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  1. We would need to standardize what the colors mean, or a person with a blue wristband might be mistaken for a surfer, a red wristband mistaken for a suntan addict, and a yellow wristband mistaken for a corn farmer.
  2. I agree with you, up to 135%, or more! Not valid in combination with other comments. Your mileage may vary. We're just 8 to 10% of the population, swimming in a fishbowl. : )
  3. I was making a joke. ; ) Anyway, I tried bdsmlr and a newer 'substitute' website. After 10 minutes on each: delete !!
  4. The endorphins and dopamine created in your body is part of the 'buzz' from it.
  5. The original creators of the 'web must have been very spicy to choose the prefix www.
  6. I have not. Probably won't. Too much emphasis on the physical. There needs to be an actual attraction and I'm not seeing any.
  7. Mira Sorvino. 5'10" tall. Intellectual. Beautiful.
  8. It would not be difficult to 'tweak' an exiting software set to convert it from something vanilla like "golf chat" or "camping chat" to this topic. The basic structure would be almost the same, with the addition of actual age verification and methods to prevent porn, spam, hackers, vanilla, etc.
  9. I have lots of interests that keep me occupied, so the occasional boredom / loneliness seldom lasts more than an hour or two. What I miss most is just going on a date with a lady, enjoying a few hours together. It doesn't need to be a 'instant' LTR or romance. Just simple fun and enjoying what we all used to take for granted as 'normal'
  10. Supposedly, 20 to 30% of persons over, say 20-something - have some curious interest about TTWD. It doesn't mean they will or would actually engage in it. I would rather start a LTR with someone I really click with than spend 10+ years fishing in a bucket with no fish in it; as in online specialty sites.
  11. The women almost always stay on the same site(s) indefinitely. They may stop logging in for a week or two. Perhaps they are looking for Elvis Presley. In other words they are looking for ANYTHING that they cannot get - and almost all the males online are potentially obtainable. My guess is that they are "jerking all the guys around to begin with" or they ARE guys! I have never played 'bait and switch' with someone's ego. I also do not message or chat with the ladies on here. By definition, they are not interested.
  12. I'm holding out for WiFi coffee . . . everything else seems to have WiFi these days . . . Juan Valdez
  13. That video is actually VERY good, upscale, nice setting, great photography. While it is F/F, . . . it's a great video. (I was joking about the paper bad over the monitor).
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