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  1. It's very difficult, I only managed tears once and that was from a directed spanking over Skype, that worked as my spanker was very much in charge and could see and encourage me to strike harder. Over the course of an hour we used a hairbrush, belt, slipper, cane and Birch. It wasn't a full blown bawling but tears were freely flowing and I enjoyed the release of emotion. hope this helps?
  2. I prefer to be fully nude for my spankings, I find it very humbling.
  3. Fifteen minutes and counting still not getting into chat, extremely frustrating
  4. I can say it's just as bad in the morning UK time, all the same issues as mentioned, not good at all. Thanks for all efforts to rectify this but sadly it's not doing anything to make chat better.
  5. Agree with what's been said, it can't fix major issues but for me it is a wonderful stress reliever
  6. Experienced this too, UK based, lag, messages not sending, messages disappeared, long delay to get in and refresh not doing much at all.
  7. For me it's the background, build up to the spanking and the insight into what's going on in the spankees mind before, during and after. So more the emotional side rather than the spanking if that makes sense? What turns me off is a long list of trite descriptors like thud, thwack etc, if I want those I will watch old episodes of Batman ;)
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