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  1. JeansSmacker

    Dry 85

    Would you care to have a conversation? You strike me as a kind , intelligent, and attractive woman. My name is Lee. and I live in Bowie.
  2. JeansSmacker

    Dry 85

    I'd like to meet you at a cozy little restaurant in Annapolis.
  3. I'll spank that properly! Let's work out the details.
  4. Thank you for holding the paddle. I'll take it now, please.
  5. That looks intense! What was the implement?
  6. Try getting her a large, heavy wooden bath brush (one that's still a convenient size for otk spanking). It still screams "hairbrush", but it packs a wallop!
  7. Love your choice of profile photo!


  8. Love it! Wish I could be there to smack it.
  9. I'm a native new yorker who wound up in the DC area, but I would be interested in helping you explore  discipline spankings, and making new friends as a byproduct.  Lee

  10. Hi Star. My bath brush and I are still around. Let's chat some time on line and see how things go.
  11. Hi Ashley, I'm a disciplinary spanker in P.G. County, Maryland. I could hold you accountable for your behavior and administer sound spankings with my belt or a wooden bath brush. Let me know if you'd like to discuss this.
  12. Hi TryingtoBbehave. Thanks for the nice conversation once again (I see that it happened to us in 2018, as well!). I look forward to keeping in touch and getting to know each other better until we can finally meet in New York. LeeInsert other media
  13. Welcome Alex. I'm a father figure who can provide spanking, discipline, and mentorship (three of my favorite subjets!). We'll have to talk and get acquainted. Maybe we can have a text conversation on this site, when we're both on and can have a good give-and-take. Lee
  14. Hi Liz. I'm also looking for a disciplinary mentoring relationship (as a mentor). I also care about social justice issues, arts, and music. I'm 63 and in the Washington, DC area (Maryland). Lee
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