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  1. Firmhandguy

    Glasses Selfie

    You are very pretty indeed.
  2. That’s an impressive armoury. Is this in your bedroom or somewhere in your house for all to see? What is your favourite item?
  3. I have a lifelong fascination with spanking and discipline. I am not sure why but it is there in my head like a blinking red button asking me to press it. Sometimes it is a short cut to eroticism but sometimes it is a nagging and demanding red light that keeps moving into view and wants to be pressed. It feels hard wired, deep in my psyche. I cannot rationalise it not can I negotiate with it or avoid it. I felt bad about it for a long time. I like and respect women. I work in an industry which has bright ambitious and intelligent women in it. I don’t like violence and I am no alpha male. But t
  4. Hi, I have a lifelong fascination with discipline and correction. I love the formality and ritual of the Head teachers office and a girl (adult) in school uniform with a punishment slip in her trembling hand, knocking on my door after school has ended for the administration of the strap, paddle or cane over my desk after a warm up spanking. I love the heart in the mouth anticipation and scolding before the girl bends over. Happy to discuss other scenarios too.
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