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  1. I am shopping for some new colognes and would love to get some suggestions. do you feel there is a certain scent that just screams dominant?
  2. In my opinion a bathbrush allows you to reach back and give yourself good smacks. and since a bathbrush has a longer handle then a normal brush. it makes it easier to reach your sit spots.
  3. I just used this for my wife's second speeding ticket this month. try it out and share what your getting https://animeotk.com/punishment.php
  4. Hello, from northern California
  5. yes, Fridays when I get home from work she is in the room. awaiting my arrival
  6. when I give my wife maintenance spankings I always use my hand. if her behavior has been borderline close to punishment I will give her a few medium swats with an implement just to remind her of what they feel like.
  7. very nice start. I think a few good swats targeting the sit spots to finish up
  8. It works wonders for my wife's attitude. through the years we have corrected attitude, laziness, procrastination and her bad habits of paying bills late.
  9. I have been on both side of spanking relationships. I got into the lifestyle being in a FLDD relationship and although the relationship didn't last I did learn alot and it shaped me into who I am today. today I am in a DD relationship that I am head of house in and everything is going well. I don't really think it matters who is on top ( male or female) but I do believe that one person needs to take charge in the house and hold everyone accountable for thier actions. I do feel that I'd more people were willing to accept the consequences of thier actions instead of blaming or making excuses I
  10. 16 and it was the longest belt spanking of my life by my father. I was spanked agin before bed by my mother and her brush
  11. message me if you want to chat about some discipline
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