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  1. Something very enjoyable both as an eye or er, have been figged and had Deep Heat, Tiger Balm and VIC vapour rub used around and in my anus, leaves such a warm sting that is great when combined with a spanking and let's not forget toothpaste that gives a similar reaction and makes rimming so much fun too.
  2. Always love Franco's work, I too love going over a mature woman's knee but fully nude not just bare bottom.
  3. If this was to happen just think how nice a world we would live in. I find this so humiliating but exciting at the same time - artist unknown.
  4. Welcome Gary some lovely people on here, chat is some of the best around. Jeff
  5. Hi everyone Jeff here, was spanked by my friends Mum in my early teens but repressed any thought of it for most of my adult life sadly, that's something I now regret. Started spanking during my first marriage mostly for discipline of my wayward Niece. After my first marriage ended the memory of that first proper spanking flooded back and I was encouraged by a female friend to explore it more. She gave me the contact details of a lady local to me and I've not looked back since. great to be here and have enjoyed some great chats already, thank you. jeff
  6. Very much agree with this, an open window or door really does take it to the next level as does a witnessed spanking.
  7. Another triumph, superb story telling and such an inventive mind, had me hooked from the first line, really looking forward to seeing how this develops, thank you.
  8. Loving the start to this, different dynamic but liking the subtle change
  9. Jeffd


    I was entranced reading this honest and open account of your experience, so beautifully written it really has moved me, I feel privileged to have been allowed to share your deepest thoughts, thank you so much.
  10. I take my hat off to you that was simply stunning, taken to the next level
  11. Another beautifully written story, am loving this brother / sister dynamic will be interesting to see where this goes as hopefully you will re visit the exercise session in front of the elderly neighbours.
  12. Just throwing this out there but reading this thread it seems that everyone is focussing on the man as the dominant within the relationship, yet I know a good many strong willed women who take the discipline lead within a household including the discipline of the male, my first wife for one. We had agreed early in our relationship that respect worked both ways and each could and would discipline the other when needed. It made for a loving and warm relationship.
  13. Beautifully written and nicely crafted story
  14. My first real spanking was in my teens from my friends mother and for that I was naked so in later life that is my preference, I feel it adds to the embarrassment and humiliation.
  15. This is a really interesting topic, so many elements that I can relate too. I had my first proper spanking in my early teens from a male friends mum, we had been messing about in his garden and were caught by his neighbour, we were both naked at the time so I was naked for that spanking. For most of my adult life I suppressed any thoughts of spanking until much later when that itch just came right back. I had a very understanding female friend that was sub ( no I wasn't spanking her) but we did start chatting a lot about CP and she suggested I do something about my newly resurfaced interest
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