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  1. jelena53

    real (9).jpg

    A classic. Every home needs this display.
  2. jelena53


    I love to see a classic spanking
  3. jelena53

    500 Swats 00002.jpg

    I do like to see him adjusting her or holding her, just right for him.
  4. I love this scene. I love that a straight back chair has been move and Mom is waiting in it with her hairbrush. I love to see the young lady ready for her spanking, even though she doesn't want to be. LOVE IT.
  5. I was under that rule-- Get a ticket - get a spanking. I love to see the policeman smiling as she tells him that.
  6. A classic drawing. I love to see the reaction to a good spanking. Mom is doing a really good job.
  7. jelena53


    I love to see team work in giving a spanking. The spankee so helpless.
  8. jelena53


    Every Marriage needs a marriage counselor like this.
  9. jelena53


    I love this drawing. Being taken in hand. I love her face. "we are not finished yet, I need you to bend over and hold your ankles and don't let go. Spread your feet apart"
  10. I do love to see the traditional rolling up of the sleeves.
  11. My ex spanker loved to take my rectal temp and for years did it daily. I have found many spanker are sort of anal too.
  12. Thank you for this post. Most interesting- You asked - " How important to you is scolding? Do you have a favorite phrase (to use or hear) For me scolding is part of the submission-- For me it was standing in front of my spanker (husband while married) naked from the waist down, with no covering up allowed and being told what I had done wrong. And the word that use to drive me crazy was the word NAUGHTY. Have you been a NAUGHTY GIRL, OR you are a NAUGHTY GIRL. OR Being asked what happens to NAUGHTY LITTLE GIRLS WHO DID....... Also me the scene of the scoldin
  13. I did not like waiting for a spanking at all. (was spanked by husband while married) of had to wait until children were asleep. I dread it. The anticipation and worry was- it was going to hurt like hell. And I was going to bawl like a baby. But after it was over it was over and I felt very loved.
  14. I would say the combination of rubbing their bottom plus sitting down gingerly-- very slow and cautiously
  15. I do, love to see a classic OTK spanking
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