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  1. I definitely don't see anything wrong with it. If you both like spanking. Doesn't seem weird if he wants them too but just like feeling safe to get spanked there would have to be some reassurance it's "ok" to be the spanker role. I think trust and respecting each others needs is the basics for most roles.
  2. I definitely don't see anything wrong with it. If you both like spanking. Doesn't seem weird if he wants them too but just like feeling safe to get spanked there would have to be some reassurance it's "ok" to be the spanker role. I think trust and respecting each others needs is the basics for most roles.
  3. I regress when my kids aren't with me which is every weekend and I've always felt that way but now I know it's a real thing, I just jokingly always said I was a kid at heart but there are days at work people talk about sex and it's weird lol like I'm a kid and that's a bad subject and I have kids. I have been having a lot of trouble with people talking down to me and feeling small has been coming out more but I just feel like I get hurt more when I'm feeling small and I don't want to be around my coworkers like that or people who can manipulate me. There's no clear this is time to feel small
  4. I have a question for the littles or people experienced with them and age regression. Are there ways you get yourself out of the little mindset? I'm feeling small today and uneasy about going to work and a lot of things today and I need to not feel small today.
  5. Wall sits are where you lean your back against the wall and slide down into a sitting position and hold it for a duration of time. It's an exercise that is very uncomfortable to keep up. Planking is similar to push ups, where you are on your toes and elbows but you don't push up and down, just hold the position to strengthen your core, it is also uncomfortable to keep up but that's how those exercises work by holding uncomfortable positions you end up strengthening specific muscles. They are not fun exercises lol
  6. I like my free will and independence. I dislike authority and micromanaging and anything slave like or too controlling but I feel a tendency to like submitting under certain circumstances. I need to respect the person and feel the person cares about me not in a micromanaging way but I do suck at managing myself and my stress is way too much for me sometimes and I could use someone who cared to step in but any overstepping with ego trips and I hate it lol when I respect and care for someone I often do things that seem submissive but they aren't forced and I'm not being dominated, I choose to be
  7. @ukspanko I'm not even a spanker but you hit my motherly "feels" lol I definitely don't think there is anything wrong with wanting spanked as a guy, just as I want it as a girl and the loving care and guidance and safety emotionally and accountability, nothing wrong with that. I don't think there's anything wrong or broken with you or too much baggage to find the right person and relax, you just need trust and safety and hopefully you can find the right woman willing to do all of that and accept that's just you. I never knew guys wanted that, just as I didn't really know there were a lot of sp
  8. I never considered spanking someone else until I started reading the forums on this site and read from some males looking for caring loving women and it perked my motherly side, also the give and take seemed safer and less likely to be taken advantage of? maybe I'm wrong. I just never talked to anyone about spanking at all and never heard a guy say he'd like to be spanked, so it was never on my mind. I tend to be more a submissive person unless I'm caring for someone else, maybe I could be a switch I don't know yet. I just learned what that was lol I thought a switch had to do with an actual s
  9. I think it terms of modesty there isn't anything wrong with clothing, especially in the beginning of a spanking partner relationship but with heavier implements you need to see to do it safely. I think starting clothed then of course the goal being bare and humbling, it builds the intensity. It also shows trust to allow yourself to be spanked and even more so to be spanked bare, so maybe ask yourself are you having trouble trusting your spanker? What are your boundaries? You wanted this just for discipline, is it more wanting to keep that barrier from the errotic side of spanking? There is not
  10. I didn't know what that was for the longest time and wasn't sure what all it entailed so it was intimidating. I still haven't gotten the courage to go to one yet lol I'm shy and awkward as it is and talking about this stuff still feels embarressing, except on here it's a little easier because you can't see me feeling shy and awkward. My first impression with people into this sort of thing was very pushy and aggressive and I am more scared to deal with people like that in person but you said that's less likely to happen in a community setting? I do like the idea of meeting people in person beca
  11. I think it could both be useful and harmful to know. I don't think it is something you need to know about a spankee spanker but understanding how morals played into their discipline and good and bad psychology when a spankee was young could help a spanker to know how to set structure for their specific needs. It could be harmful because disagreements or especially politics are touchy subjects these days. I'd say unless the spankee discloses it, I would leave it be.
  12. I'm glad you mentioned this, never having done this yet I never thought about having to know what crazy limits to have and my lack of foresight being exploited. It's mostly why I read a lot on here wanting to know fully what I'm getting into, so taking my time
  13. I definitely hold my breath working out or under stress 🤣 I could definitely learn that one lol probably not great to do that during a spanking either. Uhg affirmations... I really hate those 😂 I'm not there yet. I don't want to lie to myself and say I am things I'm not. I grew up with narcissistic abusive liars who even lied to themselves and don't want to be anything remotely like that. I like to be honest about my mistakes and what I need to work on because fear of being like that lol so I struggle when forced to say things that aren't true about me, it's not a good thing for me. Saying thi
  14. regurgitated inspirational quotes make me cringe lol they help some but not everybody. Sometimes it takes the right wording or references to click and we've heard the same ones too often to feel inspired. I think the very word meditation turns my mind off lol I immediately feel like this is gimicky and cheesy. I think more of headspace or even fantasy of imagining whatever is calming and breathing with it in the nose breathe out the stress and make a mental ok I got this, It does suck but I can do this, helps naturally calm the nervous system, it's why it's been taught for generations and it's
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