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  1. Again beautifully written, looking forward to part 3
  2. Beautifully written
  3. This is an interesting topic and I have enjoyed following the discussion. I can relate easily to this as my interest began long before I even knew about terminology and labelling. I too have experienced what can only be described as hostility ( not on this site I add) at my label as a Switch from it has to be said females. There seems to be many that think that you will try to get, encourage or require that they spank you in return, which is not what it's about. I get a lot of enjoyment out of both aspects of our kink, both giving and receiving spankings but I rarely mix the two in one session, unless that has been agreed and discussed before hand. In short I respect my partners views and stance on the topic but it still isn't good enough for some 100% ee's, which s extremely frustrating. On the plus side, my having been spanked myself has undoubtedly contributed to making me a more understanding spanker and that is the truth.
  4. I try to have a regular monthly massage to ease an old neck injury, not as often as I like or need as a result of Covid. Of late I have been getting the same therapist a very skilled masseuse in her early forties, she has complimented me on my butt on several occasions and has taken to giving it a slap when she wants me to turn over, might just be my imagination but the slaps seem to be getting harder
  5. I'm glad it's not just me experiencing this, painfully slow, keeps freezing, when you refresh to try to clear the problem you just can't get back in. Very frustrating mid chat :(
  6. Hello Karen and welcome, good to hear that you have a regular partner, feel free to chat
  7. I can understand how your experiences must have impacted on life, it must have made for a difficult time in your life, isn't it strange how two people can approach the task in so very different a way?
  8. I think you get that on pretty much most forums tbh, someone will always try to push their view, that human nature for some
  9. Exactly how I intend to proceed, thanks for your comment
  10. Thank you to those that have commented, I'm not suggesting that everyone on here isn't polite far from it, that's why this persons response so shocked me. I did try to stay engaged in a polite way but was ignored, I will just put this down to a bad experience and as some have suggested simply move on, I won't be blocking this person though as that's not in my nature, perhaps as has been suggested I might have inadvertently triggered a bad memory, I'm just going to learn from it. I do agree about the many plusses of the site and community and I am glad to have found it, perhaps I was a little over sensitive, apologies if it came over negatively.
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