't help it. My spanking punishment spanking continued until he wore me out-- no more fight left in me-- just limp over his lap and sobbing. So they were totally exhausting, to me.
  3. Thank you for your post and I love your use of the word - Freak. That is a great word, for how I felt- I did feel like a freak and I remember my husband wanted us to go a shadow lane party- but I remember feeling --"why would I what to go and meet other freaks" I felt if anyone else was into spank they must be a freak too. We didn't go the party. Then a few years later discovering the internet, I discovered we weren't freaks and now I kick myself for not going to spanking party. I think it would be so HOT to see someone else bottom turn RED HOT TOO. And I know I am not alone in feel like that (not a freak)
  4. Someone said this to me. Do you agree or disagree M/f couple only please. "I do strongly believe that men should spank their wives and that ought to be the norm, not the exception as it is today." Men 1. You agree? ___________ 2 You disagree? ________ Women 1. You agree? ____________ 2 You disagree? _________
  5. WOW what a wonderful commitment ceremony. I wish it was a true ceremony and actually common at many Churches. The world doesn't know it but the world needs this kind of commitment ceremony. By the way I am sure Dr Dorothy Spencer would be proud this plan. With my ex husband we had a plan very similar to this (rather than a mutual Spencer plan) but it was private commitment but it was in writing and we both had signed it. I love your writing and the ceremony part of this. My favorite part might be these words. "the Spanker shall spank the spankee as a commemoration of their new status, within earshot of the Congregation." I would love it if become customary if the goal of that spanking was crying. Loud crying. And as the crying became loud the Congregation applaud and cheer. Some thing else that might be nice, would be presentation of special wooden paddle to the couple. The paddle might have her name on it, like Heat for the Seat of [spankee name]. The paddle to be used immediately to consummate the ceremony and new phase of the relationship.
  6. I love your profile picture-- I am glad you used it. Your secret is good with me. Love your profile picture-- it just appropriately blurry picture--making it a little tease. Modesty is probably over rated. Half the population has a pussy and the other half has a penis. We have all seen both. and men, all seen a pussy. (just not our individual pussy). Modesty is a learned trait, most 2 year old love to run around naked. Kids need to learn to keep themselves covered and not let anyone see. Clothing is a game, you can't see me unless you become a really really good friend, a lover or a Doctor.
  7. Wow, Guest Boy, you have a good list- common terms. Some of what I have heard. We need to have a talk. Go to your bedroom (mom said that) Meet me in the basement at 10 ( ex husband said that) Bring the ping pong paddle (ex husband) Panties off and grin and bare it. Tell me what you need (ex husband)
  8. I hope the ladies of North Carolina will keep you busy. So many women are desperate for discipline and frustrated that husband or bf won't spank them. I have never met anyone from "on line" and I am not looking too. I have often wondered if women shouldn't team up and be spanked together like sisters. We are sisters in spanking. Especially for women, who only want a spanking and no sex. If they are looking for sex then that is is completely different.
  9. For a punishment spanking I got long scolding before the spanking. As he was scolding me, he would have me undress, below the waist and once naked below the waist, I had to keep my hand at my sides, no covering up. Then during the spanking as I beg him to stop spanking, he was begging me to behave.
  10. Hello Anastasia, Thank you for your post and thank you for being here. You said, "...learn a bit more English maybe. I would love to learn more about Spanking in Russia. Like, are many girls your age still spanked at home? Is spanking still a common punishment in Russia. If it more common in Russia-- you might be head of us in common sense too. Here in the USA there has bend a loss of common sense with spanking and the good benefits from it. .
  11. I love to chat with other women. I am very open about the spanking I got as adult or child. Many women are frustrated and feeling down about it. As I open up about spanking they open up to me about their desires and frustrations. I find it too common.
  12. Blushing I want to know a little more. What position is she in? Like the diaper position (legs up and out)? with her bottom at the edge of table or high bed? With man standing? Or what position works best for penetration spanking?
  13. I never missed being spanked. I was spanked a lot from age 23 to age 39. (before age 23, I didn't know adult women were spanked, and never thought about it). But in chatting MANY women, many discover they have craving for a discipline or a craving for a spanking (being drawn to it). Many women, ask me if they are crazy for having this need or craving. But I feel, women have a natural need for discipline- and many to most women have it well covered up or deep in subconscious. But at some times in many women life, the volcano erupts and the spanking need comes to the surface. They often ask me if they have LOST THEIR MIND? Ask me if it CRAZY for wanting a VERY PAINFUL SPANKING.
  14. By the way, You need a HUG, for you profile picture. You are a very brave woman for the flashing. Hug you. Does you husband know your on this site and he is proud of your profile picture or does he know that it's posted here.
  15. You are not allowed to wear panties or your choice? I am sort surprised you can wear pants/jeans? I know many conservative men only allow women to wear skirt or dresses. Can you wear pantyhose? I was not allowed to wear pantyhose ever.
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