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  1. I was punished about 3 months back. I was spanked throughly with hand, strap, and bath brush.
  2. anticipation... the feeling you get in your gut knowing what's about to happen but not exactly sure of how long until it starts or how long it will last. once it starts all you can do is take it but before your feelings and mind torture you.
  3. wood all day. I prefer a long handle like a bathbrush.
  4. I think cardi B, meg the stallion could both hand out a mean ass whipping? I'd give them shot 😆
  5. never really thought about. they'll becoming down anyways.. (m=lflGe-yaaGqaadg)(mh=xQ_1AWbgQ_RF7jaU)original_287131242.mp4
  6. I usually have my wife ready implements and herself before a spanking. fetching the implements and removing her pants and underwear and waiting in a corner really gives her time to think about what she did.
  7. my favorite on both sides of a spanking is the part right after being told to bare my bottom and bend over/ get in position. when being spanked the feeling you get undoing your pants and pulling them down. you know very well what is going to happen next and nothing is going to change that. As the spanker the look on thier face after that line is said. tells me they have that same feeling and are already regretting the actions that got them in this position.
  8. I usually ask for a room away from people because we have some activities that may be noisy to the neighboring rooms and they almost always accommodate.
  9. I've had a harder time bring a male to tears then I have had with women.
  10. I dont know if I truly qualify as a switch but as I discipline others including my wife. I do not in any sense think I'm perfect and I make mistakes to or have short commings and for that I get disciplined at least twice a year. I don't do anything different to prepare for being on the other end of the punishment. It just kind of feels like I need it and accept it.
  11. Before we had our shed in the back sound proofed. it was difficult having to wait for the little one to be at practice or grandma's house to administer punishment. so totally worth it in my opinion.
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