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  1. We meet 12 years ago on a spanking site. We've been married for 10. The reason it worked is we worked. Similar interests, you know other than just spanking. Wanted same out of life and we deeply love each other. It can happen. But it took years to find each other.
  2. I don't think I really believe that anyone who frequents into a spanking does it with out at least some kind of a sexual turn on. I've heard those say they just enjoy it without some sexual energy and I just not sure I buy that. But, how ever they want to think about it, it doesn't really matter, We have both fun and discipline spanking. Some kind of sexual climax almost always happens at the end, even on discipline one. To us it's the ultimate make up sex and reminder how much we love each other. The spanking certainly turns us both on more, and serves all the other stuff about relieving stress just like sex can. To us I guess spanking is an extension into our sex/intimate life.
  3. Lovely, captures the kind of spanking between a loving couple perfectly
  4. My wife and are nearing 10 Years of marriage. We meet on a spanking site and been perfecting our DD even before we were married. First and foremost the most important thing in our opinion is that you don't let it run your life. That is where I think most people with kinks get in trouble. They get so addicted to their kink they lose track of the real world. Spanking is a tool, albeit an important one in our marriage. There are good days and bad days. There are good spanking sessions and bad ones. If you care and love each other than you will have many more good than bad because you'll make the time to figure it out because you love this person even more than the fact they are a spanko. The spanking does keep my wife grounded and even though she doesn't like when it happens it always is an instant reset and we both are more happy. Normally it happens when things have gone on stressful for a while and we can't get to it. We will start to drift, we will feel separation, but after a spanking we are instantly reconnected and honestly always make love afterwards. Not just because of foreplay, but because at that time we feel connected. It gets difficult, we are going through with kids right now, but if you work and do it right it is very rewarding.
  5. We are a married couple of over 10 years thst have been practicing DD and other spanking fun. Husband is in early 40s and displines wife in her mid 30s. Looking for other couples and singles to talk to. Play is an option with the right, real, and patient person(s). We are also interested in a female who likes to spank other females. We are in the greater Buffalo, NY area. Wishing you all the best.
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