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  1. When did you start self-spanking? what implements did you use (if any)? and what was good and bad about it? Do you still self-spank or was it just not for you? Not having a partner I've been exploring a lot of things on my own and recently decided to give it a go with a kitchen spoon myself and liked it but the sting was quickly gone by the morning and would have rather it last a bit longer. I'm sure being spanked by someone else it would last longer.
  2. things are going alright, I hope so for you too
  3. I had been exploring my spanking kink for awhile now, trying to find relationships or doms that fit my needs with no luck and decided to give up searching for a relationship and found a website that mentioned taking clients for a free consultation for spanking needs. ~ I found myself standing in front of a nice looking office building with pretty flowers and not sure if I should really go inside... the secretary saw me through the glass and smiled cheerily and waved at me. I'd been spotted...I kind of have to go in now. The room was much like a waiting room to a dentist's office
  4. Does being a top mean you like being the dominant one in the sexual relationship? Wanting to spank for fun because you like it? vs. say discipline, therapy, etc.
  5. I don't have as much interest being spanked by a woman, my mom was fairly abusive and I feel safer with men in some aspects and less safe in others 😅 especially since at times it can be a kink for me not just discipline and could develop later on into something more. Just my preference but I appreciate the offer.
  6. I'm pretty central Indiana, I forget how far out people can be in the same state sometimes lol
  7. Hey guys, I've been off here for a bit exploring but I think I'm ready for an online discipline/daddy dynamic with the possibility of an in person dynamic/relationship down the road after a good length of time and trust 😊 I'm a female sub/little, 25 in Indiana and no in person experience other than self-play. I hope to chat with some of you again and keep exploring.
  8. Well there are a lot of spankers here so they have to be getting something out of it lol and finding ways to manage. Maybe sometimes they let up or aren't always dominant, just neutral. I don't like the idea of it not being mutually beneficial either.
  9. @sassylittleit does not suprise me at all that people go to you for support lol but sometimes the support needs support. I think of all the worn out healthcare workers and they are always told to have self-care or they burn out. I definitely have chronic burn out but you can't make people care lol they either do or they don't and you figure things out. I just had to. I still feel like it is better with support. I'm entirely jaded, not yet 😉 😊 hearing kind words perk me up. I do wonder if spankers get burn out a lot and how they get their support if they are being the main supporter?
  10. wow I admire the communication there with your temp dom @sassylittleI like the journaling, I do it myself to process a lot but it's nice that you guys share it and talk about it. I'm laughing because I haven't had healthy friendship support either 😂 I am usually the friend who is the support and when I'm struggling it dies. What is support? lmao I am the support. I think friendship support would be just as helpful, since I am just lacking in support all around lol withholding support was definitely not what I needed.
  11. @dmirk I don't know if the intentions of the spanker were malicious or sadistic or they really thought that by withholding affection and support it was going to help someone who was traumatized by parents and an abusive spouse who did the same things and more. I think it's an old fashioned idea of making people stronger and more self-reliant, especially someone who has a big heart and super empathetic like me lol. I think he lacked the understanding that for me, I can be alone. I've always been alone and self-reliant and it has not made me a stronger person. In fact, I struggle the most w
  12. I'm feeling burned after talking to a spanker for awhile. We never actually met up but he mentored me for awhile online and I got very attached, so much so I just didn't really want to talk to other spankers before we really talked about it because I just wanted him to be my spanker/mentor. I'm just curious about other spanker/spankee dynamics. How bonded do you get with your spanker? Is it all very clinical, small talk, progress reports? It kind of fell apart because in the beginning he listened and validated my feelings which made me feel safe and small and trusting to let him mentor me and
  13. I have always age regressed naturally at times but it is something I really struggle with and suppress because I can't be small, I have to take care of so much and I've never had a lot of support. I have never age regressed that young but I would hate to feel that dependent. I was a very neglected child and often the parent to my siblings and wasn't taught a lot, just figured things out because I had to and was out at 18. I don't like needing help or having needs or needing spanked lol you better believe I am not bending over for anyone and putting myself back in that same position to never fe
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