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  1. disciplineiskey


    beautiful 😍
  2. what celebrity do you think could use a trip to the wood shed? I'll start Miley cyrus
  3. currently listening to blink 182 the rock show. Off of the take off your pants and jacket album (2001)
  4. not finishing the shelving in the garage like promised
  5. 80 swats with hand on bare bottom to help you stay focused.50 (25 on each cheek) with wooden spoon for procrastinating 15 with a wooden brush for every grade that has sliped. 20 min corner time bottom still bared
  6. I think there are a few things that are wrong on this list
  7. I agree, for me I like to build up to the severe implement last to really drive home the lesson.
  8. which do you prefer more swats with a less severe implement or less sets with a more severe implement?
  9. Naturally Gin heard a lot of good things about her https://naturallygin.com/
  10. To be honest I can't say I was truly a spanko until I really saw the benefits and changes it made in my life. Might of been the same for him
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