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  1. Welcome Alex. I'm a father figure who can provide spanking, discipline, and mentorship (three of my favorite subjets!). We'll have to talk and get acquainted. Maybe we can have a text conversation on this site, when we're both on and can have a good give-and-take. Lee
  2. Hi Liz. I'm also looking for a disciplinary mentoring relationship (as a mentor). I also care about social justice issues, arts, and music. I'm 63 and in the Washington, DC area (Maryland). Lee
  3. Hi sassylittle,

    I hope you're doing fine (and having better luck with prospective Daddies lately).


    1. sassylittle



      Sorry, only just saw this. I' m fine thanks. As with better luck with Daddies, I'm trying lol. Will let you know:-) Hope all's well with you.

    2. JeansSmacker


      Thanks . :)


  4. I'd say wooden hairbrush.
  5. I'm in Maryland (M, 62, Spanker).
  6. I wouldn't say that spankings are not sexual to me (though not only sexual: I also really cherish the traditional disciplinary dynamic). They're highly arousing and I want to enjoy giving them, which is why I only spank women. But there's a difference between arousal and what you do about the arousal. My relationship to the spankee is usually platonic and I keep my clothes on (and the spankee's, too, except for her bare bottom). Although I like to console the spankee and hold and touch her spanked behind, I respect her boundaries in the aftercare. Do I feel let down? Hardly, I'm electrified for a week from the memory of a good spanking and wouldn't trade that feeling for anything.
  7. Hi Julie, I'm a Disciplinarian in Maryland and I would be glad to talk about this with you. Lee
  8. Hi Clare. I do disciplinary mentoring with a paternal flavor and also live in Maryland. Feel free to get in touch and talk. Lee
  9. JeansSmacker


    Thanks for sharing the lovely picture. Your eyes are amazing! Lee
  10. Sir,

    masculine, mwm, 56, 6’/195 visiting family in Bowie and very much in need of a very red, very sore bottom delivered from an experienced hand.

    it’s been awhile since I felt the humbling affect of being told to take down my pants for a real spanking a “dad” or mentor.

    Is there any chance we can get together?


    1. JeansSmacker


      Hi Fred.  I don't remember if I replied.  I don't spank men, but I'm open to conversation and friendship.


  11. Your butt is adorable (and you sound nice).  I'd love to spank you.

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