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  1. My two cents here for what they are worth. Could be a host of issues contributing to her being in a low spot. From what I can personally read into this she is living in a City perhaps not here preferred lifestyle. Possibly having to adapt to living conditions which are not helping her overall well being? Then Add to it the stress of new job, recipe for not being happy. How old is she? If I may suggest offering to help her to look for options. Lastly send her a nice card expressing your feelings and concerns.
  2. Well to be honest we have sort of a Spencer plan agreement, which has come about recently. If one misbehaves an appointment is set with the paddle, for prompt resoltion of the issue. We make decisions jointly, however he is clearly subject to discipline more often which may include household chores.
  3. As you most likely know once you start back up stress will be less of a factor and your energy levels will pick up. Time to be stronger than our excuses.
  4. going to comment and provide one possible explanation. Depending on your routine you man not continue to lose weight. In fact you may slowly gain weight, especially if you are building muscle. just my .02
  5. Going against the Grain, no way in ....
  6. just saying what really matters is your dynamic and agreement.
  7. I did not want to be perceived as a person with a one sided relationship, not that there is anything wrong with that if it works for the couple. But Oddly enough we are rather normal with the exception that gets spanked for real on occasion. But like you say it really does not matter. What we have works for us and I am very fortunate.
  8. Full disclosure here we do make decisions jointly, but usually if there is some dispute I will make the final call. I still have not figured out if he is really all that submissive or if he just enjoys making me happy? Which really benefits both of us.
  9. Just need to find the right woman, perhaps focus your search on woman that are a bit direct. sometimes that is a good indication the may be into spanking. Sounds like you need a good one for your little attitude.
  10. yes mine is going to be getting it in a few minutes I will be taking pictures and all!
  11. I would think what you are doing is perfect for him. Any suggestions on penis spanking do you mainly concentrate on the head?
  12. Refreshing to hear things can be done differently versus the all too often, there can only be one way attitude. Not to derail a topic, but you mentioned BDSM I would love to take the opportunity to put my husband in strict bondage for an hour or so. Of course I would be near by.
  13. I can see that and understand how they may have felt afterwards and the disappointment they may have had were they not to let spanking come to a conclusion.
  14. so really its multi purpose it can apply to a whole range of activities. We are discussing kind of the same thing at our household. He wants to experience something similar. So I am on board. I think we have gone past the need for safe words in a sense that I am paying attention and after years I know his normal reactions. He has expressed the same thoughts if he can stop it then it is in fact play more than anything in his opinion.
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